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Level Three Master Builder Academy Minifigure is a LEGO Master Builder Academy minifigure introduced in 2012.


In the handbook for 20206 The Lost Village, The minifigure is hunting for frogs to power his "inventor pack". After capturing a frog, he forgets the path he took to the swamp and notices a path he believes was not there before. He takes the path to try and catch a "swamp bull frog". The frog then sits still while the minifigure picks it up. The minifigure than notices it lead him to "a place that was entirely new to him".



  • The minifigure only appears in Kit 7 even though his extra accessories are in the other two kits (kit 8 and kit 9.
  • According to the story in the MBA handbooks and MBA website, He is the same person as the Level Four Minifigure.

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