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Lion Kingdom
Wappen Reich des Königs
Release years:


Main theme:


Colour scheme:

Red, White, and Grey/Silver

Concurrent faction(s):

Dragon Kingdom

The Lion Kingdom is one of two factions in the 2010 and 2011 Castle theme Kingdoms. It is led by the Lion King.


In Kingdoms, two antagonist factions (Dragon and Lion Knights) are fighting against each other. Unlike the previous Castle theme where it is Crown Knights and Dwarves vs. Skeletons and Troll Warriors, once again two medieval themes are fighting against each other; The Lion Kingdom and the Dragon Kingdom.

The Lion Kingdom heavily relies on buildings and defensive type towers. They are mainly defensive as opposed to the Dragon Kingdom, which is heavily offensive.

Their architecture is reminiscent of almost all of Castle subthemes including Castle (2007) and Knights' Kingdom.

The Lion Kingdom is led by the Lion King and has an army of several Lion Knights and many Lion Soldiers.


Shield Design/Coat of Arms

The Lion Kingdom shield features a golden lion over a red and white checkered background.


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