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The Hidden Side Episodes are a series of animated shorts released in association with the Hidden Side theme.


Face Your Fears

School can be a scary place. Especially if the sun is setting, you are thirteen years old and the school is haunted. Meet Jack and Parker, two pupils of Newbury Middle School, and who also happen to be paranormal investigators. Using their smart-phones and an advanced ghost catching app, they are about to take their first step in unraveling the mystery of the haunting of Newbury and the enigmatic Lady E.

Vlog Hog

Jack Davis and his ghost-hunting gang are getting ready to live-stream their night-time expedition inside the Newbury Graveyard. What ghosts are creeping through from the Hidden Side here? And can you even catch ghosts in a graveyard if there’s no free wi-fi? Watch to find out!

Sink or Swim

Hard work reaps reward, but two Newbury fishermen catch a little more in their net than they bargained for! Jack, Parker, and the ghost-hunting gang rush to their rescue, but who will sink and who will swim in their hunt for a mad pirate ghost?

Don't Choke Now

Once the finest establishment in Newbury, the Shrimp Shack has now succumbed to the Hidden Side gloom. Although the menu is not quite what it used to be, Chef Anomalo still knows just how to treat his guests – and make sure they stay for dessert! Can Jack and Parker pull their bacon out of the fire before it’s too late?

Bat Crazy

A simple mission: collect a package from the train station. So why are Jack and Parker flying through the air in a haunted train all of a sudden? Watch and find out – and don’t miss the surprise at the end!

Potty Mouth

Do you get carsick? Jack gets bus sick. He shouldn’t have drunk like a hundred lime slushies before boarding Sweet Sally, and because of that, our friends now have to battle a giant puke ghost. Eww! Press play to watch – if your stomach can handle it.

Gloom and Doom

Parker got gloomed! It happened during a baseball game – never mind, we don’t have time for that now. The only way she can be de-gloomed is by making her laugh. But how? She never laughs! Press play to watch Jack, Douglas and Spencer the ghost dog attempt the impossible!

Life in the Ghost Lane

Ghost bikers versus El Fuego? The race is on! Douglas doesn’t like technology. (He actually thinks you spend too much time on your phone. Yes, you. He said that, not us.) But if he wants to beat these bikers, he’s going to need all the help he can get. Watch the race!

Good Chemistry

It’s not a cannon, it’s a negaton pulse conversion beam. And don’t call it a haunted bottle – it’s an Erlenmeyer flask… with a big ghost in it. This LEGO® Hidden Side™ adventure has an epic lab battle, an unexpected plot twist, and some very cheesy pick-up lines. You’ve been warned – now press play!

Skeleton in the Closet

It’s the night of the Blood Moon, and the fate of Newbury hangs in the balance. It’s up to Jack, Parker, J.B., Douglas and Spencer to stop the upcoming ghost invasion – and one of them will pay the ultimate sacrifice. Who will it be? What a cliffhanger! Press play to watch this LEGO® Hidden Side™ adventure.

Parents Just Don't Understand

Jack and Parker are in big trouble when their parents are called into the school for a particularly unpleasant parent-teacher conference. They only missed ONE assignment and that’s because they were busy saving Newbury. And now their secret life as ghost hunters are at risk of being exposed…

Carnival of Doom

Jack, Parker and Douglas (aka El Fuego) decide to investigate the old Newbury fairground after hours in their search for Hidden Side ghosts. But an eerie visit to a haunted hall of mirrors sends Jack and Parker on a dangerous rollercoaster ride. It’s all part of the clown ghost Tragico’s twisted idea of fun. Can El Fuego save our heroes from eternal gloom?

Flying Lessons

Parker chooses a slightly inconvenient time and place to reveal her fear of flying. Just as she and Jack are mid-air on a test flight in Douglas’ new stunt bi-plane, things get a whole lot scarier. Harry Cane - the weather-controlling Hidden Side™ ghost – is about to cause extreme turbulence for both pilot and passengers.

Doom Buggy

While testing J.B. Watt’s latest invention, the new beach buggy, Jack and Parker are attacked by Trucker Dale - the ghost of a run-over trucker. J.B. has explicitly forbidden to use the new ghost cannon, so how can they prevent the ghost from stealing both the buggy and their souls?

Oh, Rats!

A shocking betrayal that you just won’t see coming! Jack and Parker are on a mission through the abandoned subway and sewers under Newbury. Their goal? To break their ghost-hunting tie. They’ve caught twelve ghosts each, but number thirteen will prove to be really unlucky...

Grave Situation

Scared, alone, and trapped in a graveyard, Jack’s time in the Hidden Side is going from bad to worse. When he’s forced to face the evil Lady E. for the first time, it looks like it’s all over for Jack… but wait! Is that a mysterious ally coming to the rescue?

Haunting 101

Bad news: Jack is still trapped in the Hidden Side, and he needs Parker’s help to make his way back in one piece. Worse news: to get Parker’s attention, Jack will have to haunt her – but haunting someone is a lot harder than it looks.

The Great Escape

The time to bring Jack back from the Hidden Side is now. The team is in place and the gateway is open. But something truly sinister wants to cross into the real side too. Will Jack’s great escape end in doom? Only one way to find out – smash that play button!

The Lighthouse, Part 1

Lady E arrives in Newbury and threatens to take over the town, absorbing the powers of other ghosts to grow her own. And when our heroes run to face her, she unleashes the biggest monster they’ve ever seen! How are they going to get out of that one?! We’re not telling – watch and find out.

The Lighthouse, Part 2

The worst has happened: the lighthouse has fallen to the evil power of Lady E, and the rest of Newbury is next. Our heroes’ phone apps aren’t strong enough to contain her. J.B. has an idea that could stop Lady E. – but it will mean saying goodbye to a dear friend. What will it take? Press play to find out!


  • Andy Alberto - Bawa Bat, Biker Joey, Joe Ishmael
  • Lindsey Alena - Lady Evelina, Linda Jackson
  • Mike Anthony - Tragico
  • Bruce Baker - Mr. Nibs
  • Amelia Clover - Parker L. Jackson
  • LC Curci - Dr. J.B. Watt, Nanny Mamali
  • Eric Emery - Trucker Dale
  • Paul Ganus - Dr. Drewell
  • Michael R. Johnson - Spewer, Biker Dwayne, Mr. Clarke
  • William Kasten - Douglas "El Fuego" Elton, Captain Jonas, Chef Anomolo Silento, Harry Cane
  • Corey Krueger - Jack Davids, Jonas Jr., Captain Archibald
  • Deborah Marlowe - Rose Davids
  • Chris Molinary - Samuel Mason
  • Paige Mount - Worker Nana
  • Ben Rausch - Rat Shaun
  • Alex Stevens - Worker Billy
  • Wally Wingert - Vaughn Geist

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