Class 4 article

LEGO Ville (originally called DUPLO Town), is a major part of the DUPLO theme. It started in 2004 and is still ongoing. Sets from DUPLO Farm, DUPLO Trains and DUPLO Zoo were also incorporated into this theme in 2004. The sets include farms, public services, post, construction, fire, police, houses, stables, zoos, shops and transportation.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
10500 alt110500Horse Stable442 DUPLO Figures€29.992013
10501 alt110501Zoo Friends5$4.99 / €4.992013
10502 alt110502Zoo Bus192 DUPLO Figures$29.99 / €29.992013
10503box10503Circus Show251$14.99 / €9.992013
1050410504My First Circus623 DUPLO Figures$34.99 / €39.99January 2013
No image10505Family House   
3771-13771Train Starter Set652 DUPLO figures$49.992005
3772-13772Deluxe Train Set1103 DUPLO figures$89.992005
4658-14658Farm Animals5 2005
4659-14659Garbage Truck141$8.002005
46614661Construction Worker4Construction Worker$5.992005
Postage at LEGOVille4662Post Office23Mailman$9.992005
46634663Zoo502 DUPLO Figures 2005
46644664Fire Station583 DUPLO Figures 2005
4665-b4665Big Farm72Farmer, Farmer's Wife, Farm Boy 2005
4680-14680Traffic Patrol31$2.992004
4681 Fire Truck4681Fire Truck202 DUPLO Figures 2004
4683-Pony and Cart4683Pony and Cart61 DUPLO Figure 2004
4684 Pick Up Truck4684Pick Up Truck5DUPLO Figure 2004
4685 Fork Lift4685Fork Lift11DUPLO Figure 2004
4686 Little Farm4686Little Farm522 DUPLO Figures 2004
DUPLO Tractor4687Tractor Trailer91 DUPLO figure$21.992004
4688-Team Construction4688Team Construction242 DUPLO Figures$20.002004
4690-Horse Stable4690Horse Stable312 DUPLO Figures 2004
4691 Police Station4691Police Station643 DUPLO Figures 2004
4692 Fire Car4692Fire Car2DUPLO Figure 2004
4693-24693Ferrari F1 Race Car51$9.992004
48614861Police Boat272 Police, 1 Robber$24.992007
4960-b4960Giant Zoo126Zoo Keeper, 4 Visitors$69.992006
4961-14961Fun Zoo30$15.992006
4962 alt14962Baby Zoo18Zoo Keeper$9.99 / €12.992006, 2009
4963-Police Patrol4963Police Patrol8 2006
4964-Highway Help4964Highway Help26$19.992006
49654965Police Action654 2006
4966 Doll's House4966Doll's House954 DUPLO Figures$69.992006
49674967Fire Helicopter142$15.992006
4968-b4968Friendly Zoo84Zoo Keeper (2) 2006
4969-b4969Tractor Fun4Farmer$7.992006
4971-b4971Zoo Vehicles372 Zoo Keepers$24.992006
4972-b4972Animals13Farm Boy$12.992007
4974-b4974Horse Stables362 Farm Girls$39.992007
4975-b4975Farm42Farm Girl, Farm Boy$49.992007
4976-14976Cement Mixer12Construction Worker$16.992007
49774977Fire Truck262 Fire Fighters$29.992007
4978-b4978Road Sweeper11Worker$14.992007
4986-b4986Digger19Builder$22.99September 2007
4987-b4987Gravel Pit402 Builders$39.99September 2007
4988-b4988Construction Site873 Builders$59.99September 2007
Firstplane5592My First Plane82 DUPLO Figures$14.992009
5593-b5593Circus61Clown, Ring Leader, Acrobat$49.992008
5594-box5594Cargo Plane282 DUPLO Figures$49.992009
Airportduplo5595Airport594 DUPLO Figures$89.992009
56015601Fire Station72Firefighters 3$59.992008
5602-b5602Police Station28Police Officer, Criminal$39.992008
5603-b5603Fire Chief7Fire Chief$8.992008
5604-b5604Supermarket62Cashier, Customer$34.992008
5605-b5605Tanker Truck17Octan Truck Driver$24.992008
5606-b5606My First Train10Clown (DUPLO)$16.992008
5607-b5607Track Repair Train16Builder$16.992008
5608-b5608Train Starter Set642 Passengers, Train Driver 2008
5609-b5609Deluxe Train Set116Octan Worker, Train Driver, Train Packer 2008
Animalcare5632Animal Care41 DUPLO Figure$7.99May 14, 2009 (US) / March 7, 2009 (UK)
Zoo15633Polar Zoo321 + 5 Animals$29.99 / €24.99May 8, 2009 (US) / March 7, 2009 (UK)
Red1235634Feeding Zoo533 DUPLO Figures$49.992009
Bigzoo5635Big City Zoo1254 DUPLO Figures$89.992009
Gtruck5637Garbage Truck121 DUPLO Figure$16.992009
56385638Postman91 DUPLO Figure$19.992009
DUPLO Family House5639Family House71DUPLO Figures (4)$69.992009
61376137My First Supermarket382$19.99May 13, 2011
6621766217Farm Bundle1246 DUPLO Figures 2007
66231 kit66231DUPLO Farm Value Pack635 DUPLO Figures 2007
No image66264LEGO Ville Value Pack1396 DUPLO Figures 2008
66320 DUPLO Super Pack66320DUPLO Super Pack955 DUPLO Figures 2009
66321 DUPLO Super Pack66321DUPLO Super Pack1607 DUPLO figures 2009
6633266332DUPLO Super Pack714 DUPLO Figures$86.532009
852292852292Stationery Activity Set  2008
K851988-1K851988Zoo Height Chart with Sticker Sheet4$9.992007