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|Header=[[Brickipedia:Official Friends of Brickipedia|<font color="white">Official friends of Brickipedia</font>]]
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[[w:c:lego-customs|Custom Mega Bloks Wiki]] · [[|Megablokpedia]] · [[w:c:swgames|HWGames]] · [[w:c:legostarwars|Halo Wars Mega Bloks Wiki]] · [[w:c:lego.answers|Wikianswers MEGA Bloks]] · [[w:c:mylegonetwork|My MEGA Bloks Network Wiki]]

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Welcome to Brickipedia, a free online MEGA Bloks encyclopedia written collaboratively by its readers known as Brickipedians. The site is a Wiki, meaning that anyone, including you, can edit almost any article right now by clicking on the edit this page link that appears at the top of a page. This wiki is based on the MediaWiki software used to run Wikipedia, and with the help of editors like yourself, we strive to be the best MEGA Bloks reference site out there.

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New Mega Bloks logo

Mega Bloks is a toy company based in Canada. It is part of the Mega Brands group, which includes the bloks and various other products.

Mega Bloks was founded in 1967 by Victor Bernard and was previously called Ritvik Toys. LEGO has tried numerous times in multiple countries to win law suits against Mega Bloks for the tube and stud interlocking brick system, but has failed. Mega Bloks comes in four sizes: Maxi, Mini, Micro and Nano. Each are aimed at different age groups, though Nano only lasted from 2004 - 2005.

Similarly to LEGO, Mega Bloks has many themes, licensed and non-licensed. These include Dragons; which spawned two movies; Pyrates, Battle Strikers, NEO shifters, Streetz, Probuilder, Girls, Metalons, Play N Go and Magnext. Licenses which Mega Bloks have produced include Marvel Comics, Thomas & Friends, Yo Gabba Gabba, In the Night Garden, Wonder Pets, CAT, Dora the Explorer, Halo Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, Pokémon, Narnia and Spider-Man.

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The Spartan Soldier is a figure appearing in many Halo Wars themed sets. Spartans appearing in sets come equipped with a range of weapons, including the MA5C Assault Rifle (as pictured), the M90 CAWS Shotgun, the M7/Caseless Submachine Gun, and the Sangehili Type-1 energy sword. Spartans appear in the Halo Wars theme in a variety of colors, including green, red, yellow, blue and cyan.

LEGO brick Did you know…
  • ... Mega Brands is one of America's top 10 brands?
  • ... Mega Bloks has licenses with NASCAR, Harley-Davidson, Marvel Comics, Gundam, Bandai, Star Trek, TMNT, The Walt Disney Company and Microsoft?
  • ...that many Micro-scale Mega Bloks sets include small action figures whose design has evolved substantially over time? Early versions had little articulation and compared poorly with figures offered in competing brick-based construction toys. Mega Bloks figures are constructed from a small number of standard, interchangeable components like legs, arms, and torsos, with minimal printing on a basically spherical head to yield a rudimentary face.
  • ...that in a commercial for Honda which debuted on October 15, 2003, computer-generated imagery showed a cloud of Mega Bloks bricks raining down to assemble a life-sized version of the Honda Element, an SUV?
  • ...Mega Bloks released an animated movie, Dragons: Fire & Ice, direct to DVD and video and which subsequently aired on the Cartoon Network? Fire & Ice was based on Mega Bloks' successful "Dragons" product line, featuring detailed warriors, castles, and, of course, dragons, in Micro scale. A sequel, entitled Dragons: Metal Ages has also aired on the Cartoon Network and been released on video.
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LEGO brick Set of the moment
3619 Admiral Scathe's Predator is a Mega Bloks Pyrates set. It contains a large sailing ship which is equipped with a large harpoon gun and crewed by Admiral Scathe and two of his buccaneers. It also comes with a small dinghy and a chest filled with loot. The Predator itself is a cutter-typ sailing vessel with two headsails in the foretriangle and two gaff sails to the rear of the main mast. "Arr Matey...!"


LEGO brick Featured Theme
Halo Wars is a recent play theme based upon the popular Xbox 360 real-time strategy video game of the same name. After being introduced in 2009, the series comprises 18 different sets including vehicles and installations of both the UNSC and the Covenant, such as the Scorpion tank (96807 UNSC Scorpion) or the Warthog ATV (96805 UNSC Warthog).


LEGO brick Random Featured Set
3251 Leopard 2 is a Mega Bloks Probuilder set. It contains a scale model of a Leopard 2 tank and two soldier figures, comprising 562 pieces in total. The German Leopard 2 is one of the toughest tanks in the world and used by many European armies. The 62-ton Leopard 2 Tank is designed on a classical configuration with the mechanic-driver in a forward part, the commander, operator and charger in a tower; the engine is located in a fodder part. This imposing vehicle has digital fire control systems with laser range finders, fully stabilized 120-mm smoothbore gun, 7,62-mm coaxial machinegun and antiaircraft gun located on a tower roof. It also boasts an advanced smoke screen system and anti mine protection. Ideal for building enthusiasts 8 years old and up.
The set features
  • Atom Cube ™ technology for swiveling tower
  • 2 fully articulated and armored soldiers
  • Premium tin storage container


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