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This article is about the Atlantis minifigure. For the Nexo Knights minifigure, see Lance Richmond.

"Wait! A professor! A Slideshow! This reminds me of school! I hated school. "
―Lance Spears

Lance Spears is a minifigure from the Atlantis theme released in 2009.


Lance Spears is the First Mate of the Atlantis Deep Sea Salvage Crew. He is scruffy, easily scared and a loud snorer, but quick to wake up from a nap and bravely jump to adventure. He dreams of being respected by the crew and to understand women. His jokes are child-like and oblivious. In the movie, Lance has an upgraded dive suit with extended lights on it. The colour of his logo is black and the ring around the dive suit in the movie is grey. He apparently scared away Manta Warriors with his judo moves, but then discovered with some discomfort that the Warriors were evading a Shark Guardian.



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