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The Bionicle Digital Camera was developed with Digital Blue and released in 2009.


Enter the world of BIONICLE - where biomechanical beings rule the island of Metru Nui, and the universe's demise is imminent. Bionicle digital cameras empower kids to inspire their imagination and capture the store of Toa fighting the evil brotherhood of the Makuta, as well as take everyday pictures of their families and friends.


  • Digital Camera
  • Photo Downloader CD
  • USB Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Easy to Use - Just Point and Shoot
  • Status LCD screen
  • Requires 1 AAA akaline battery (not included)
  • Holds up to 40 photos

Other Information

  • VGA 640x480
  • LCD Frame Counter (photo counter only, not an image display)
  • Fixed Focus
  • LG1000 Vorox version, LG10002 Tuma version

Photo Downloader CD Requirements

50 MB free hard disk space and one of the following:

  • Windows XP: 300 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM
  • Windows Vista: 800 MHz processor, 1 GB RAM


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