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This article is about the Series 12 minifigure. For Series 2 minifigure, see Lifeguard (Minifigures).

Lifeguard Guy is a minifigure that was released in 2014 as part of 71007 Minifigures Series 12. It originally was to be released in October, but it had been released in Hong Kong on the 23 of September.


The Lifeguard Guy has brown hair and a pair of sunglasses. His torso is bare, depicting several muscles. He wears a pair of red lifeguard swim trunks with a life preserver symbol, and the initials J.T. He carries a pair of red binoculars and a swim float. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

"Nobody’s getting in trouble while I’m on duty!"

No one knows what the Lifeguard Guy did before he became a lifeguard. He just showed up one day, fully trained and licensed, and started keeping the beach safe. He sometimes talks about a past full of action, intrigue and martial arts, but if there’s any record of his adventures, nobody has been able to find it.

All through the hot summer, he scans the water with his binoculars, ready to spring into action at the slightest hint of trouble. If anything goes wrong, he’s there in a flash and a splash, using his floating rescue buoy to help tired swimmers get back to shore. And what about his mysterious history? A few of his co-workers think that maybe it was all just a role he used to play on TV, but there’s no doubting that he makes one swell lifeguard!


  • He reused the Surfer's hair, but in dark brown.
  • He is the second lifeguard, the other being the Lifeguard, in 8684 Minifigures Series 2.
  • He reused the rescue buoy from the Lifeguard in Series 2.
  • His initials are similar to the female Lifeguard's. Hers stood for element sculptor Gitte Thorsen. This lifeguard could have the initials of a relative of hers.
  • The printing on his legs does not wrap around to the back, leaving them appearing just plain yellow from behind.

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