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Lecimy! is a Polish language City book released in 2011. It came with a Pilot minifigure. It was published by Ameet.

Publisher's description

This is a description taken from Ameet.pl/en. Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Meet the always ‘ready for action’ airport employees and you will find out that working at the LEGO® City airport can be a real challenge.

Marc Smart, the flight control manager, had a very serious task in front of him – he was to lead the landing of a plane with a very important government minister on board. He looked in the direction of the flight control tower and froze in astonishment. The tower had vanished. Marc called the security as he believed the tower had been stolen. Soon, also all of the airport workers arrived at the spot but only a glass cockpit of the tower was standing on the ground. Find out if the airport employees managed to lead the plane with the very important guest to the ground.

James run as fast as he could through the airport halls to make it on time for his flight. He had overslept. Only four minutes were left till the take off but he kept on repeating to himself ‘I’ll make it, I’ll make it’. He burst onto the revolving door that started spinning like a tornado. He was dropped out of this carousel straight onto a luggage cart. The cart’s driver helped him up calling him ‘Captain’. Before James could react in any way, a stewardess appeared and almost dragged the ‘Captain’ to the plane’s cockpit. James was so astonished that he couldn’t utter a single word. Find out what caused this whole misunderstanding and if James managed to operate the plane.

The LEGO City book, apart from exciting stories about some unusual events at the airport, offers lots of tasks and puzzles. It also includes a poster and a buildable LEGO City minifigure.


  • ISBN 13: 978-83-253-0858-2
  • EAN: 9788325308582

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