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The Lighthouse Keeper, or the Creepy Keeper, was a disguise worn by Verona Dempsey. He was introduced in the What's New, Scooby-Doo? episode "Fright House of a Lighthouse" as the episode's main antagonist.


The body of the minifigure is dark blue with printing depicting a tattered suit, a rope around the waist and feminine curves. The head is dual sided featuring a monster face on one side and a woman with glasses (Dempsey) on the other.


The ghostly Lighthouse Keeper haunted a lighthouse in Wisconsin. The ghost turned out to be Velma's rival Verona Dempsey, who was utilizing the lighthouse to control which shipments entered port, making sure that only her own made it. Description

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The Lighthouse Keeper is the creepy, shuffling ghost that haunts the old Wisconsin lighthouse and doesn’t let any boats dock at the lighthouse; that is, except for boats owned by the Dempsey family.

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Verona was an importer and an amateur sleuth. Frustrated that her boats had to compete with other boats and ships for docking space, Verona began dressing up as the Lighthouse Keeper to scare people away from the shore. Verona was no match for Mystery Inc., however, and she was quickly caught. As Velma would say, “Jinkies!”


  • In the TV show, this monster was known as the Creepy Keeper.
  • He reuses Balin's beard.
  • He is the first minifigure to originate from the 2002 TV series "What's New, Scooby-Doo?".


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