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Captain Redbeard's crews

Black Seas Barracuda crew (comic book and Ladybird books)

Captain Redbeard, "the greatest pirate since the great Pierre Lafitte", is one of the many pirates who haunt the Tropical Sea. Unlike most of those pirates, he is actually fairly friendly. But don’t be fooled, if there is gold on the line and Captain Redbeard is caught by his gold fever he can get quite ruthless. This can often be seen in his “if someone falls, leave him behind” attitude. Captain Redbeard also has the ability to smell gold. He is proud of his Spanish ancestors, and seeks to reclaim the gold that they have hidden across the Southern Sea. While Redbeard is occasionally portrayed as a villain, he’s normally more of a lovable rogue kind of guy. He is still a pirate though, and often has a comically hypocritical egoistical streak. A good example is that once, he accused bo'sun Will of jeopardizing their plan because Will had jumped into the water to save someone from drowning. He is genuinely kind to children though, and more or less functions as an adoptive father for Will. While he can be a bit reluctant, he will often help people if he thinks there is something to gain. Redbeard appears to be against slavery. While he originally wanted to steal the Islander’s treasures, he ended up in a relationship of great respect with them. He helped them in keeping slavers away from their Island a couple of times. He shares his birthday both with King Kahuka and Governor Broadside. Redbeard is the captain of the Black Seas Barracuda, the Skull’s Eye Schooner, the Redbeard Runner, the Crossbone Clipper and more recently, the Brick Bounty and the 2020 Black Seas Barracuda.

United States: Captain Redbeard ; Canada: Captain Red Beard / Capitaine Barbe-Rousse ; United Kingdom / Poland: Captain Roger ; Germany: Käpt’n Roger ; Denmark: Kaptajn Roger / Rødskæg ; Sweden: Kapten Roger ; Netherlands: Kapitein Knoest (Knot) / Kapitein Roodbaard ; France: Capitaine Fortune / Capitaine Barbe-Rouge ; Slovenia: Kapitan Rdečebradec

Bo'sun Will Cavendish, usually just called Will, is more or less Captain Redbeard’s adopted son, as well as his right hand man aboard the Black Seas Barracuda. Will is a lot nicer than most pirates, even among Redbeard’s fairly friendly crew, but his wrath should be feared if you anger him sufficiently. Camilla and Will have fallen for each other, which on several occasions has led them to conspire against her uncle, Governor Broadside. Will is a skilled sailor, an excellent lock pick and in general a very creative lad, he can even be a bit of a bookworm at times. In his 2015 return, he's just called the Pirate Boy. Will’s last name is admittedly only mentioned in one German audio drama. In this story, Will himself can barely remember his last name as he uses it very rarely.

United States: Boatswain Will ; United Kingdom: Bo'sun Will ; Germany: Bootsmann Willy Cavendish ; Netherlands: Bootsman Wil ; Belgium: Scheepsmaatje Bill / le mousse Bill ; France: Bill le moussaillon

First Mate Rummy is one of Captain Redbeard’s most trusted men, and serves as helmsman on the Black Seas Barracuda. He also served Redbeard on the Skull’s Eye Schooner. Unsurprisingly, Rummy is quite fond of drinking rum, which occasionally can distract him from his work. Rummy is an exceptionally good sailor, but not a great pirate. Rummy is an absolutely lousy shot, and a terrible singer. Noteworthy, 2015 Pirate Gunner is identified as Pirate_Rummy in its picture URL. According to the 2020 Pirates of Barracuda Bay set, his full name is Quartermaster Riggings.

United States / United Kingdom: First Mate Rummy ; Germany: Steuermann Rumpott (Barrel of rum) ; Netherlands: Teut (kind of traveling merchant in Dutch) ; France: La Barrique (The barrel)

Ship's cook Flashfork is the talented yet frustrated cook of the Black Seas Barracuda. Flashfork loves cooking gourmet meals, but unfortunately the crew does not value his cooking very much. Flashfork has threatened to leave the crew several times because of the constant insults to his excellent food. Flashfork also hates it when people steal food from his kitchen. The character description in the Ladybird books is actually the opposite of his personality in the German audio dramas, described above. In the books, he is not a great cook and the crew rarely complains. The audio drama version took priority in this case, as he is actually featured in the stories themselves, rather than just a character description. While Flashfork's design in the books does not precisely match any Pirates minifigure, it best resembles a 1989 minifigure who is named Darwin the Pirate in the mobile game LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

United States / United Kingdom: Flashfork / Darwin the Pirate ; Germany: Smutje (German for ships cook) ; Netherlands:  Smulpaap (Cook) ; France: Darwin le pirate / Cuisinier Bart / Tranchant (French for sharp)

Jimbo 1989

Cabin boy Jimbo is Redbeard's ship's boy aboard the Black Seas Barracuda. Bo'sun Will and Jimbo are quite good friends, but the rest of the crew doesn’t seem to be all that fond of the kid, as the other pirates don’t want him in the tavern with them, and Flashfork hates it when he steals from his kitchen. He was originally a stowaway on the Black Seas Barracuda.

United States / United Kingdom: Jimbo ; Germany / Denmark: Rowdy ; Netherlands: Ronnie ; France: Moustic (simplified spelling for mosquito in French)

Anne is the daughter of Bessie, the tavern owner of the Keg and Cutlass, who has joined Captain Redbeard’s crew. According to the 2020 Pirates of Barracuda Bay set, her full name is Lady Anne Anchor.

United Kingdom: Anne ; Netherlands: Juffrouw Anker

Popsy 1989

Popsy is Redbeard’s female parrot aboard the Black Seas Barracuda. Popsy is pretty intelligent, but her loud mouth tends to get her into trouble. Popsy has a quite large vocabulary of insults and other words picked up from various pirates. Captain Redbeard used her to spy on Governor Broadside and his men.

United States / United Kingdom: Popsy ; Germany : Papagei Polly ; Netherlands: Popsie / Lorre (intruder in Dutch) ; France: Couac (parrot call in French)

Spinoza 1989

Spinoza the monkey has a complicated story. He wears a collar with John Blackheart’s half of the golden medallion attached to it. At some point, Spinoza has been in the hands of the Imperial Guards. Spinoza crawled over on the Black Seas Barracuda when it attacked the Carribean Clipper. Afterwards Spinoza more or less joined Redbeard’s crew as Will and Jimbo’s pet. Even later, Spinoza has apparently been inherited by Captain Brickbeard and is now a pet on his ship.

United States / United Kingdom / Netherlands: Spinoza ; Germany: Speedy ; France: Filou (Trickster in French)

Rest of the Black Seas Barracuda crew (German audio dramas)

Jonathan, Sailmaker Bliss, Ship’s Carpenter Neal and Old Percy are crew members of the Black Seas Barracuda. While most of the pirates under Redbeard’s command are relatively friendly, Jonathan is a bit of a scoundrel. Unlike Will, he has no scruples over attacking women and children, as he tried to steal Camilla’s pearls. Old Percy was burned to the ground last September for trying to stamp out a fire: he had a wooden leg.

Skull's Eye Schooner crew

Niels, Dick, Jimmy and Jack are crew members of the Skull’s Eye Schooner. Jack was ordered to get Redbeard some bananas during a picnic on Indigo Island.  

Squawks the parrot and Coco the monkey are Captain Redbeard’s pets on the Skull’s Eye Schooner. Coco was bought for a barrel of sugar on St. Mary’s Island. Squawks was not a very loyal pet as it flew away on a jungle island where the pirates had buried a treasure and didn’t come back. 

Redbeard Runner crew (LEGO Mania Magazine)

McGoo 1996

Tattoo McGoo is a crew member of the Redbeard Runner.

LaFeet 1996

Parma Sean LaFeet is a crew member of the Redbeard Runner.

Blake 1996

Jake the Snake Blake is a crew member of the Redbeard Runner. He owns a pet crocodile in LEGO Chess.

Hawkins 1996

Black Jack Hawkins is a crew member of the Redbeard Runner. He also participates in races, especially on the Pirate Skull Pass.

United States: Black Jack Hawkins ; Spain: Barbanegra

Goldbar 1996

Gonzo Goldbar is a crew member of the Redbeard Runner.

George 1996

George is the other remaining crew member of the Redbeard Runner. While he is not explicitly identified by name, one crew member is named George, so it is most likely him as determined by process of elimination.

Brick Bounty crew

The Pirate Princess fills the recurring pirate girl archetype in the 2015 relaunch, and she even closely resembles an updated version of the female pirate aboard the Cross Bone Clipper, albeit with an eyepatch. She is known as Blade Dancer in LEGO Quest & Collect, which reveals her to be Captain Redbeard's daughter and Ms. Dagger's twin sister. Her full name is given as Pirate Princess Argenta in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

United States / France: Princesse Argenta

Dagger 2015

Ms. Dagger is the twin sister of Blade Dancer, which by extension would also make her a daughter of Captain Redbeard.


The Slinger is Captain Redbeard's new first mate aboard the Brick Bounty, taking over the role of First Mate Rummy. However, he appears to be the same character as the Pirate Gunner, which might imply that he is actually the same character as Rummy. In LEGO Quest & Collect, he is named Slinger.

Bart 2015

The Pirate Cook is Captain Redbeard's new cook aboard the Brick Bounty, taking over the role of Flashfork. In LEGO Quest & Collect, he is referred to as Butcher. His full name is given as Pirate Cook Bart in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

Black Seas Barracuda crew (2020 edition)

Robin Loot is a crew member of the 2020 Black Seas Barracuda. She is presented as the former gunner of the Cross-Bone Clipper ship, implying that she based on one of these two characters, or combining features from both.

Port and Starboard Broadside, two brothers, are crew members of the 2020 Black Seas Barracuda. They have no known familial relationship to Governor Broadside. They closely resemble pirates aboard Ironhook's Renegade Runner. Previously, similar pirates named Port and Starboard played in the same football team, the Shipshape Shipmates.

United States / United Kingdom: Port and Starboard Broadside ; France: Bâbord et Tribord ; Netherlands: Bakboord en Stuurboord

Tattooga is a craftsman of the 2020 Black Seas Barracuda. He's an aged version of either Tattoo McGoo or Parma Sean LaFeet.

Jack 2020

Bo'sun Jack "Dark Shark" Doubloons is the new boatswain on the 2020 Black Seas Barracuda. His nickname is a wink to the original name of the ship on which he operates: the Dark Shark. As the crew is supposed to have been stranded on a desert island for 30 years, he might well be the son of other crew members of this ship.

Crews of other pirates

Barracuda crew

Foul 1989

Captain Foul is the gloomy and ruthless current captain of the Barracuda. Captain Foul’s many crimes include piracy, thievery, slave trading, and framing William Gordon Frederick Cavendish for capturing a ship and selling all its crew and passengers as slaves, leading to his unjustified execution.

United States / United Kingdom: Captain Foul ; Germany: Käpt'n Baddog (although it sounds more like Haddock starting with a B) ; Netherlands: Knook (Knuckle) ; France: Capitaine Faucheton (pun with "faux jeton": bad penny in French)

Culverin 1989

First mate Culverin is Foul’s dimwitted but loyal henchman. What he lacks in brains, he makes up for in brawn. Culverin is the helmsman of the Barracuda.

United States / United Kingdom: First Mate Culverin ; Germany: Maat Dumbo ; Netherlands: Kollosul (Kolosul means colossus) ; France: Hippolyte (homophony with "hypocrite")

Blackheart Cousins' crew

Blackhearts Cousins 1989

John and Brian Blackheart are two notorious pirate cousins who buried a large treasure on Shipwreck Island, 56 years before the golden medallion was found by Captain Redbeard’s crew. After splitting up the medallion with the map to the treasure, they split up. John disappeared in the jungle, while Brian tried to attack Port Royal and failed miserably. He was imprisoned and later sent to Europe to be sentenced.

United Kingdom: John and Brian Blackheart ; Germany: John und Brian McBlack ; Netherlands: Wout & Wiebe Wandaad (Misdeed in Dutch) ; Denmark: John og Brian Blackdeed ; France: Benoît Forfait et son cousin

Peter 1989

Peter is a former member of the Blackheart’s crew. He lost his left leg in a battle and walks on a crutch. These days, he serves as a pirate informant and spy. He sells his information to whoever is willing to buy him the best meal in Bessie’s tavern. Peter bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the Blackheart Cousins, including wearing similar clothes. This has led some fans to speculate that they might actually be the same person.

Skip 1989

Skip used to be a bo'sun for the Blackheart Cousins. He was part of Brian Blackheart’s crew when he tried to attack Port Royal. He was captured during the attack and spent 20 years in the dungeon of the Eldorado Fortress. After having served his sentence, he became a fruit seller in Port Royal. He occasionally helps Redbeard and his men to hide from the Governor’s soldiers when they are in Port Royal.

Renegade Runner Crew

Captain Ironhook, the Scourge of the Southern Sea as he calls himself, is Captain Redbeard's nemesis and leader of an other faction of pirates. Often mistaken for Redbeard in a different outfit, Ironhook's face uses the same print, except for a brownish beard and mustache. He has a voice like an earthquake. Like Redbeard, Ironhook has a light gray pirate hook, but he managed to keep his leg intact in more sets. The most distinctive thing about Ironhook, however, is his ragged appearance. Whereas most of the LEGO pirates appear to be well dressed, Ironhook wears a torn red shirt that looks as though it’s about to fall off. In 1788 Pirate’s Chest, Ironhook somehow gained a pair of blue epaulets. He occasionally suffers from malaria. Ironhook is far more ruthless than his counterpart, and initially fools the friendly Islanders into helping him rob Captain Redbeard of his grandfather's treasure, until they are convinced to side with Redbeard instead. He is not only willing to cheat and swindle to achieve his goals, but also participates in slave trading and with his helmsman Narben Johnny, enslave the Islanders to mine silver on his island, after trying to steal their gold. However, Ironhook and Redbeard have a somewhat friendly rivalry as they occasionally play cards with high stakes, like the Silver Island. Captain Ironhook commands the Renegade Runner, also referred to as the Sea Star or Sea Vulture.

United Kingdom / Germany: Captain Ironhook ; Denmark: Kaptajn Jernklo / Skægsort

Lolbroek 1993

Lolbroek is one of the raiders on Captain Ironhook’s escape raft. He almost lost his legs to a shark, but managed to pull them out of the way at the last second. The shark lost ten teeth when it bit the raft.

Netherlands: Lolbroek (Joker in Dutch)

Bill is a rather dimwitted pirate who works for Captain Ironhook.

Scarred Johnny is an exceptionally cruel and ruthless pirate who serves as the helmsman of the Renegade Runner. Johnny controls the crew through brutal punishment. He wants to enslave the male Indigo Islanders and sell them. Johnny also has a habit of pressganging people if he doesn’t have a full crew for his journey.

Germany: Narbenjonny / Narben Johnny (Scarred Johnny)

Cart Carl may be a swindler, but is actually a fairly nice guy. He prefers holding people for ransom instead of exploiting them for physical work. In disgust with Johnny’s methods, he deserts the Renegade Runner and joins Redbeard’s crew.

Germany: Kutscher / Karren Karl (Coachman / Cart Carl, which fits well as he was driving a horse-drawn cart when he first met the Raider brothers)

Brickbeard’s Bounty crew

Brickbeard 2009

Captain Brickbeard is considered to be Captain Redbeard's replacement in the Pirates theme. He loves gold, and uses it to decorate his ship and his clothes. Like Redbeard, he finds more interest (especially pecuniary) in dealing with the Indigos Islanders than with the Imperial settlers. He is the foul smelling captain of Brickbeard’s Bounty.

United States / United Kingdom: Captain Brickbeard ; Germany: Kapitän Steinbart (Stonebeard) ; Netherlands: Kapitein Blokbaard (Blockbeard) ; Denmark: Klodsskæg (Blockbeard) ; Sweden: Kapten Redbeard ; Poland: Czarnobrody (Blackbeard) ; France: Barbe de brique ; Slovenia: Kapitan Kockobrad (Blockbeard)

Hank 2009

Hank the Castaway is a named character in the mobile game LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Before that, he was a shipwrecked castaway guarding the secret cave on Loot Island. He is most likely inspired by Ben Gunn from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island, and his name could be a wink to Robert Zemeckis' film Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks.

France: Hank le naufragé

Scarlett 2013

Scarlett the Buccaneer is a named female pirate in the mobile game LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

France: Scarlett la boucanière

Sawtooth and Kraken, respectively a great shark and octopus, thwart the pirates' plans. Sawtooth follows Brickbeard’s Bounty and is the reason why Captain Brickbeard is missing one of his legs, while Kraken has a habit of attacking rafts.



Governor Broadside is one of the biggest villains in the audio dramas, and has a list of crimes a mile long, Redbeard even calling him "the biggest pirate of the Southern Sea". He is the pompous and incompetent governor of La Sabatina. He does not do much to fight the pirates, and he would rather sit in his palace in the Eldorado Fortress all day, eating fancy meals and sentencing people to get hanged. When he isn’t eating, he taxes Port Royal citizens heavily, embezzling money for his personal treasury, rather than sending it to the King as he is supposed to. He tried to marry off his niece Camilla to another governor for a huge amount of money, trialed and executed bo'sun Will’s father unfairly, and wants to sell the Islanders as slaves. Once, he even committed piracy himself as he captured a Spanish treasure ship, La Madonna, and intended to keep the gold for himself. Broadside has been the governor of La Sabatina for more than 15 years despite his laziness and corruption. He usually fools the inspectors into thinking that he is a much better governor than he actually is. Occasionally, the pirates help Governor Broadside with staying in office, as they don’t want him replaced by someone more competent or ruthless. Governor Broadside, Captain Redbeard and King Kahuka share the same birthday. He is represented with Admiral Woodhouse's minifigure in LEGO Racers and Governor Tierney's minifigure in LEGO Battles.

United States / United Kingdom / Sweden: Governor Broadside ; Germany: Gouverneur Breitseit (Breitseite means Broadside in German) ; Sweden: Guvernör Bredsida ; Netherlands: Gouverneur Grootzeil (Mainsail) ; France: Gouverneur Travers (Broadside in French too)

Hacienda 2015

Governor Hacienda is Governor Broadside's replacement in the 2015 relaunch. In command of all the Bluecoat soldiers, he finds great pleasure in collecting taxes and gathering gold and diamonds. Whenever the pirates steal his treasure, he gets red, screams and shouts, and flaps his arms like a parrot.

Lieutenant de Martinet is Governor Broadside’s second in command, and almost as bad as him. The common soldiers being far more reasonable than their leaders, the troops are not particularly fond of him. De Martinet is a glory hound and a coward, but at times he can also be quite ruthless. He hopes to become governor himself one day, even if it means that he has to dispose of Governor Broadside. Jean may or may not be Lt. De Martinet’s real first name as he only mentioned it himself in an audio drama, while he was undercover in Pirates' Nest.

United States / United Kingdom: Lt. de Martinet ; Germany: Leutnant de Martinez ; Netherlands: Lt. van Kwelling (Torment) ; Denmark: Løjtnant Streng ; France: Lieutenant de Martinet ; Slovenia: Poročnik de Martinet

Nonsuch 2015

Admiral Nonsuch is the Admiral in the 2015 relaunch. While left unnamed on the LEGO Pirates website, he was eventually named in the mobile game LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

United States / United Kingdom: Admiral Nonsuch ; France: Amiral Nonsuch

Prudence 1989

Aunt Prudence is Governor Broadside’s sister and Camilla’s aunt. Prudence does not shy away from yelling at Governor Broadside despite his title. She generally seems a bit more sensible than her corrupt brother. She spends a lot of time with Camilla and occasionally plays cards with her.

United States / United Kingdom: Aunt Prudence ; Germany: Tantchen Rebecca ; Netherlannds: Zus (Sister) ; Denmark: Aunti ; France: Tante Prudence

Miss Camilla is the niece of Governor Broadside and Prudence. She is not all that fond of her uncle, and often conspires with Will against him. Camilla and Will have fallen in love. She has often supplied the pirates with information in order to help them. In LEGO Battles, Camilla is represented with Miranda Valentina's minifigure.

United States / United Kingdom / Germany / Netherlands: Camilla ; France: Camille

Bluecoat Lady 2015

In the 2015 relaunch, the Governor’s daughter secretly dreams of being a pirate. Being skilled with a sword and a daredevil by nature, she would love to sail the Seven Seas and lead a life of exciting adventure.

Gordon is one of the soldiers under Governor Broadside’s command. He once went undercover with Lt. De Martinet in order to infiltrate the pirates. Gordon is not very fond of Lt. De Martinet.

Private LaQuay is one of the Imperial Soldiers in the mobile game LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

France: Matelot LaQuay

LaQuay 2015

Sergeant Ernest LaQuay is one of Governor Hacienda's sergeants. He used to be a pirate.

Lord Relish, Lord Oxborne, Lord Valgam and Lord Cunninghamshire are the inspectors sent from Europe to check up on Governor Broadside, because there wasn’t arriving any gold for the King from his colony. Lord Relish is fond of tea and cigars.

The King 1990

The King is the ruler of the European country Broadside originates from. He once personally came to inspect Governor Broadside’s work on La Sabatina. It is never clearly stated which European country Broadside is supposed to coming from. The flags, uniforms, Lt. De Martinet’s name and accent, and even the LEGO official website suggest France, but most characters names such as Broadside’s and his various inspectors are more British in nature. Though, it is pretty safe to say that Broadside isn’t working on Spain’s behalf. This is probably deliberate to not vilify any specific country and its potential LEGO fans.

The Prince is a part of the royal family Governor Broadside serves. The prince once came to La Sabatina personally, partially because of rumors that Governor Broadside had captured a Spanish gold ship.

Imperial Guards

Woodhouse 1992

Admiral Woodhouse is the supreme commander of the royal fleet at the naval harbor of Fenzance. Woodhouse is an eager pirate hunter, but suffers from bad luck as he is rarely able to find any of them. He doesn’t appear much, but seems to be a rather noble man and resents Broadside. Admiral Woodhouse saved the passengers and crew of the Queen of England from Captain Ironhook. The Redcoats seem to be mostly neutral towards the Islanders. They don’t interact much in the audio dramas, but Admiral Woodhouse was embarrassed to have disturbed them. In the United States however, he was just the same character as Governor Broadside in a new uniform.

United States: Governor Broadside ; United Kingdom / Germany / Japan: Admiral Woodhouse ; Sweden: Amiral Ruff ; Netherlands: Admiraal Blaaskaak (Blowhard) ; France: Le Gouverneur ; Spain: Governador Flinn

Governor McGeyer is the despised governor of the colonies to the north of La Sabatina. Governor McGeyer is a complete and utter twit despised by most, and is said to be even more of a scoundrel than Governor Broadside.

Miranda 2009

Miss Miranda Valentina, as named by The Battle for Brickbeard's Bounty LEGOLAND water-ski show, is the daughter of an admiral, an avid water-skier and pirate hunter. She has fought Captain Brickbeard and almost fed him to Sawtooth the Shark. She is also named Camilla in the 2009 LEGO Battles video game.

Admiral Valentina, while never depicted in any media, is presumably the father of Miranda Valentina due to the latter being known as the Admiral's daughter.

Governor Tierney, as named by the mobile game LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, is both the Governor of the Soldiers' Fort and the Captain of the second Imperial Flagship. His 2010 version is also named Broadside in 2009 LEGO Battles video game, as well as his 2009 version in the 2011 sequel: LEGO Battles: Ninjago.

France: Gouverneur Tierney

Leigh 2010

Leigh Tierney, as named by the mobile game LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, is the daughter of the Imperial Flagship's captain, Governor Tierney. She is not to be confused with the Admiral's daughter, Miranda Valentina.

Salty 2009

Salty the Sailor used to be part of Captain Brickbeard’s crew, but now works for Miranda Valentina after she captured the Brickbeard’s Bounty. He delivers lame LEGO related jokes and puns. His pet, Pepper the Parrot, hates flying.

Imperial Armada

The Admiral 1996

The Admiral "Don Diego de Lego" is the leader of the Imperial Armada. Surprisingly enough, the Spaniards are on very friendly terms with the Indigo Islanders, as their commander, the Admiral, was raised by them after a shipwreck. This explains why he does not know his original name. The Admiral is very fond of his shiny armor and almost never takes it off.

United States: a contest in the Lego Mania Magazine was supposed to determine The Admiral’s true name. Contest results: Billy Cannonball Cordoba, Don Diego de Lego, Sir Sail-a-lot, Don Juan DeMented and Chrislego Columbia.

Valiant 1996

Captain Valiant is the captain of the Santa Cruz.

France: Capitaine Vaillant

Sgt. Speedy 1996

Sergeant Speedy is a member of the Imperial Armada. He used a heavy barrel on the end of a cargo crane to break one of the masts of the Redbeard Runner.

Skully 1996

Skully is a dead Armada member. The skeleton plying at Rocky Reef is also called Skully, but there is no evidence he belonged to a Spaniard. A skeleton also wearing a morion is named Captain Click in the Lego Island game.

Don Carlos De Tarragona y Monte Cassino is the first officer of the Spanish gold ship La Madonna. As he only appears in a German audio drama, the spelling of his very long name is a little uncertain.

Juan Saragossa is the gunner of the Spanish ship La Madonna.

Indigo Islanders

Kahuka 1994

King Kahuka is the leader of the Indigo Islanders on the Island of Fogs. He is a good friend of Captain Redbeard, who helped him against Narben Johnny and his slavers, and of The Admiral, who was raised by his people. Kahuka is a wise and friendly man, but can be quite clever when it comes to defending his village if anyone tries to steal his gold or enslave his people. King Kahuka may have some magical abilities as he seems to be able to summon fog to protect his Island from invaders. He does speak in the audio dramas, but in his native language. Kahuka and his wife Amaritza have two sons: Thu, who serves as an interpreter, and Kothu. Governor Broadside, Captain Redbeard and King Kahuka were born on the same date.

United States / Denmark: King Kahuka ; United Kingdom / Germany: Chief Quextil ; France: Chef Quexil ; Spain: Rey Uka Shaka Uka ; Slovenia: Kralj Kahuka

Female Islander 1994

Amaritza is King Kahuka's wife and Thu and Kothu's mother. The spelling of her name is unconfirmed since she is only referenced in audio dramas. She is speculated by fans to be the female Islander minifigure, although this is not directly confirmed in official media. An earlier version of Kothu's mother, who would be Amaritza by extension, is depicted in the unreleased comic book The Island of Mist.

Thu 1994

Thu is a son of King Kahuka. He is able to speak a little of some European languages.

Kothu 1994

Kothu is the other son of King Kahuka and brother of Thu.

Uhu is an Islander who participates in races, especially on the Tribal Trail.

United States: Islander ; Denmark: Uhu

Chief Quextil's cousins have warned their tribal chief about Captain Roger, telling him tales about the pirate's ruthless search for treasure.[1]

Other characters (1989 comic book, 1990 Ladybird books, 1990-1995 German audio dramas)

Forbidden Island pirates and citizens

Bessie owns the best tavern on the Forbidden Island: the Keg and Cutlass. She is the mother of Anne. Bessie is a widow, as her husband died while trying to attack the governor’s flagship with a rowboat. Bessie is quite feisty, which is a necessity to put up with the pirates who frequent her tavern.

United States / United Kingdom / Germany / France: Bessie ; Netherlands: Betsie

McMoney is a fence with the biggest store on the Forbidden Island: there, you can buy or sell anything. Maybe McMoney has everything, but he also knows everything: thanks to his informants on the American mainland, he also provides information to the pirates. One should not try to scam McMoney, as he is enough of a fighter to beat up Culverin. McMoney appears to be married since he mentions he is not very fond of his mother in law. McMoney may also own a dog, as one can be heard barking when Redbeard visits him. In the Ladybird story Captain Roger's birthday, the general store owner on the Forbidden Island is called Magpie, thus it is possible that McMoney and Magpie are supposed to be the same character.

United Kingdom: Magpie ; Germany: McMoney

Captain Snarlface is a pirate who buried his vast treasure on a volcanic island.

United States: Captain Snarlface ; Germany: Captain Garcia ; France: Capitaine La Grogne

Captain Jonah is the pirate captain of the Hesperus, who mistook Port Royal for the Forbidden Island and nearly got himself killed. Captain Jonah is in general notorious for his bad luck, such as colliding with a large whale, for instance. Jonah has got a tame jackdaw called Diogenes. He is named after a Greek philosopher who is said to have lived in a barrel. Unsurprisingly, the jackdaw lives in a barrel too.

Captain Riddle is known as the pirate prankster. He once buried a treasure chest full of seaweed as a joke.

One Leg is an avid card player and the former owner of Silver Island.

William Gordon Frederick Cavendish is the father of Will Cavendish and former captain of the Barracuda. Captain Foul set him up by accusing him of capturing a ship and selling its crew and passengers as slaves. He was sentenced to death by Governor Broadside and executed despite being innocent.

Mrs. Cavendish is the mother of Will Cavendish and wife of William Gordon Frederick Cavendish. Not much is known about her, other than she died of natural causes about a year before her husband was executed.

La Sabatina citizens

Old Binnacle is a local fisher. He sells his fish to pirates, islanders and the citizens of Port Royal.

Brother Jeremias is a fat monk of many talents who lives on La Sabatina. Jeremias teaches children and Will Cavendish was one of his students. Jeremias is also an excellent cartographer, and he made a map for William Gordon Frederick Cavendish. Brother Jeremias has on several occasions been forced to provide information to Captain Foul.

Henry Boskov owns a slave plantation. He was in cahoots with Broadside when the latter tried to steal gold from the population of Port Royal, and the treasure was buried on his plantation. As he is only mentioned in an audio drama, the spelling of his name is a little uncertain.

Michael (or Michel) Raider and Ben Raider are two brothers who lived in an orphanage close to Fenzance, but ran away to see the world. Unfortunately, they ended up on Ironhook's Renegade Runner. Ben, the eldest, was able to flee from the Renegade Runner almost immediately and was rescued by Captain Redbeard after he jumped overboard. Yet Michael, the youngest, was not able to follow his brother, but he managed to desert the ship with Cart Carl three days later, after a storm.

George and Susan (or Suzie) Cunningham, twins, live in India with their father until they are sent to a boarding school in England. While on the Queen of England, where they frequently pull pranks to the other passengers, they are captured by Captain Ironhook. Then, they are able to flee from Ironhook’s pirates and join forces with the Indigo Islanders and Captain Redbeard to save the crew and passengers of the Queen of England.

William Shatter is the first officer of the Queen of England. He is a good friend of the Cunningham twins. He is able to flee from pirates with them. Unfortunately, he is wounded by a gunshot and decides to go back to the pirates, so he won’t slow the twins down on their escape.

Mr. Davis is the caretaker of the Cunningham twins and passenger on the Queen of England.

Colonel Stuart is an elderly passenger on the Queen of England.

The Peabody sisters are also passengers on the Queen of England, and frequent victims of the Cunningham twins’ pranks.

Compatible Collectible Minifigurines


Pirate Captain 2012

The Pirate Captain aspires to be a merciless, rotten son of a sea dog. He certainly looks the part with his rugged eye-patch, hook-hand and peg-leg, but he has to admit that he’s had a few hiccups along the way. First of all, his ships keep sinking. No matter whether it’s a man o’ war or a dinghy, any vessel capsizes within five minutes of him coming aboard. Also, he gets seasick really easily – sometimes just a picture of the ocean is enough to set him off. Worst of all, he’s having real trouble coming up with a piratey name. All the good ones – from Ironhook to Brickbeard – seem to already be taken. If he can just come up with a name to strike fear into the hearts of landlubbers everywhere, the Pirate Captain figures the rest of his problems will solve themselves!

Zombie Pirate 2015

The Zombie Pirate appears to be a "zombified" version of the aforementioned Pirate Captain.

Scallywag Pirate 2016

The Scallywag Pirate hates having to do anything that’s clean and nice. Brushing his teeth, combing his hair and doing laundry weren’t for him, so at the first opportunity, he hopped on board a pirate ship and joined its crew. Now he gets to do all of the stuff he wants – fire cannons, tie sailing knots, eat horrible pirate cooking, and even wear an eyepatch. Nobody makes you keep neat and tidy when you’re a scurvy buccaneer. The Scallywag Pirate is thrilled that he gets to shave with a cutlass and never has to do any washing-up. And maybe his clothes are falling apart and his teeth have gone rotten and he doesn’t have any hair left to comb… but that’s exactly the pirate’s life that he signed up for!

Highwayman 2017

The Highwayman may leap out of the shadows and stop you with a pointed pistol and a demand for all of your coins, jewels and treasure. Actually, he’ll do it during the daytime, too. As long as you have loot, he isn’t picky. The Highwayman hides his face behind a mask and speaks gruffly to disguise his voice. He always works alone, not because he wants to keep all of the money for himself (although he does), but because even other ne’er-do-wells don’t get along with him. If you want to make a speedy getaway from the Highwayman, just threaten to splash mud on his collar’s ruffled lace jabot. It’s his prize possession, and he’s very protective of it!

Pirate Girl 2020

The Pirate Girl is the fourth pirate minifigure as such in this theme, if we set aside the Highwayman, who mainly practises his art on solid ground.



Musketeer 2011

The Musketeer proclaims there's nothing in the world better than a clash of blades with a worthy opponent. Of course, when you're as good with a sword as he is, worthy opponents are pretty few and far between! The Musketeer searches the world high and low for skilled adversaries. But alas, every duel ends in quick victory, and then there's nothing left to do but shake his defeated rival's hand with a thanks for trying. And then, with a smile, a wink and a bow, the Musketeer departs to seek his next opponent!

Revolutionary 2013

The Revolutionary Soldier knows nothing more important than freedom. His greatest wish is to see all people be free of hardship and oppression, and he’ll do everything he can to help make it a reality. The Revolutionary Soldier doesn’t like fighting, but if that’s what it will take to protect his fellow Minifigures, then that’s what he’ll have to do. With his musket in his hand and his best powdered wig on his head, he’s here to stand up for independence and the rights of the little guy!

Imperial Guards

Royal Guard 2011

The Royal Guard is utterly devoted to his job as a protector of the royal family. In rain or shine, in hot summer sun or freezing winter night, he can always be found standing at his post at perfect attention, staring straight ahead with his tall, furry hat on his head and his ceremonial rifle in place at his shoulder. No matter how much you try to distract the Royal Guard, he’ll never even blink an eye. You can tell him jokes, dress up in silly costumes and even try to tickle him, but he won’t move at all. He and his fellow guards are silent, stalwart sentinels, never uttering a word aloud – and that’s exactly what he’ll tell you if you ask him!

Swashbuckler 2014

The Swashbuckler dreams of adding his own legend to those of famous heroes. He’s practiced with his sword, learned all about sailing ships and riding horses, and read lots and lots of romantic poetry… and now he’s finally ready to show the world what a dashing and daring hero he can be! He’s not quite perfect at it yet, though. He’s got the right wardrobe, and he definitely has the shiny teeth and charming laugh down pat, but the brim of his big floppy hat keeps falling in front of his eyes, and his puffy shirt always gets snagged on things at just the wrong moment. Still, if he keeps it up, one day the Swashbuckler is sure to succeed in becoming the true hero he’s always longed to be!

Imperial Armada

Conquistador 2012

The Conquistador likes gold. Really likes gold. It’s not so much about the wealth; he just thinks that it looks really good, and he’d like all of his stuff to be made out of it. If he had his way, he’d be living in a solid gold house, taking a nice bath in a gold tub full of golden coins. And the towels and shampoo would be gold, too. The Conquistador has traveled all across the world in search of gold, but he hasn’t had a lot of luck so far. For some reason, the people he meets always want to keep theirs, which seems pretty selfish to him. Fortunately, he’s heard about this newly-discovered place called the Aztec Empire. He figures he’ll stop by there next and see if they’ve got any gold they don’t mind sparing!


Hula Dancer 2011

The Hula Dancer knows dozens of different traditional hula dances, and she loves to perform them, no matter whether she’s in front of an audience or all on her own. There’s only one thing that she likes better than dancing, and that’s teaching other people to dance. If there’s a big crowd around on a bright day, you can bet that the Hula Dancer is in the middle of it all, getting everybody to sing, play instruments and dance as long as the sun is in the sky!

Aztec Warrior 2012

The Aztec Warrior is one of the fierce Eagle Knights of the legendary Aztec Empire. Protected by his feathered shield and beaked helmet, he battles for the glory of his empire from sunrise to sunset, never stopping for food or rest as long as there are enemies to capture and the sun shines bright in the sky. And there certainly are plenty of enemies! For some reason, people are always trying to steal the empire’s gold. Sure, it’s pretty and you can make it into some nice, shiny weapons and armor, but the Aztec Warrior doesn’t really get what the big deal is with the stuff. Sometimes he wishes the invaders would only come at night so some other warriors could deal with them instead!

Island Warrior 2013

The Island Warrior keeps vigilant watch over the forbidden cove of his Enchanted Island home. When he spots a ship sailing near, whether it flies the skull-and-crossbones or the flag of the Imperial navy, he puts on his carved wooden mask and gets ready to drive off any un-neighborly visitors. Fortunately, he’s well prepared to send any pesky plunderers who try to invade his Island packing!


Captain Redbeard's ships

Black Seas Barracuda 6285 / 10040 / 21322 is Captain Redbeard's first and last pirate ship. In a Ladybird storybook, to sneak into Port Royal without being noticed by the soldiers, the Dark Shark is renamed the Skylark.

United States: Black Seas Barracuda ; Canada: Black Seas Barracuda / Barracuda de la Mer Noire; United Kingdom / Poland: Dark Shark; Germany: Schwartzhai (Black Shark) ; Denmark: Hajtand (Sharktooth) ; Sweden: Tigerhajen (Tiger Shark) ; Finland: Myrskytuuli (Storm Wind) ; Netherlands: De Zeeschuimer (The Pirate) ; Belgium: Norse Haai ; France: Requin Noir (Black Shark) ; Spain: Tiburón Negro (Black Shark) ; Portugal: Tubarão Negro (Black Shark) ; Greece: Μαυρος Καρχαριας (Black Shark) ; Slovenia: Črnomorska Barakuda / Barakuda Črnih Morij

Skull's Eye Schooner 1993

Skull’s Eye Schooner 6286 is Captain Redbeard's second pirate ship.

United States: Skull's Eye Schooner; United Kingdom / Japan: Black Skull; Germany: Dark Shark II; Sweden: Tigerhajen II; Netherlands: Zwarte Haai (Black Shark); France: Requin Noir II ; Slovenia: Škuner Lobanjinega Očesa (Skull eye's Schooner)

Red Beard Runner 1996

Redbeard Runner 6289 / 6290 is Captain Redbeard's third pirate ship.

United States: Redbeard Runner; United Kingdom: Marauder; Netherlands: Piraten gevechtschip

C. B. Clipper 1997

Cross Bone Clipper 6250 is Captain Redbeard's fourth pirate ship.

Brick Bounty 2015

Brick Bounty 70413 is Captain Redbeard's fifth pirate ship. The name of the set was decided after a LEGO ReBrick Name the Ship contest.

United States / United Kingdom: Brick Bounty ; Slovenia: Kockasta bounty (bricky bounty)

Other pirate ships

Barracuda is Captain Foul's pirate ship (not to be confused with the Black Seas Barracuda). It was formerly owned by William Gordon Frederick Cavendish, and was supposed to be inherited by his son Will Cavendish after his death. The design of the ship is a bit inconsistent, especially since the Ladybird Books actually use a picture of the Caribbean Clipper from The Golden Medallion comic as the model for the Barracuda.

Renegade Runner 1993

Renegade Runner 6268 is Captain Ironhook’s pirate ship.

United States: Renegade Runner ; United Kingdom / Japan: Sea Vulture ; Germany / Poland / Spain: Sea Star ; Sweden: Piratskeppet Kaparen ; Netherlands: Zeester (Sea Star) ; France: Étoile des Mers (Starfish / Seas Star) ; Spain: Estrella del Mar (Sea Star) ; Slovenia: Morska Zvezda (Starfish / Seas Star)

Hesperus is Captain Jonah's old pirate ship. The Hesperus uses the same model as the comic version of the Barracuda.

Brickbeard's Bounty 2009

Brickbeard's Bounty 6243 is Captain Brickbeard’s pirate ship.

United States / United Kingdom: Brickbeard’s Bounty ; Netherlands: Het schip van Blokbaard ; Slovenia: Kockobradova Ladja

Imperial ships

Bluecoats' fleet

Caribbean Clipper 1989

Caribbean Clipper 6274 is Governor Broadside and the Imperial Soldiers' brick, it's called the Golden Loot (possibly Golden Lute)in a German audio drama.

United States: Caribbean Clipper ; Canada: Caribbean Clipper / Clipper des Caraïbes ; United Kingdom: Sea Hawk ; Germany: Seefalke (Sea Hawk) ; Sweden: Havsörnen (Sea Eagle) ; Netherlands: De Overwinning (The Victory) ; France: Faucon ; Spain: Halcón Marino (Sea Hawk)

Ironram is Governor Broadside and the Imperial Soldiers' flagship. It is most likely the Cannonball from the audio drama version of The Golden Medallion: the Cannonball is supposed to be very large and superior to the Black Seas Barracuda, and the stories follow the geography of the map also depicting the Ironram.

Redcoats' fleet

Imperial Flagship 1992

Imperial Flagship 6271 is Admiral Woodhouse and the Imperial Guards' ship.

United States: Imperial Flagship ; United Kingdom / Germany / Poland / Japan: Sea Lion ; Sweden: Sjölejonet (Sea Lion) ; Netherlands: De Zeeleeuw (Sea Lion) ; France: Lion de la Mer (Lion of the Sea / Sea Lion)

Imperial Flagship 2010

Imperial Flagship 10210 is Governor Tierney and the Redcoats' flagship.

Lucky Maiden is Governor McGeyer’s Flagship.

Queen of England is a passenger ship travelling from India to England.

Conquistadors' fleet

Armada Flagship 1996

Armada Flagship 6280 / 6291 is Admiral don Diego de Lego and the Imperial Armada's ship.

Netherlands: Galjoen Santa Cruz ; France: Santa Cruz (Holy Cross in Spanish)

La Madonna is used by the Spaniards to transport gold.


The Tropical Sea is the general setting for most LEGO Pirates comics, story books and audio dramas from 1989 to 1997. According to a LEGO preparatory document from 1987, the action takes place in the Caribbean between 1750 and 1800.

Germany: Süd See (Southern Sea), France: Mers Tropicales

Pirate locations

Forbidden Island 1989

Forbidden Island 6270 / Pirate Island is the second largest island on the map of the Tropical Sea and home to most of the pirates.

United States: Forbidden Island ; Canada: Forbidden Island / Île Interdite ; United Kingdom: Pirate's Nest / Shark Island ; Germany: Haifishinsel (Shark Island in an audio drama) ; Netherlands: Het Kraaienest (Crow’s Nest) ; France: Île des Pirates

Pirates' Nest 1991

Rock Island Refuge 6273 / Pirates' Nest is the biggest pirate town on the island. Notable locations in the town include Bessie’s tavern and McMoney’s / Magpie’s general store.

United States: Rock Island Refuge ; United Kingdom / Australia: Port Jamaica ; Germany: Piratendorf (Pirate village) ; Poland: Przystań Jamaica ; Netherlands: Kapers Nest / Kapersgat (Hijackers Nest / Hijackers Hole) ; France: Nid des Pirates ; Slovenia: Pristan Jamajka

The Keg and Cutlass is Bessie and her daughter Anne's inn at Forbidden Island. Their respective father / husband, the former innkeeper, ended up hanged after trying to board the Governor's flagship with boats.

United States / United Kingdom: The Keg and Cutlass ; Germany: Das Fass ohne Boden (The Bottomless Barrel) ; France: Au Fût du Forban (The Bandit Barrel)

Treasure Chest 1995

Treasure Chest Island 1788 is Captain Ironhook's small lair.

United States / United Kingdom: Treasure Chest Island ; France: Coffre au trésor

Rocky Reef 1995

Rocky Reef 6254 is the home of Skully the Skeleton. It is also the island where William Gordon Frederick Cavendish hid his testament, his treasure and the evidence for his trial, according to an audio drama.

United States: Rocky Reef ; United Kingdom: Skeleton Island ; Germany: La Sceletta (in the audio drama) ; Netherlands: Goudzoekers-eiland (Prospector Island) ; France: Île au squelette ; Slovenia: Skalni Greben

Skull Island 1995

Skull Island 6279 is another of Captain Redbeard’s many hideouts.

United States: Skull Island ; United Kingdom: Skull Harbour ; Germany: Otenkopfh ; Netherlands: Zeeroversbolwerk ; France: Cachette du Capitaine Fortune

Volcano Island 1996

Volcano Island 6248 is a small island with an extinguished volcano where Captain Redbeard has hidden a treasure.

United States / United Kingdom: Volcano Island ; German: Der Totenkopfvulkan (Skull Head volcano) ; France : Île du volcan

Shipwreck Island 1996

Shipwreck Island 6296 is another of Captain Redbeard’s hideouts. Unlike the other Shipwreck Island, this one actually looks like a shipwreck.

United States / United Kingdom: Shipwreck Island ; France: Repaire des pirates

Pirates Ambush 1997

Pirates Ambush 6249 is a small wooden fort.

United States / United Kingdom: Pirates Ambush ; France: Embuscade des Pirates ; Spain: Emboscada de Piratas

Perilous Pitfall 1997

Pirates Perilous Pitfall 6281 is an island prone to rockslides, where some pirates have run aground.

United States / United Kingdom: Pirates Perilous Pitfall ; France: Trappe périlleuse des Pirates ; Spain: Trampa de los Piratas

Loot Island 2009

Loot Island 6241 has a shipwrecked castaway guarding its secret cave.

United States / United Kingdom: Loot Island ; Netherlands: De buit op het eiland ; France: Île au trésor ; Slovenia: Otok Zakladov

Shipwreck Hideout 2009

Shipwreck Hideout 6253 is Captain Brickbeard's lair, built from the remains of a shipwreck embedded in the rocks.

United States / United Kingdom: Shipwreck Hideout ; Slovenia: Skrivališče v ladijski razbitini (Hideout in a Shipwreck)

Treasure Island 2015

Treasure Island 70411, as its name suggests, holds a treasure in its little cave.

United States / United Kingdom: Treasure Island ; France: Repaire des pirates ; Slovenia: Otok Zakladov

Barracuda Bay 2020

Barracuda Bay 21322 is the island on which the Black Seas Barracuda, with Captain Redbeard and his crew on board, was stranded for 30 years.

United States / United Kingdom: Barracuda Bay ; France: Baie du Barracuda ; Slovenia: Barakudski Zaliv

Shipwreck Island is the island where the Blackheart Cousins hid their treasure.

Germany: Insel Sombrero ; Denmark: Muskedonnerøen (Blunderbus Island) ; France: Île de la Flamme (Flame Island)

Silver Island is a small island near the Island of Fogs with large deposits of silver. The island was owned by One Leg until he lost it to Captain Redbeard in a card game, who lost it later to Captain Ironhook in another card game.

Germany: Silber Insel

Imperial locations

La Sabatina is the largest island on the map of the Tropical Sea, first under the rule of Governor Broadside, rule later shared with Admiral Woodhouse.

Governors locations

Port Royal is the largest town on La Sabatina and seat of Governor Broadside’s palace. Other notable locations in town include the Imperial Soldiers shipyard, Skip’s fruit store, the Port Royal sail makers, Brother Jeremias’ home, Henry Boskov’s plantation and a tavern.

United States / United Kingdom / France: Port Royal

Fort Sabre 1989

Fort Sabre 6276 is the headquarters of the Imperial Soldiers located near Port Royal.

United States: Eldorado Fortress ; Canada: Eldorado Fortress / Forteresse Eldorado ; United Kingdom / Australia: Governor’s Fort Sabre ; Germany: Fort Rasselsword ; Sweden: Fort Brass (Brass apparently being outdated slang for weed in Swedish!) ; Netherlands: Schatwacht (Treasure Guard) ; Belgium: Koningsburg / Mont Royal ; France: Fort des Sabres ; Slovenia: Trdnjava Eldorado

Sabre Island 1989

Sabre Island 6265 is a small island with one of the Imperial Soldiers forward bases. Not to be confused with Fort Sabre.

United States: Sabre Island ; United Kingdom: Governor's Bastion ; Sweden: Fort Lillön (Little-Island) ; France: Bastion du Gouverneur

Lagoon Lock-up 1991

Lagoon Lock-Up 6267, prior to the invading pirates, was an inn of sorts for the settlers to grab a bite to eat and relax. This peaceful establishment has now been fortified to protect the lagoon and to hold captured pirates for questioning.

United States: Lagoon Lock-Up ; United Kingdom: Soldiers Tavern ; France: Taverne des soldats ; Slovenia: Vojaška Taverna

Soldiers Outpost 2015

Soldiers Outpost 70410 is a forward observation post allowing the Bluecoats to protect the coast.

United States / United Kingdom: Soldiers Outpost ; France: Avant-poste des soldats ; Slovenia: Vojaška postojanka

Soldiers Fort 2015

Soldiers Fort 70412 is the new headquarters for Governor Hacienda (or Broadside) and his men.

United States / United Kingdom: Soldiers Fort ; France: Fort des soldats ; Slovenia: Oporišče (Military Base in Slovene)

Imperial Guards locations

Fenzance 1992

Fenzance 6277 is the location of the naval base commanded by Admiral Woodhouse.

United States: Imperial Trading Post ; United Kingdom / Australia: Port Royal (the set, not the town) ; Sweden: Port Piraya ; Netherlands: De Vrijheid (Fort Freedom) ; France: Port Fenzance

Cannon Cove 1993

Cannon Cove 6266 is a little Redcoats outpost.

United States: Cannon Cove ; United Kingdom / Japan: Black Reef Bastion ; France: Bastion du récif noir

Imperial Outpost 1995

Imperial Outpost 6263 is Admiral Woodhouse's second residence.

United States: Imperial Outpost ; United Kingdom / France: Bastion ; Netherlands: Soldaten Bastion

Soldiers' Fort 2009

Soldiers' Fort 6242 is the main base of Admiral Valentina and his men in the New World.

United States / United Kingdom: Soldiers' Fort ; Netherlands: Het soldatenfort ; France: Fort des soldats ; Slovenia: Vojaška Utrdba

John Silver Island / Northern colonies may be the place where McGeyer is governor, as he is said to rule the colony North of La Sabatina and they are the only known islands to the North of La Sabatina. These islands are named after Long John Silver, from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island.

Imperial Armada location

Armada Sentry 1996

Armada Sentry 6244 is the only known pied-à-terre, manner of speaking, of the conquistadors in the New World.

United States: Armada Sentry ; United Kingdom: Water Outpost ; France: Poste d'observation de la mer

Islander locations

Enchanted Island 1994

Enchanted Island 6278 / 6292 / Island of Fogs / Emerald Island is the home of King Kahuka and his tribe, the Indigo Islanders (Émeraldiens in French). Notable locations include the Voodoo lagoon.

United States: Enchanted Island ; United Kingdom: Indigo Island ; Germany: Die Nebel Inseln (Fog Islands) ; Netherlands: Schateilanders' Baai ; France: Île des Émeraudes (Emerald Island) ; Romania: Insula Canibalilor (Cannibal Island) ; Slovenia: Začarani Otok

King Kahuka's Throne 1994

King Kahuka's Throne 6262 houses King Kahuka's treasure, under the stone idol of the Indigo tribe.

United States: King Kahuka’s Throne ; United Kingdom: Indigo Throne Cave ; Netherlands: Magische Grot der Schateilanders ; France: Salle du trône de Quexil

Forbidden Cove 1994

Forbidden Cove 6264 protects and conceals the entrance to the inaccessible territory of the Indigo Islanders.

United States: Forbidden Cove ; United Kingdom: Indigo Treasure Cave ; Netherlands: Grote geheime rotsplaats der Schateilanders ; France: Rocher au trésor

Other Treasure Islands (map on the inside back cover of the Ladybird books)

Pirate's Hat Island

Black Reef Island (Das Schwartze Riff, Black Reef in German)

Island of Skulls (Die Insel Skull in German)

Hook Nose Island

Island of Ruins

Credits: This information was initially compiled and formatted by Runamuck (and his brother), TalonCard, and some other Eurobricks members such as Tazakk or Sadie Meowsalot.

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