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LEGO Hero Factory: Mission #2: Legion of Darkness
Legion Of Darkness Cover





October 1, 2012


Hero Factory


Legion of Darkness is the second volume in the Hero Factory: Secret Missions series by Greg Farshtey. Its storyline concerns the titular organization, a group of villains assembled by Black Phantom to counter the Hero Factory heroes.

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From the creators of Bionicle®, welcome to Hero Factory!

On the run, Speeda Demon realizes that the only way to keep Hero Factory from getting him is to get them first. From every corner of the galaxy, he assembles an army of criminals. Their mission: wipe Hero Factory right off the map. Outnumbered and outpowered, the heroes Furno, Nex, Stringer, Bulk, Breez, and Stormer XL must come up with a way to win--or else see the galaxy become an empire of crime..


  • ISBN-10: 0545465176
  • ISBN-13: 978-0545465175

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