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Level One Master Builder Academy Minifigure is a LEGO Master Builder Academy minifigure introduced in 2011.

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Blast off with the exclusive Level 1 LEGO MBA Minifigure! Test out spaceship creations with your first MBA minifigure and his buildable space accessories.



  • Though the minifigures accessories for kits 1, 2 and 3, the actual minifigure only appears in 20200 Space Designer.
  • The white 6x6 plate in 20200 Space Designer is only used as a base plate for the minifigure.
  • The minifigure's plasma-pulse blaster, according to the Robot Designer handbook, can shut down machines and recharge batteries, while his headgear can communicate with his robot or mech.
  • The minifigure comes with a different head than the one included in pictures.