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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Laura Brick is a police officer on LEGO Island and a skilled motorcyclist who appears in all three LEGO Island games.


In LEGO Island and the Gameboy Color port of LEGO Island 2 she can found wearing a flat billed hat, police jacket and blue pants. In the FMV for LEGO Island 2's PC and Playstation ports, along with her Gameboy Color port's card, she can be found wearing a variation of this outfit, only with the only difference being her wearing a police cap. In game for the PC, Playstation, and Gameboy Advanced Ports and Island Xtreme Stunts she can be found wearing a black pony tail, police jacket, and black pants.


Laura Brick first appeared in LEGO Island, where she is helping Pepper Roni learn read because he has never been to school. Her brother is Nick Brick and her friends include everyone on LEGO Island, except the Brickster, of course. She is kind, loyal, and has a very nice personality. She is one of the police who helps Pepper capture the Brickster after he escapes.

During LEGO Island 2 she can be found through out the Island, with the player initially delivering a pizza to her. In the Gameboy Color port she can initially be found blocking the road near the Police Station until donuts arrive. Later on, after the Brickster escapes LEGO Island, she tells Pepper he needs to go Adventurers Island. Additionally, in the Gameboy Advanced port you are tasked with finding her radio.

In Island Xtreme Stunts she can be found riding her motorcycle around LEGO Island. After Pepper stops the Brickster, she can be seen hauling him off to jail.


  • She was originally known as Nora Brick during the development of LEGO Island.[1]
  • Her intelligence[2] is Interpersonal.