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Lance Richmond is a Nexo Knights minifigure released in 2016.



Lance, unlike the other knights, has a regular white helmet and new molded shoulder armor that depicts his trademark horse crest on his torso. His suit's torso and legs have gray color with light gray designs, while his arms are silver and his hips and hands have a white color. He is complete with orange highlights. In the show, it's shown that without his helmet, he has dark tan hair.


His ultimate form has the same armor and helmet, but in transparent white. The design of his torso and legs is the same than in his regular form with white replacing the grey and silver colors of his legs and arms.


Lance is one of the Nexo Knights. He has a very high opinion of himself, and is somewhat lazy, as he is very rich and is used to comfort, he spends most of his time in the lounge, which bothers Clay. Progressively over the series, he begins to slowly accept Clay and begin acting like a proper Knight. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

Strengh: 7/10
Funny 5/10
Chivalry 3/10
Coolness 7/10
Description Shiniest knight around
Weapon Trusty Lance
Vehicles Mecha Horse
Skills Looking charming, shining, making life easy
Dislikes Working hard, training hard, taking orders
Likes Gadgets, premieres, fame, butlers, massage

Lance likes a good fight against evil monsters, but he loves being famous. Born and raised in a wealthy family, things have always come easy to Lance and he wants it to stay that way. All that fighting just messes up his shiny armor and curly hair and makes him look less than perfect in pictures.

Gallery of Variants

2018 Lance.jpg
Lance RichmondUltimate Lance2017 armorBattle Suit2018 armor



  • His name is a pun on "lance", a medieval weapon. His last name, Richmond, is a reference to his wealth.
  • His name is referenced to Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian legend.
    • In the episode "Greed is Good?" it was confirmed that Lancelot is indeed his full first name.
  • Lance's horse emblem is possibly a reference to Sir Kentis from Knights' Kingdom II as he also had a horse emblem.