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Lion Legend Beast is an animal that appears in the Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


Lion Legend Beast is one of the few animals that did not drink the Chi from Mount Cavora. When Laval was pushed in the river by Cragger and almost drowned, the Lion Legend Beast pulled him out of the river and allowed Laval to ride him into the battle at the Lion Temple where he halted the fighting. Powered by Chi, Cragger charged at him, but the Lion Beast calmly lifted a paw and swatted him away. a In Season 2 the Lion Legend and the other Legend Beasts are captured by the Dark Tribes.

In This May Sting a Bit he is put in a area of land surround by water. Laval overcomes his and the Lion Legend Beast's fear of water and learn how to swim. He later disappears when he and the other legend beasts restart the CHI falls. Laval is certain that he and the others will appear again when Chima needs them most.

In The Call of Cavora, The Lion Legend and the rest of the Legend Beasts appear in the Phoenix Fire Temple and use fire to lift Laval, Cragger, and Eris further up the temple.

In Trial by Fire, the Lion legend and the other Legend Beasts appear as part of Laval and Cragger's fire trial.

In Cool and Collected, the Lion and the other legends are given to the other tribes by the Phoenix to protect them with their fire roar.

In The Snowball Effect, Laval and Li'ella ride the beast and have him use his fire roar to combat the Saber Tooth Tigers.

In The King Thing, the ice tribes trap the Legend Beast in the temple while they attack the Lion City. After the Phoenix come to the rescue, the Beast uses his fire roar to melt the ice and help defeat them.


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  • Because the Lion Legend Beast has a mane it's obviously male making him , The Eagle, Bear, Gorilla, and the Wolf Legend Beast the only Legend Beasts with known genders.


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