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"Look out! Oh, wait, that's my job."

Lasha is a Ninjago minifigure released in 2012. According to the card in his spinner, his dominant element is lightning. He is a scout of the Venomari snake tribe, but lost one of his eyes.


Lasha is lime-coloured, and has a new cobra flap headpiece, the same used for Rattla. He has lime legs, a hip piece, torso, arms, head, and "hood" piece. His hands are black. His torso printing has scaly skin and a green bandolier, which has red vials of venom hanging from it. His head has a lime green snake face printing. Lasha appears to be missing an eye also, with scars covering the wound.

The Juniors version of Lasha has a new face print and has armor on its torso and leg pieces which resembles the armor worn by Clancee and Nadakhan's crew. Bio: This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

The finest scout in the Venomari tribe. He keeps a lookout for enemies, seeks out prey and then lets others handle it.

Lasha's teeth are tiny, and they often hurt because he ate too much candy when he was a child. Now he has a hard time keeping up for the standard requirement for venom production for scouts so he buys vials of Spitta's venom, so he always has extra supplies handy.


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  • Lasha looks like he has one eye (because he lost one), but he has another, harder to see pair of eyes. Therefore, he still has three eyes left.
  • It is unknown how he lost his eye.
  • His name is a play on "Lash".
  • He has the same headpiece as Rattla, but in lime green.
  • He is a part of the group "Treble Makers" (see Chokun for more info).
  • He has two of Spitta's venom vials on his bandolier.
  • In the LEGO Ninjago Ultimate Sticker Collection it says, "Lasha is one of the meanest of the Hypnobrai Tribe. He carries red bottles filled with snake venom to control his victims." Lasha is part of the Venomari tribe. This is most likely a writing error.
  • In the Winter 2012 sets, he is the only Venomari minifigure, in 9562 Lasha, all the other snakes are either from the Hypnobrai or Fangpyre tribe.
  • Multiple duplicates of Lasha appear as enemies in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game.