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This article is about the Power Miners character. For the LEGO Games set, see 3847 Magma Monster.

The Lava Monsters are the antagonists of the 2010 Power Miners line. They have to be fought with water instead of dynamite and other tools, and reside in the molten lava chambers of the Earth, which are deeper than the caves in which the Rock Monsters dwell. The Lava Monsters are ruled by their leader, Eruptorr, who is somewhat similar in appearance to the large, throwing rock monsters of 2009.

Lava Monsters are also in Rock Raiders. They were not released in sets, but they have been shown in books and games. Their appearance is similar to that of Rock Monsters, with a different color.



  • Lava Monsters can freely swim in molten lava, and they hate water due to their composition.
  • Their rocky exteriors are black, rather than the Rock Monsters' grey.
  • Most of the monster's names are derived from Latin roots or other words relating to fire.


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