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Class 4 article
Land of the Vikings
Park: LEGOLAND Windsor
Current attractions: Loki's Labyrinth
Longboat Invader
Spinning Spider
Vikings' River Splash
Opened: August 2007
Nearby areas: The Beginning
Kingdom of the Pharaohs
Pirates Landing

The Land of the Vikings is an area of LEGOLAND Windsor. It opened to the public in 2007 and boasts four different rides and a games stall.


The main attraction in this area is the Viking River Splash, a rapids ride with Vikings-theming. Two large LEGO dragons are present throughout the ride experience - One red dragon at the entrance of the ride and one blue dragon during the ride. These dragons represent fire and water. The finale of this ride was a large bucket overhead which threatens to soak the riders.

Viking River Splash with Ice Dragon

Loki's Labyrinth Entrance

Another ride in Land of the Vikings is Longboat Invader which is a swinging, spinning boat ride. Longboat Invader was originally due to open in 2007, but was delayed until the start of the 2008 season.

Other attractions are Loki's Labyrinth, which is a Tudor themed hedge maze. Originally part of Amazing Mazes which had two other mazes included but were removed due to the creation of the Viking River Splash. The other ride is the Spinning Spider, which was incorporated into this area from Wild Woods (now Pirates Landing). On the ride, you spin in carriages round a large turntable under a LEGO arachnid.



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