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LEGO Space: UFO Invaders
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LEGO Space: UFO Invaders is an unreleased video game based off the UFO and Roboforce subthemes of Space that would have connected to LEGO Island.


The game would have started out with the Infomaniac giving the player a key that would give special access to a secret room on the second floor of the Information Center. In it they would have found a space center, and a scientist would have explained there was a call for help at a Galaxy-Class Space Station.

After building the space shuttle the player would have blasted off into space. They would then needed to have maneuvered a "space maze" and avoided meteors. Additionally, if the shuttle got hit the player would have then needed to repair the space shuttle.

The player would then arrive at the Galaxy-Class Space Station and meet its governor who introduces them to the wonders of space. Afterward, they could complete activities such as meeting aliens, customizing vehicles, and competing in races.

Problems eventually would have revealed themselves though, after it was revealed bricks were disappearing from the space station. If left unrecovered, the space station would drift out to the meteor field.

The player then would learn later on that a Klaxyx mutant called Durak, who might also have been The Brickster, was behind the theft and was planning to deconstruct and rearrange the universe. Additionally, he would have stolen the parts for the only vehicle fast enough to stop his plot.

After finding all of the stolen bricks to the vehicle and capturing several aliens, the player then would have been tasked with capturing Durak. He would have challenged the player to a deconstruct duel between the rebuilt vehicle of the player's and his own. If successful the player would have captured him and froze him in the cyro room.


It is unknown how far this title got other than having a two page document[1] made for it. Any plans for additional games by Mindscape after LEGO Island were shelved when the LEGO Group ended its relationship with the company.[2]

The concept of the space shuttle being housed in the Information Center would later be reused in an early design for LEGO Island 2[3], before being cut.