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"Just yell ‘help’ and I’m on my way!"

The Lifeguard is a Collectable Minifigure from 8684 Minifigures Series 2.


The Lifeguard has blonde hair and a yellow printed face with eyes, eyebrows, and a large smile. Her torso and hips piece are red and depict a swimsuit with markings on her yellow legs showing more of it. The top of her torso has some yellow skin showing, and black chest lines are visible. The swim suit has a picture of a lifesaver at the bottom left and the letters "G.T." at her top right. Her arms and hands are also yellow. The Lifeguard has one accessory: a red rescue buoy.



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“Just yell ‘help’ and I’m on my way!"
The Lifeguard is trained in all of the latest life saving techniques and knows how to use each and every piece of rescue equipment at the beach. She sits in her high chair, keeping a careful eye on the ocean so that everyone who puts even a toe in the water is safe.

Helping people is the Lifeguard’s passion, and when she’s not lifeguarding, she’s in medical school studying to be a doctor. She wants to make sure that no one ever gets hurt on her watch. Even the sharks feel safe when she’s around!



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