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"My son Laval, for the first time, you shall take an Orb of Chi, place it in your chest, and feel the power of nature itself. The almighty life force of Chima."

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series is a TV series that began with two episodes on January 16, 2013 on Cartoon Network. The series continued with weekly episodes on July 10, 2013.

Episode List

Season 1
  1. The Legend of Chima
  2. The Great Story
  3. The Warrior Within
  4. The Joyride
  5. Market Day
  6. Attack on Eagle Spire
  7. The Hundred Year Moon
  8. The Biggest Race of All
  9. Gorillas Gone Wild
  10. Foxtrot
  11. The CHI Jackers
  12. Balancing Act
  13. Crocodile Tears
  14. Fake CHI, Real Trouble
  15. Ravens vs Eagles
  16. Reunion Gone Wrong
  17. Laval in Exile
  18. The Black Cloud
  19. Chima Falls
  20. For Chima!
Season 2
  1. Into the Outlands
  2. A Tangled Web
  3. The Legend Thief
  4. The Eagle and The Bear
  5. Tooth or Consequences
  6. This May Sting a Bit
Season 3
  1. Fire Dreaming
  2. Attack of the Ice Clan
  3. The Call of Cavora
  4. Trial by Fire
  5. The Crescent
  6. Fired Up!
  7. Cool and Collected
  8. The Snowball Effect
  9. The King Thing
  10. A Very Slippery Slope
  11. The Artifact
  12. The Phoenix has Landed
  13. A Spark of Hope
  14. Wings of Fire
  15. The Heart of Cavora


Lion Tribe

Eagle Tribe

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Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.05.15 PM
Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 9.09.08 AM
Equila Tv show
IMG 5741
Eris (Season 1)Eris (Season 2)Eris (Season 3)Eris (Fire Wings)EwaldEglorEquilaLight Blue EaglesEwarElkar

Gorilla Tribe

Crocodile Tribe

Wolf Tribe

185px-Worriz TV Show
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Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 7.36.24 AM
Windra tv
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 8.59.00 PM
Worriz (Season 1)Worriz (Season 2)Worriz (Season 3)Worriz (Fire Wings)WakzWinzarWindraWilhurtWonald

Raven Tribe

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.06.34 PM
Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.02.39 AM
Razar (Season 1)Razar (Season 2)Razar (Season 3)Razar (Fire Wings)RavensRazcalRawzomRipnikRizzo

Rhino Tribe

Purple Cape Rhino TV Show
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Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 7.36.25 AM
Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.03.27 PM
Rogon (Season 1)Rogon (Season 2)Rogon (Season 3)Rogon (Fire Wings)RhinosRunkRukusRhigorRinona

Bear Tribe

Bladvix TV Show
Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.37.50 AM
640px-Bladvic fire
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 9.08.00 PM
Chima Bear
Bladvic (Season 1)Bladvic (Season 2)Bladvic (Season 3)Bladvic (Fire Wings)BalkarBungeyBearsBozyBuchumaBumpyBulkar

Beaver Tribe

Spider Tribe

Scorpion Tribe

Bat Tribe

Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe

Mammoth Tribe

Vulture Tribe

Ice Bear Tribe

Phoenix Tribe

Tiger Tribe


Legend Beasts



The Legend of Chima

  • When Cragger put an orb of Chi in his chest, Longtooth and Leonidas entered the scene, then Cragger threw Laval out of the way and threw two Leonidas' out of the way, instead of Longtooth and Leonidas.
  • When Cragger tried to get an orb of chi the second time, Leonidas, Lagravis, and Longtooth stopped him. Longtooth had a white cloak on in the scene after Worriz ran away, Longtooth didn't have a cloak on anymore.
  • Cragger's face turned blue in the middle of the episode.

The Great Story

  • Lagravis's nose changes colors from tan, to black, then dark brown.

Ravens vs Eagles

  • When Bladvic is passed by the joins theMspeedor ride he has his golden crown, though, on Spiral mountain, he is seen without it.

For Chima!

  • During the final battle at the Lion Temple, after the crocodiles, wolves, and ravens "CHI Up," Laval screams "Uh oh!" but his mouth doesn't move.

Into the Outlands

  • While fighting against the bats, the Crocodile Legend beast jumps horizontally many times, which is not physically possible. In the real world, crocodiles can only jump vertically and use their tails to propel themselves, not their feet.
  • In one scene, Laval throws a bottle of skunk gas at the plants, which emits a green cloud. However, the cloud disappears suddenly when the camera switches to another angle.
  • In one scene, Laval has his shoulder pads, but in the next scene, they disappear.

Tooth or Consenquences

  • Bladvic and the Bear Legend Beast are last seen left sleeping outside of the cave, later to be found alongside the heroes inside.

Fired Up!

  • In one scene, Razar does not have his fire armor, but in the next he does. However, he may have just fire-chied up.


  • Crominus, Cragger, Crunket, and Crooler (the Royal Family) are the only members of the Crocodile tribe with tails.
  • Leonidas, Crawley, and the Male Crocodile all have at least 3 different variants (torsos).
  • The Lion CHI Temple is referred to as "the Lion City" in some episodes.
  • Li'ella, Tormak, and Lundor are all of different tribes, but fight for one order, The Cat Guides.
  • The scorpion and spider tribes are the only tribe had an eyeball with pupils on it.
  • In Season 3, the opening song is replaced with Day of Glory.
  • The Main Characters Razar and Eris have a cameo in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (this may be because the cameo takes place during Ravens vs Eagles).
    • In fact, one episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu has Lloyd and Morro fighting, in a re-used scene from that episode.
  • It can be assumed that the Ice Tribes made peace with the tribes of Chima as they reverted to their original forms and seemed to become much nicer.
  • Gravis from Ninjago is named after Lagravis.

Episode Summaries

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Season 1: Power of Chi
Episode 1: The Legend of Chima

After waiting many years, Laval the future King of the Lion Tribe has finally reached his 'Age of Becoming', the day of owning your own CHI. during the ceremony, the Crocodile, Wolf and Raven Tribe launch a massive attack on Lion City. The Lions with not enough power to defeat the tribes, call upon their allies. The Eagles and Gorillas. Cragger (King of the Crocodiles) sneaks into the temple and steals Laval's CHI. Laval chases him to the Forever Rock, where they flashback to their friendship days. All tribes got along, until Cragger wanted to sneak into the Lion Temple and plug an Orb of CHI. Getting caught, Lagravis (Laval's Father) and Crominus (Cragger's Father) get into an argument about who's idea it was. In the final scene, Lions VS Crocs ties down to a big ending. Cragger's parents fall down the Gorge of Eternal Death, leaving Cragger, king of the Crocodiles.

Episode 2: The Great Story

Crawley and Crug try to cheer Cragger up about his parent's demise. Cragger knows that the lions are innocent, but Crooler used a Persuader Plant to make him declare war. Laval's father was giving chi to all the tribes. He tells Laval about the great story about centuries ago the chi had fallen from the sky to earth and animals consisting of the tribes absorbed the chi and hyper-evolved. However, one animal of each tribe didn't absorb the chi and it's told that they will come back when they need them the most. The Speedorz race event for the golden Chi was happening in the Lion Temple and was going well with Laval as the winner, though he was sad that Cragger didn't show. Cragger came in and started attacking the animals, causing a battle between Laval and him in the forest. Cragger won, but Eris and Gorzan saved Laval when Cragger was about to finish him. While the lions were having their age of becoming ceremony, Cragger constructed an alliance with the wolves (because Worriz hated Laval) and the Ravens (who joined them at the price of few treasures). Laval's father was giving a chi to Laval, but the Crocs, Ravens, and Wolves tribe attacked the castle and a Croc took away Laval's chi. Laval followed him and battled him and saw that the Croc was Cragger. He defeated him and refused to kill him. But when Laval was about to use the Chi, Cragger threw him to the water expecting he'd die. Then the Lion Legend Beast came and saved Laval. Even with the help of the Eagles and Gorillas, Cragger was going to win. But then Laval came now with the Lion Legend Beast. All of Cragger's forces were scared, even Crooler, who started the war. But after a few more whiffs of the Persuader Plant, Cragger plugged an orb of chi into his chest and charged at the Lion Beast. Cragger was simply swatted away. Laval then took the Chi and defeated Cragger, and swore to protect Chi from anyone who tried to steal it.

Episode 3: The Warrior Within

During the monthly distribution of Chi, Laval is shocked when his father gives Cragger some of the chi orbs even though the crocodiles had previously attacked them. His father says that every tribe in Chima gets chi even if the tribes aren't friendly toward them saying this is an important rule. Laval still thinks that Cragger doesn't deserve any chi and goes after them and demands they give back the chi. Crooler (still controlling her brother) makes him hand over the chi and they return to their tribe saying that the lions didn't want them to have any chi. Hearing this all of the crocs become angry. Eris meets Laval and makes him realize his mistake and they attempt to fix it by returning the chi to the tribe in person. However, Cragger taunts him to openly refusing to give back the chi causing the crocodiles to attack the two of them. Not knowing what to do with the chi now Laval tosses it into the bottomless chasm and along with Eris attempts to find the legend beast hoping it will save them once again. Instead, they are rescued by reinforcements from the Eagles and lions forcing Cragger to retreat due to the wolves and ravens not showing up. Laval sees the legend beast appear briefly and wonders if it did not help him because he took the chi away from the crocodiles or because he threw it away. Everyone is shocked when an earthquake shakes the ground and Eris is concerned as there hasn't been one like this for many years. Later as the two of them make their way home they spot their gorilla friend Gorzan plant a flower that he had been protecting for the whole day. Unknown to Laval and Eris, he had got into a fight with the wolves and the ravens causing them to be late.

Episode 4: The Joyride

While Laval is cleaning the map room, Eris enters. They then decide to visit some of these places and set off in Lagravis' Lion Tank. They are spied on by Cragger and Crooler who are planning to attack while Lagravis, Laval, and Eris are away. Laval and Eris cross a bridge and Laval admits he hasn't driven the tank before. They then enter the falling jungle because Eris messed up the directions. They are rescued by Gorzan and then have to dig the tank out of the mud. Laval says they will have plenty of time to clean it off as his father is off trying to sign a treaty with the Rhinos. They then go up Spiral Mountain and see all the views but keep almost slipping over the edge. Meanwhile, Lagravis visits the Rhino tribe and tries to find someone to talk to someone and tries to break up a fight. The Rhinos laugh when he says about sorting out their differences as the Rhinos fight for the fun of it, not because they're angry at each other. Laval and Eris then reach the top of Spiral Mountain and witness what they believe to be the best sunset in all of Chima. However, Laval forgot to leave the parking brake on so the tank rolls backward and falls off the mountain. They find the ruined tank at the bottom and Laval begins to worry. Eris then has an idea and they go to the Beaver tribe who supposedly are really good at rebuilding vehicles and also love doing it. They appear hostile at first but when Laval mentions the tank they all get very excited and agree to help. The chief beaver then shows Laval and Eris the other work that they've been doing and they're shocked to find a dam being build to block of the water flowing into the Lion Temple. The beavers say that a crocodile, Cragger, asked them to do it. At the Lion Temple, the elders find that the pool is empty and send out a distress roar which Lagravis (who is having no luck with the Rhinos) hears and returns to find out whats going on but is attacked by wolves on his way back. Laval and Eris then tell the rest of the beavers about the tank and they immediately abandon work on the dam to help fix the tank. Cragger and Crooler then attack while Eris and Laval attempt to destroy the dam. During the fight, Cragger plugs an orb and sends off a wave of energy which topples the dam. Laval then wakes up in his room and finds that everything worked out alright and that the beavers even drove the tank back for him but they added a few modifications. However, when Longtooth, Leonidas and Lagravis returns, Lagravis is angry to find his tank now has wings.

Episode 5: Market Day

Laval and Eris go to the market at the monthly race for Golden Chi. They laugh at the Rhinos when they sell rocks and say they're limited. Then they went past the Gorilla's stall and headed for the Eagle tent when they accidentally startled Ewald and Eglor. After that they went to the wolf tent when they found out that only wolves were allowed in. The pair went to the Raven market when they realized that their things were similar to the other tribes'. Laval questioned Razar what he was doing with the eagle contraption. Razar changed the subject by acknowledging them that Skinnet the Skunk was getting closer so he tripled the price for nose clips. Laval brought one for him and one for Eris. They went back to where they parked their Speedorz only to find out that Laval's was gone. The practice runs for the Golden Chi begins and Worriz finds it easy and completes it. Laval wonders where his Speedor went, when Eris suggests it could have been stolen, which gives Laval an idea on who it might be. Razar offers to sell it to him when he disagrees and tries to take it back but it ends with the Ravens throwing things at him.

Episode 6: Attack on Eagle Spire

Cragger and Crooler want to make sure the Eagle Tribe doesn't get in the way of their battles with the Lion Tribe any longer. Crooler gets the idea into Cragger's head to attack the Eagle Spire. Crawley is teaching the crocs how to use Bellow Plants to fly up to the spire, but they keep failing. Crooler gets another wicked idea. She hired Ripnik, the master thief of the Raven Tribe, to sneak into the Wolf Combat Lair, and steal their Mother Tooth. The last remain of the Legend Beast Wolf. Ripnik left one of Eris's feathers near the holding point, so the Wolves would think the Eagles stole it. And they did. They went to Cragger furious, demanding his help to attack the Eagle Spire. The crocs hooked up chains to the spire, so when the Wolves attacked, they would "shake" the birds out of their tower. During the attack, Laval called for Lion reinforcements. But they were not even up to the fight. Laval and Eris went to the Ravens to fly their army up to the spire. After the battle, Ripnik stole the Mother Tooth from Cragger's Command Ship. Laval and Eris caught him ASAP. Ripnik dropped the Mother Tooth in the center of the Wolves facing of the Lions and Eagles. The Wolves then slid back down to Chima, on the giant chains. The Lions and Eagles won.

Episode 7: The Hundred Year Moon

Every hundred (or so) years, a Purple Moon occurs, causing the Wolves to lose all their primal instincts, and go completely out of control. Crooler had a deadly idea. She and the crocs bag kidnaps G'Loona, and tied her up to the Forever Rock, with a message and a bunch of bananas. Gorzan came to the Lions for help. He and Laval went through the forest, but the Wolves had already destroyed it. G'Loona kept screaming, where Gorzan went to find her. The wolves wrecked their transportation, so they began walking, where they met Skinnet. They then met Eris and Grumlo at the Gorilla Forest. The whole Gorilla Tribe went to get G'Loona, but Wonald the Wolf was bringing her back. Gorillas VS Wolf. The Gorillas didn't stand a chance against the Hundred Year Moon Wolves. When they got back to the Forest, it was day, and the hundred year moon was over.

Episode 8: The Biggest Race of All
The Sacred Pool in the Lion Temple has produced the biggest orb of Golden Chi ever. Both the Wolves and Crocodiles are scheming and Cragger has hired Chima’s greatest Speedor Rider, Dom de la Woosh, to win the Golden Chi for him. Laval completely forgets his Speedor is dying out, so he plugs a Chi. He then caught up and beat Bladvic, Rogon and Skinnet. Halfway through the race, Cragger pushes Laval into the water, full of Piranhas. He was then pulled out by a mystery hero, ShadoWind. Who then sped ahead and won the race. Cragger followed him to get his identity, but never caught up to him. Laval and Eris met Dom de la Woosh on the way home, and the Woosh mentioned what a great rider Laval was.
Episode 9: Gorillas Gone Wild
Cragger upsets the Gorillas by cutting down their tower flower and the Gorillas get so mad they take all the Mechs and go on a rampage. The lions and eagles follow them into the swamp but the gorillas are soon cornered and fired upon by the crocs. Cragger's forces soon overpower the three tribes. Cragger then finds Laval hovering over the water using bellow plants and fires arrows at them but Laval falls into shallow water and throws Cragger into a tree along with Crooler. Eventually, by working together the lions, eagles, and gorillas gain the upper hand as the gorillas are lifted into the air by the eagles and soon defeat the crocs while Cragger and Crooler are left stuck in a tree.
Episode 10: Foxtrot
After a failed attempt to destroy ShadoWind, Crooler lose faith in Cragger and so turns to the wolves, promising to relieve them of service to the crocs in exchange for helping her disrupt the Speedor race and raid the lion temple. They then hire Furty the fox to spread rumors and cause chaos. Eventually, the animals break into an angry mob at each other's throats while Crooler and the wolves sneak into the temple but are spotted by Cragger. They soon steal all the chi but are caught by Cragger, Eris, Laval and Rogon who all team up to stop the thieves, a battle ensues and the wolves get away leaving Crooler feeling regretful for betraying her brother.
Episode 11: The Chi Jackers
The wolves begin CHI jacking everyone in Chima which soon throws Chima out of balance causing earthquakes. Crooler returns to the swamp where she is thrown out of the castle for her betrayal. While the wolves spread the lion forces too thin they attack the temple and steal all the CHI, Laval then decides to deliver the CHI via air, the eagles agree to help deliver the CHI but soon run into trouble when the wolves try to shoot them down but ultimately fail and the tribes celebrate a job well done over the wolves.
Episode 12: Balancing Act
The Wolves continue to steal CHI from the other tribes and Laval and Eris try to deliver the CHI but the upset balance of Chima creates windstorms which send Eris's Interceptor crashes near the Gorge of Eternal Depth. While Crooler retrieves more of the persuasion plants to control Cragger's mind she is thrown out of the castle once again and instead seeks the aid of the wolves but they to throw her out. Laval then summons Gorzan to help retrieve the chi from the gorge Laval falls into the gorge and tries to get out. Back at the Wolf camp Crooler steals a pack tracker truck with all the wolves' CHI but is captured, which causes Cragger to retaliate. Laval, Eris, and Gorzan meet up with the eagles to help deliver the chi but are caught by the wolves who chase them to a cliff but they manage to get away. The Crocodiles then corner the Wolves on the cliff and battle, but the Crocodiles are captured.
Episode 13: Crocodile Tears
While the Crocs are kept prisoner by the Wolves, Crooler informs them of Skinnet observing their treatment of the Crocs which prompts the wolves to be nice to the crocs with obvious regret. The tribal elders gather to discuss whether or not to "rescue" the crocs, but Laval doesn't believe that the crocs should remain captive and so sets out with Eris to the Ravens race track to find ShadoWind. Razar agrees to get ShadoWind for them if Laval wins a speedor race against him which he does and so fulfills his promise more or less. While the crocs seem to be enjoying their captors luxury the wolves grow more agitated. Laval, Eris and "ShadoWind" attack the wolf camp and free the crocs. In the end the Wolves were so fed up with the over demanding Crocs that they faked their own defeat just to let their prisoners be freed and go away. But ShadoWind is revealed to be Furty the fox paid by Razar to imitate ShadoWind and when Furty was out to imitate him more, the real ShadoWind saw Furty leaving the Ravens' camp, Lagravis then congratulates Laval
Episode 14: Fake Chi, Real Trouble
The Wolves are still stealing Chi. Crooler then runs out of the Persuasion plants to control Cragger's mind leaving him clear minded and happy, Crooler then seeks out the aid of Razar who takes her to the inventor of the Raven tribe the half-eagle half-raven Reegull who tricks the Crocodiles into distributing his home-made Chi to the Beavers, Bears and the Rhinos. It is revealed by the ravens to be "Reegull's Cheagle" and causes those who use it to act like chickens. Outraged, Cragger retrieves all the fake chi but is stopped by Laval who scolds him for what he has done. Cragger reveals the story to Laval, but are soon surrounded by the entire Wolf Tribe who want Cragger's Chi. The Wolves then boldly plan to attack the Lion Temple, but unknowingly are tricked by Laval and Cragger into taking the "Cheagle" instead. Before they attack the temple, the Wolves start acting like chickens all except for Worriz. All the Wolves are left back to their camp and Reegull is banished to the outlands for his crime. But more importantly, Laval and Cragger's friendship is restored.
Episode 15: Ravens vs Eagles
As Laval and Cragger have a race in the Crocodile Swamp to celebrate their newly-restored friendship, Crooler goes to the Gorilla's Funky Forrest, hoping to get Gorzan to speed up the process for the Persuader Plant to grow. But then G'Loona brings up the whole Hundred Year Moon situation again. Crooler threw the plant in the fire, then she had a dream where she was Chi'd up and ruling Chima. While the Eagles practice racing on the Raven's track, Eglor mentions that everybody shares on the Eagle Spire and no one has any personal property except Eris who owns a diary, containing evidence of her secret crush on Rogon. The Ravens immediately take over the Eagle Spire, but leave when they realize the only animals who come up to the Spire are Eagles (who don't believe in shopping). Meanwhile, Laval, Cragger, Bladvic, Rogon, Skinnet, Bevar, and the famous Dom de la Woosh race to the top of Spire Mountain, led by the mysterious ShadoWind, who made a jump to the opposite side so they could enjoy the view. Razar and Eris soon join them while fighting for her diary. They end up covering up the diary information as the group plans to to come up with a way to make sure that none of the Animal Tribes will fight with each other again.
Episode 16: Reunion Gone Wrong
All the tribes in Chima are signing a treaty to never fight again....but Crooler is totally against it. When all the animals arrive at the Forever Rock, Crooler throws a Persuader Plant in the fire and creates the Fog of Destiny. They all fall into a dream where they are all Chi'd up, and they all find their own destiny. Cragger realizes he must rule Chima. He punches Laval out of the fog so he is the first one to wake up as he also discovers that Skinnet was unaffected by the Fog of Destiny. Now Laval must find a way to free everyone from the Fog of Destiny even if he has to use a powerful Chi to do it. This results in Laval having to use the Golden Chi to free his friends from the Fog of Destiny much to the objection of Lagravis. Even though the penalty for having to "steal" the Golden Chi to stop the Fog of Destiny is exile, Laval accepts his fate as Lagravis tries to convince him not to go. Upon arriving back at the Crocodile Tribe, Cragger has Crooler incarcerated so that he can have Chima for himself.
Episode 17: Laval in Exile
Laval is sent into exile by a reluctant Lagravis and all his friends (excluding Cragger) with a tearful farewell. Laval then leaves for the Outlands, Cragger happily gloats he then orders Ripnik to steal Laval's stuff to lure Lagravis into a trap and lock him in the dungeon with Crooler who reveals the truth behind all of Cragger's evil deeds. Laval then begins his exile and is greeted by his "roommates" Skinnet and Plovar who follow him which really annoys Laval. Upon return from a teeth cleaning appointment from Cragger, Plovar reveals that Lagravis is in the dungeon and Laval then rushes to the Croc Castle and runs into ShadoWind who gives him the "Pledge of the Pack" (which was believed to be lost) which is covered in goo from the Outlands and an extra writing on the bottom of the page. Laval then offers Cragger a deal to release his father in exchange for the pledge which is revealed to say "make us proud miracle baby" which is what Cragger's parents called him as a child revealing he has hope they are alive. He accepts and releases Lagravis as Laval's exile is undone saying Chima needs him and he happily agrees. Back at the Lion Temple, Laval's friends tearfully welcome him back into Chima.
Episode 18: The Black Cloud
A strange Black cloud has appeared around the floating Mt. Cavora, source of the CHI. Laval and Eris investigate, but the cloud seems to fight back. Cragger tries to get Plovar to take him to ShadoWind upon learning that he gave Laval the Pledge of the Pack from Crominus. Laval and the Lions must join the Eagle Tribe, the Gorilla Tribe, the Bear Tribe, the Crocodile Tribe, the Wolf Tribe, and the Raven Tribe in the fight against the black cloud. But the worst is yet to come...
Episode 19: Chima Falls
Following the incident with the mysterious black cloud, the Chi Falls have run dry. Eris and the Beaver Tribe try to get to Mt. Cavora to learn why. The Crocodile Tribe blames the Lion Tribe and rally the Wolf Tribe, the Raven Tribe, and even the Rhino Tribe (lots of rocks are used to persuade them to help) for a large scale attack to conquer the remaining Chi. The greatest battle in Chima is imminent.
Episode 20: For Chima!
The Crocodile, Wolf, Raven, and Rhino Tribes make their big attack on the Lion city. Laval calls the Eagle, Gorilla, and Bear tribes for help, but the Bears sleep through it. Laval and Cragger make a short battle on the Lion Temple. But the temple closes and Laval and Cragger fall. As they both think they will pass away, they both remember what such good friends, turning Cragger good again. Everyone expected Laval to be dead. But at the end of the battle, Laval returns on the Crocodile Legend Beast's back. Laval explains how ShadoWind led him to the Legend Beast. After ShadoWind leads him to the Legend Beast, he spoke two words: "For Chima!" The Legend Beast was trapped by one of the Dark Tribes. Queen Crunket (who was on the Crocodile Legend Beast) explains that these Dark Tribes have trapped all the Legend Beasts and King Crominus. She also explained that the Dark Tribes were responsible for blocking the Chi falls. Later, the eight main tribe warriors head over to the Forever Rock where they get ready to go to the Outlands in order to save Chima.
Season 2: Quest for the Legend Beasts
Episode 1: Into the Outlands

The eight heroes head into the dangerous Outlands only to find the long-exiled lion Lavertus who provides the team shelter in his home.

Episode 2: A Tangled Web

While the tribes of Chima try to fend off the black cloud from taking the rest of the CHI, the eight heroes rescue the Gorilla and Rhino legend beasts

Episode 3: The Legend Thief

The eight heroes are troubled when things go missing and find out that Lavertus is ShadoWind. As a team they race Lavertus and beat him. While cruising around the Outlands, the Raven legend beast has been spotted giving the scorpion King Scorm golden chi...

Episode 4: The Eagle and The Bear
The Dark Tribes start building their own Speedor vehicles. Meanwhile Eris with help of the Eagle Legend Beast spots the Bear Legend Beast and the heroes plan to rescue it from a seesaw trap. Then, they lean the crawlers built speedorz.
Episode 5: Tooth or Consequences
Another dream of his father sends Cragger in search of him while Worriz searches for the Mother Wolf. They are both captured by the Dark Tribes and it is up to the six remaining heroes to rescue them. The truth of the Dark Tribe's creation also reaches the Dark Tribes.
Episode 6: This May Sting a Bit
After Laval is seemingly killed by the blast, the others begin to mourn their lost friend, while Scorm triumphantly gloats. But Laval is not dead instead he was sent right where the Lion Beast was imprisoned on a small island in the middle of a large lake. Back at the Outland base, Lavertus reveals to Rinona why he hates Crominus so much. It is because before any of the eight heroes where born he and Queen Crunket were in love with each other but Crominus was jealous of this and so he went to Reegull and he gave him Persuader Plant seeds and when it bloomed he used it on Lavertus to steal Chi from the sacred pool and was exiled for it leaving Crunket to marry Crominus. But Rinona manages to convince him to go help the other heroes. Laval then tries to save the Lion Beast with Chi but realizes he doesn't need it and he overcomes his fear and swims to the Lion Beast and helps it to swim as well. The battle between the heroes and the Dark Tribes seems bleak until Laval arrives with the Lion Beast. Rogon then destroys the great scorpion statue enraging Scorm who then fires his blaster at all the exits not realizing he is making the cave unstable, the heroes seem trapped until Rinona and Lavertus arrive and save them and it is revealed that Rinona is Rogon's sister, this leaves Eris embarrassed. Lavertus uses golden Chi to create an exit for the heroes but the cave begins to collapse. Lavertus then speaks to Crominus and hands him Crunket's scarf and he stays behind so the heroes can get away as the cave seals him inside the cave. As the heroes leave the cave just before it collapses, Scorm then moves one of the rocks and begs Laval to help him but Laval only hands him his Chi as the rock falls trapping Scorm inside the cave. Back in Chima, the Legend Beasts restart the falls and Crominus reveals that he was why Lavertus was exiled. Crominus is forgiven for what he had done. Back in the Scorpion cave, Scorm mourns the defeat of the Dark Tribes and sees no need for the Chi Laval gave him. Scorm then throws it into a gorge inside the caves not realizing he has awoken Sir Fangar who was frozen in ice.
Season 3: Legend of the Fire Chi
Episode 1: Fire Dreaming
The good times are back in Chima, but on Market Day, Eris finds herself having nightmares. In the Outlands, Sir Fangar awakens and re-animates the entire Ice Clan, freezing the remaining crawlers and heading towards Chima.
Episode 2: Attack of the Ice Clan
Eris wakes from a dream, only to find it becoming reality, as Chima is being frozen! The Ice Clan leads their attack on Chima starting with the Crocodile Swamp! The tribes lead a daring attempt to stop them, but are forced to retreat, and de-thaw their warriors.
Episode 3: The Call Of Cavora
The Tribes attack the Ice Tribes with rocks. Though they are forced to retreat again, Eris see's a vision of Fluminox and The Phoenix Fire Temple! Climbing on one of the frozen waterfalls from Mt. Cavora Eris, Cragger, and[Laval reluctantly enter inside, and by the power of the Legend Beasts are sent up into the Phoenix Fire Temple and are greeted by Fluminox...
Episode 4: Trial by Fire
Fluminox tells the story of the Fire and Ice Clans, and introduces Fire CHI! Eris is the first to try it, yet when Laval and Cragger try, they must pass a special rite of passage first. Meanwhile, at the beaver lodge, the Ice Clan is getting closer to taking over, until Laval, Eris, and Cragger come to the rescue with their cool new fire powers!
Episode 5: The Crescent
Laval, Cragger, and Eris finish their pursuit of the Ice Clan, but shortly decides to stop, and go back for more Fire CHI, even though Fluminox is hesitant. At the Hunter's Stronghold, their Speedorz are being brought out for battle with the warriors. Shortly into the battle, the gang's Fire CHI, but the Phoenix are there to help! After the battle, much to Tormak's anger, Laval meets Li'ella.
Episode 6: Fired Up!
In an attempt to end the war, Laval and Cragger lead a speedor assault in the Ice fortress only for Laval to get distracted by Li'Ella. Then Fluminox comes and warns Cragger not to attack and melt Sir Fangar's home, explaining that if he does, massive flooding will follow. Meanwhile, Flinx is with G'loona in the Gorilla Forest and the hunters arrive seeking to control the chi.
Episode 7: Cool and Collected
Cragger secretly pursues the Mammoth Tribe while Eris has a vision of Panthar and Mount Cavora collapsing. In response, the Phoenix Tribe send out the Legends Beasts to help protect the Tribes.
Episode 8: The Snowball Effect
In an attempt to freeze the Rhino Tribe, the Mammoth Tribe trap its Legend Beast only to become distracted by the Rhino Legend Beast's newfound ability of snowboarding. Meanwhile, Laval attempts to show Li'Ella around the Lion City, but Flinx keeps distracting them. Lagravis is then frozen when the Ice Clan attacks the Lion Temple.
Episode 9: The King Thing
With Lagravis taken captive by the Hunters, Laval must deal with the duties of being a king while also trying to fend off a massive attack from the Hunters. In the end, the Phoenix come to help but Li'Ella gets captured by Sir Fangar.
Episode 10: A Very Slippery Slope
Tormak, Flinx, Laval, Eris, and Cragger lead an assault on Fangar's fortress to rescue the frozen captives, but accidentally also unfreeze the Crawlers! To make matters worse, Li'Ella, unable to escape her ice chains, is seemingly killed when the Fortress collapses. The warriors return home with Laval heartbroken.
Episode 11: The Artifact
Eris dreams again of Panthar while the tribes search for the missing hunters and Li'ella, who are nowhere to be found. Little do they realize that they are on Spiral Mountain preparing for her and Sir Fangar's wedding. Will Tormak be able to stop them, and what will he do to do it?
Episode 12: The Phoenix has Landed
Eris, Laval, and Cragger rescue Li'ella from her and Sir Fangar's wedding. Flinx goes on a hunt for Tormak but he is hiding in the Outlands. On a rescue mission, Fluminox, Flinx and the four heroes are trapped in the gorge of eternal depth, and end up meeting an old friend...
Episode 13: A Spark of Hope
With CHIMA frozen, Laval, Cragger, Eris and the Phoenix are trapped in The Gorge of Eternal Depth. But there is a spark of hope left when Lavertus makes a surprising return. Meanwhile, in The Outlands, something very strange is happening to Tormak.
Episode 14: Wings of fire
Episode 15: The Heart of Cavora


Season 1

  1. A Crash Course in Flying
  2. Tale of the Tribe Stone
  3. Like Father, Like Son
  4. Wolf Speed Dating
  5. Lennox the Brave
  6. Razar: King of Profit
  7. Air Head Flight Test
  8. Hy-Bear Active
  9. Vibe of the Mellow Head Dude
  10. Plovar the Destroyer
  11. Crocodile Evolution
  12. Animal Instinct
  13. GoodFixers

Season 2

  1. Eris VS The Black Cloud - Rematch
  2. A Force of Nature
  3. An Outlandish Tale
  4. The Shadowind Chronicles
  5. The Rumble in the Jungle
  6. The Cloud and the Shadow
  7. A Royal Getaway
  8. A Plovar Makeover
  9. The Black Valious
  10. The Eggs-Terminator
  11. The Flyin' Lion
  12. The Web and the Sting
  13. Whatever Happened to the WindShadow
  14. Haunted Lair
  15. Game of Legends
  16. Horn to be Wild
  17. Unfinished Business

Season 3

  1. Dream of the Dreamless
  2. Big Boys with Big Toys
  3. A Completely Ridiculous Tale of Fire



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