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"Here you go... that's thirty seven dollars."
―Larry to Emmet

Larry the Barista is one of the characters in the 2014 film, The LEGO Movie. He is voiced by Chris McKay.


Larry the Barista works at The Coffee Chain in Bricksburg. He is famous for making the most average and expensive coffee in the city. Like many of the citizens of Bricksburg, he is very uncreative and does everything by the instructions. He finds his creativity after Wyldstyle's speech and builds a machine out of his coffee shop to attack the Micro Managers.

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“Here you go. That’s $37.”

Some baristas have practiced for years to prepare their own magnificent blend of coffee, but not Larry! Like the other citizens of Bricksburg, he does everything by the rules, and that means that each cup is brewed and served in exactly the same way: precisely by the instructions.

Larry is famous for making the most average – and expensive – coffee in the city, which is just the way the citizens of Bricksburg like it. That’s because buying overpriced coffee on the way to work every morning is in the instructions, too!



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