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On this page you will find a list of named weapons from the Ninjago theme. The descriptions are taken directly from

The Golden Weapons

The Sword of Fire
This golden sword could only be held by Kai, the ninja of fire. The sword had the power of fire so it can burn a lot of things up. It was destroyed when the ninja used the golden weapons to destroy the Staff of Creation.

The Nun-chucks of Lightning
This golden pair of nun-chucks could only be held by Jay, the ninja of lightning. The nun-chucks had the power of lightning so it could fry an enemy with a single blow. It was destroyed when the ninja used the golden weapons to destroy the Staff of Creation.

The Shurikens of Ice
This golden pair of shurikens could only be held by Zane, the ninja of ice. The throwing-stars had the power of ice so it could send an enemy into an ice-age. They were destroyed when the ninja used the golden weapons to destroy the Staff of Creation.

The Scythe of Quakes
This golden scythe could only be held by Cole, the ninja of earth. The scythe had the power of earth so it could make the earth swallow enemies. It was destroyed when the ninja used the golden weapons to destroy the Staff of Creation.

The Megaweapon the Megaweapon is a weapon made by Lord Garmadon by fusing the four Weapons together into a "Mega Weapon", otherwise known as the Staff of Creation. This weapon has only the power to create, never to destroy. This was used for Garmadon's dark purposes by creating four Bizarro Ninja, recreating the Grundle, and creating a portal leading to the past. However, the weapon was destroyed by the ninja along with the golden weapons.

Snake Staffs

Main article: Snake Staffs

These staffs are the symbols of power for the Serpentine tribes. There are staffs for all five snake tribes: Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Anacondrai, Venomari and Constrictai. The staffs carry an anti-venom to the unique power of each tribe.

Fang Blades

Main article: Fang Blades

The Four Silver Fang Blades were ancient artifacts that capable of unleashing The Great Devourer. The Serpentine are after them to release the beast.

The Elemental Blades


The Elemental Blades were first used by The First Spinjitzu Master. With the use of the blades, the ninja were able to give Lloyd more elemental power so that he could become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. With his new power he could summon the power of the Golden Dragon.[source?]


Main article: Techno-blades

In 2014, the ninja get new weapons called Techno-blades that have the power to hack any sort of technology, and allow them to control it. When used together, the blades could reboot the entirety of Cyrus Borg's systems by deleting the Digital Overlord virus from the main hard drive of Borg Tower.

The Jade Blades


In 2015, the Ninja get new green blades called Jade Blades. The Jade blades were originally the ninja's "tickets" toward advancing in the Tournament of Elements, as Master Chen described even though they were used as weapons in the sets. They were made from the bones of Anacondrai, and Chen both stole the blades and bones to make his own from their tombs.

Staff of Elements

The Staff of Elements was an artifact wielded by Chen, which had the ability to absorb the powers of the various Elemental Masters. This allowed the staff's wielder to use the Elemental Masters' powers, which it took in their entirety as opposed to copying them like the power of Amber. Chen's primary plans for the staff involved using it to fuel the spell that would transform his Anacondrai Cultists into Anacondrai.

Allied Armor of Azure

"When you're in trouble, they say it has the power to summon allies. Whether they be friends, Foes, even spirits from the Cursed Realm!"

The Allied Armor of Azure is an ancient relic used multiple times by Morro to summon Ghost Warriors. It was kept in the Ninjago Museum of History, and considered worthless.

It is one of a number of Ninjago relics not represented by a either a physical piece or a minifigure print.




In the summer wave of 2015, the Ninja get weapons known as Aeroblades. The Aeroblade's material is made from deepstone, which is a type of rock mined from the bottom of the ocean. The Aeroblade is capable of defeating the Ghost Warriors due to the deepstone rock in it. It is used just like a boomerang and a shuriken combined.

Sword of Sanctuary

The Sword of Sanctuary was a weapon whose blade showed images of the near future, allowing its wielder to anticipate the actions of their opponents or avoid obstacles. It was one of three clues to locating the tomb of The First Spinjitzu Master, and could be used to reveal a map to the tomb's location on the back of the Scroll of Airjitzu. It was kept in the Cloud Kingdom for safekeeping but stolen by Morro, only for it to be stolen by the ninja; Ronin later stole it and returned it to Morro in payment of a debt he owed Soul Archer. Morro subsequently used it to make his way into the tomb and faced off with the ninja, and later during his battles against the ninja in Stix before losing it to Ronin and then to Lloyd in "Curseworld, Part II".

In "Day of the Departed" a replica of the sword was included with a statue of Morro and later became one of the Departed Blades. In "The Fall" Lloyd stumbles across the sword in the vault beneath Borg Tower, and attempts to use it in battle with the Omega. He then uses it to smash the Realm Crystal, only to learn that the Oni no longer need it to cross into Ninjago. Lloyd later left the weapon in the vault as he and Emperor Garmadon fled.

Djinn Blade

In 2016 the Ninja can be captured inside the Djinn Blade. The Creators are the Djinn King who gave it to Nadakhan following the destruction of Djinjago. In the sets, all of the ninja and Sensei Wu are trapped in the sword. In the show, the only ninja not captured is Nya, to be captured you must "Wish it all away" or get struck by it.

Yin Blade

The Yin Blade was a magical weapon discovered by Sensei Yang in his quest for immortality, only to curse him, his students, and the Temple of Airjitzu. It was eventually placed in a case of impenetrable Clearstone and ended up at the Ninjago Museum of History, but was stolen by Cole after Yang tricked him. In a bid to return to human form, Yang used the blade to open the Rift of Return, only for the weapon to be smashed by Cole. However, the rift allowed Yang's students to return to human form, and a repentant Yang allowed Cole to pass through and do likewise while he remained a ghost within the temple, which was restored to its former glory.

Departed Blades

During the events of Day of the Departed, the mannequin replicas of the villains are given weapons. When the spirits of the real villains possess the mannequins, Sensei Yang explains that the weapons are called Departed Blades and they possess the ability to allow the wielder to take the victims place among the living should the weapon kill the victim. The weapons are based off of weapons from previous seasons, each with an identical hilt. They consist of:

In the TV series, Morro also wielded a Departed Blade version of the Sword of Sanctuary, but it was never physically released; in the toy line Sensei Yang's Yin Blade replaced it.

Time Blades

In 2017, the Ninja seek after four claw-like weapons called Time Blades, which each control a different aspect of time. They consist of "Forward" (green), "Slow-mo" (blue), "Pause" (red) and "Reverse" (orange). The powers within the blades once belonged to Acronix and Krux, the former Elemental Masters of Time. When the two became corrupt, Wu and Garmadon drained their powers using the Time Blades, which were forged by Maya and Ray. The weapons were made from Chronosteel, the only material capable of absorbing elemental power, and cast into a vortex opened using their energies.

The Reversal Time Blade emerged back into Ninjago first along with Krux, and was hidden in the Boiling Sea by Maya and Ray to keep it safe. The Fast Forward Blade returned shortly after Acronix did, and was used by him to cause Sensei Wu to begin aging at an accelerated rate. He and Krux would continue to employ it for various purposes, including capturing Cyrus Borg and later evading the Ninja with him in tow. The Slow-mo Blade was the third to return, landing in a desert outside of Ninjago City. Though the Vermillion reached it first, the Ninja were able to take possession of it.

Unfortunately, though the Ninja briefly took possession of the Fast Forward Blade as well, they lost it and the Slow-mo blade to the Time Twins. The two villains later succeeded in recovering the Pause Blade when it returned to Ninjago. They then blackmailed Kai and Nya into using the Fusion Blade to help them retrieve the Reversal Blade from the Boiling Sea. With all four blades, the Time Twins were able to complete their mobile fortress Iron Doom, which they used to travel back in time to just after their past defeat.

The Time Twins later attempted to escape into the distant future using the blades, but were thwarted when Kai, Nya, and Wu made use of the past version of the Reversal Blade. After delivering that blade to the past Wu, the trio boarded the Iron Doom as it made its way forward in time. Wu was able to remove the Reversal Blade, which he gave to Nya and Kai before dropping them off in the present. After using it to heal Ray from the effects of the Fast Forward Blade as they had Wu, the two gave it to Lloyd. In "Brother/Sister Squad", Kai and Nya take it back to the Boiling Sea for safekeeping The other three blades were lost in time with the Time Twins, Iron Doom, and the Vermillion snakes.

Fusion Blade

The Fusion Blade is a weapon either created or possessed by Ray, which has the ability to fuse the Elemental Powers of Fire and Water together, something that is normally impossible. This allows the wielders to create a Fire and Water Fusion Dragon, which can be used to traverse the hostile environs of the Boiling Sea. The Blade as served as a key to a chamber in the sunken Library of Hono Mizu, which served as the hiding place of the Reversal Time Blade. Ray and Maya first used it to hide the Reversal Blade, and Kai and Nya were later forced to use it in order to retrieve the artifact. They then employed the Fusion Blade in order to pursue and fight the Time Twins in their Iron Doom mech.

Oni Masks

The three Oni Masks, each representing one of three Oni warlords, are mystical objects introduced in 2018. Each grants it's wearer a different ability:

  • The red Mask of Vengeance allows it's wearer to grow an extra pair of arms.
  • The yellow Mask of Deception gifts it's wearer with the power of telekinesis.
  • The purple Mask of Hatred coats it's wearer in virtually unbreakable stone armor.

When all three masks are brought together in the Temple of Resurrection, they open a portal to the Departed Realm which allowed the Sons of Garmadon to summon forth Lord Garmadon.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

In "A Mayor Problem", the Mask of Vengeance is stated to have been among the contents of the Borg Tower vault, along with Aspheera's staff and various other artifacts. However, it later proves to have been relocated along with the other artifacts by Mayor Trustable.

Spoilers end here.

The three masks are all identically molded, but in different colors with different printing; the mold was later reused for a mask part in 853866.

Dragon Armor

The Dragon Armor is a suit of mystical armor found in the First Realm consisting of four pieces:

  • Dragon Helmet
  • Dragon Chestplate
  • Dragonbone Blade
  • Dragon Shield

The Dragonbone Blade has the ability to absorb Elemental Energy, whereas the armor in its complete form was thought to give one mastery of the Firstbourne Dragon. However, this proved to be a myth, as the Iron Baron was unable to use it to command the dragon. The armor was forged by the Firstbourne and the First Spinjitzu Master, with the former allowing the latter to ride her due to her respect for him.

Magic staffs

The magic staffs are magical, bladed staffs wielded by Aspheera upon her escape from her tomb in the Desert of Doom and later by the Ice Emperor. Apparently serving as a focus for Aspheera's magical abilities, her enabled her to perform feats she would otherwise have been incapable of, such as draining Kai's fire powers. Her abilities and those of the staff were later augmented when she gained possession of one of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu, which she attached to the staff before setting out in search of Wu. Curiously, the second scroll was attached to an apparently identical staff, which allowed the Ninja to wield its power in battle against Aspheera, whose last act before losing her staff would be to fire a blast that sent Zane-along with the staff carrying the second scroll-to the Never-Realm.

Wu later wielded Aspheera's staff in a brief confrontation with the Ninja, before being overpowered; Pixal was thus able to use the staff and scroll combination to send the other Ninja to the Never-Realm. Zane's staff, which remained in contact with the second scroll, was wielded by him over the course of several decades when, having lost his memory, he became the villainous Ice Emperor.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Aspheera's staff was later separated from the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and secured within Borg Tower along with various other powerful or dangerous artifacts. In "The Shape of Nya", the Ninja hit upon the idea of employing Aspheera to drain Nya's elemental powers and thus restore her to human form. In "A Mayor Problem", they approached Mayor Trustable regarding Aspheera's temporary release and reunion with her weapon, but were rejected. Upon attempting to steal the staff, Cole and Jay discovered that it had been moved.

In "Public Enemies 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5!", the Ninja learned that the staff was being transported by a convoy of armored trucks along with the other artifacts from the vault, presumably in response to their asking the mayor about the staff. Cyrus Borg's intelligence allowed them to intercept the shipment and steal the staff, but not without having their identities compromised. In "A Painful Promise", the Ninja returned the staff to Aspheera, only for her to attack them with it. However, upon learning that the New Ninja were closing in, Aspheera agreed to honor their original bargain in exchange for being shown to an escape tunnel. Her attempt to drain Nya's powers resulted in the apparent destruction or loss of the staff; however, she was then gifted a new staff by a messenger from the Crystal King.

Spoilers end here.

Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu

The Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu are a pair of magically powered scrolls created by the First Spinjitzu Master. They have the ability to drastically increase the powers of certain wielders, but also have a corrupting influence that includes heightened aggression. Interestingly, not everyone gains power from holding a Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, as both Kai-after his powers were drained by Aspheera-and Vex showed no signs of the scroll affecting them. By contrast, the other Ninja, Aspheera, Garmadon, Wu, and even P.I.X.A.L. all demonstrated signs of their power being increased by the scrolls and could wield their energies. These included glowing eyes, a fiery aura of power emerging from the top of the head, vocal changes and-in the case of Spinjitu users-larger Spinjitzu tornados.

Garmadon and Wu first used the scrolls to defeat Aspheera after she used Spinjitzu to usurp King Mambo's throne. Afterwards, the First Spinjitzu Master attached the scrolls to bladed staves and hid them to keep them from his sons; they were eventually recovered by Clutch Powers. Wu's scroll ended up in the Ninjago Museum of History, while Garmadon's was housed in the Explorer's Club. After escaping her tomb, Aspheera stole Wu's scroll from the museum after briefly battling the Ninja for it.

It not only increased her power, but her Fire Fang was able to pick up Wu's scent and track him to the Monastery of Spinjitzu. Seeking to contend with her, several of the Ninja recovered Garmadon's scroll, and wielded it against her when she breached the hangar beneath the monastery. Eventually, Zane used Garmadon's scroll to encase Aspheera and her Pyro Vipers in ice, only to be banished with it to the Never-Realm by Aspheera's final use of Wu's scroll. Later, P.I.X.A.L. used Garmadon's scroll to send the Land Bounty to the Never-Realm with the other Ninja aboard.

Having been damaged in battle, Zane was forced to use Garmadon's scroll to wield his powers after arriving in the Never-Realm. Taking advantage of a period in which Zane was unconscious, Vex attempted to take the staff, only to find that he was unable to wield its power. Instead, he caused Zane to lose his memories and then convinced him that the scroll staff was his royal scepter. Zane thus became the Ice Emperor, wielding the scroll's power to slowly dominate the Never-Realm, where time passed differently than in Ninjago leading to him spending several decades there.

Zane used Garmadon's scroll to enslave Grimfax's warriors, who along with dark ice constructs became his army of Blizzard Samurai. Other beings formed from the scroll's corruption of Zane's powers included the dragon Boreal and the Ice Behemoth. He also created a shard of dark ice that allowed Vex to observe distant events, and would wield the scroll staff to punish minions like Grimfax and in battle against enemies like Lloyd and Akita. After regaining his memories, however, Zane froze Vex and reversed the scroll's effects; it is unknown if the Ninja brought it back to Ninjago or left it in the Never-Realm afterwards.

Several of the summer 2019 sets came with a sheet of plastic Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu pieces: one depicting the scroll's normal form, one infused with fire energy, and the other with ice energy.


The Keytanas are a trio of swords in the game Prime Empire. As their name suggests, they act as keys, specifically enabling the one who possesses all three to shut down the Temple of Madness’ firewall and reach Unagami.

Blades of Deliverance

The Blades of Deliverance are a pair of swords originally wielded by Lilly. The Ivory Blade, representing light, and the Shadow Blade, representing darkness, were used by her until she defeated the evil dragon Grief-Bringer. Afterwards, she gifted the blades to the Geckles and Munce, tribes of Shintaro whom the dragon had terrorized prior to her intervention.

Amulets of Wojira

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Amulets of Wojira are a pair of amulets, the Storm and Wave Amulets, that belonged to the sea serpent Wojira and granted it the elemental powers of wind and water. This combination proved so formidable that even the First Spinjitzu Master, the Merlopians, and the islanders were unable to overcome the beast working together. It thus fell to Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water, who was also the first to discover the existence of the amulets. After failing to dislodge the amulets from Wojira's forehead, she merged herself with the Endless Sea and thus gained the power to overcome the beast, striking both amulets free and sending Wojira into a centuries-long slumber.

The First Spinjitzu Master entrusted the Storm Amulet to the islanders, who became known as the Keepers of the Amulet, while the Wave Amulet was given into the custody of the Merlopians. For centuries, the Keepers kept the Storm Amulet safe, using its power to ward off any intruders. Eventually, however, the amulet was stolen by Clutch Powers, who succeeded in replacing it with a copy while taking the real one back to Ninjago City. Meanwhile, the Wave Amulet was returned to Wojira's forehead by Kalmaar, heir to the throne of Merlopia, who sought to use the serpent's power to destroy the surface world. However, without the Storm Amulet, Wojira could not be awakened, and Kalmaar's attempts to do so disrupted the elemental power of Water and affected the behavior of various sea creatures.

After learning of Kalmaar's plot, the Ninja attempted to secure the Storm Amulet, only to discover Clutch's theft. Kalmaar also became aware that the Storm Amulet had been taken to Ninjago, and a series of battles ensued that culminated in his gaining possession of it. He was thus able to return it to Wojira, who woke upon regaining both amulets, and then goaded her into attacking Ninjago City. Ultimately Nya, who had followed in her namesake's footsteps by joining with the sea, used her newfound power to destroy the Wave Amulet. Without it, Wojira lost control of the Storm Amulet, and both it and her were destroyed by a massive blast of lightning.

Spoilers end here.


Silver Sword
This truly remarkable and expensive blade is a work of art. Those who have it, like to show it off. For some, this means hanging it on the wall, but for those who know the true value of it, they use it for fine slicing and dicing.

Golden Dark Blade
Every skeleton wants the Golden Dark Blade. More dangerous then the dreaded Dark Blade, in the hands of a master, this weapon is unstoppable. In the hands of everyone else, it’s still terrible, thought it looks quite good.

Dark Blade
Not your typical sword, the Dark Blade actually looks for trouble. It pokes and prods life with its jagged point trying to do as much damage as it can. It’s a weapon of great fear, and it was created especially for the Skeleton Army.

Silver Dark Blade
A collector’s edition of the Dark Blade, the Silver Dark Blade was created in limited supply. It’s truly brutal, so only the most destructive skeletons have one... they won it a deadly contest.

Scythe Blade
Big, heavy, and made to slice, the Scythe Blade is great for cutting down large foes. Arm yourself with two, and you’ll be ready for some cool, dicing action. So what are you waiting for? Chop, chop!


Stronger then your average Bone, the Silver Bone is a sign of quality. When you want to make an impression, hit ‘em with a Silver Bone.

Golden Bone
Though no one is born with a Golden Bone in their body, this doesn’t mean you don’t deserve one. They say, silence is golden. Well, nothing makes the good guys quiet quicker then being struck with a solid Golden Bone. A strong, heavy weapon that’s both simple and effective... and being gold, it lasts forever.


The Nin-Jo
A simple weapon, but in the hands of a Spinjitzu Master, it’s an unstoppable force. Spun quickly, it becomes a whirling, twirling crushing wall with the speed and strength of a dragon. It’s so solid, it will knock you out.

The Staff
When you don’t have the words, use a Really Big Stick for getting your point across. It may not be pretty, but – POW – it works. It’s very effective, ‘cause no one likes to get hit with a Really Big Stick.

Thunder Bolt
This weapon wasn’t made for fighting, it was built for smiting. Only one exists, and it’s in the foul hands of it’s inventor, Lord Garmadon. It boosts his Power of Destruction, and makes him happy.

Staff of Control

Staff of Control.png

Rattla's secret - the Staff of Control fuses the powers of all your weapons, and those of your enemy, into a mind-controlling mother of all monsters. Don't look directly at it.


Silver Bone Axe
Hungry for battle? Looking for trouble? No fighting meal is complete without this essential piece of skeletal silverware. So stop using your funny bone, and get yourself a serious weapon. It cuts really deep.

Bronzed Bone Axe
Great for hitting and slicing, this easy-to-use blade is the first weapon young skeletons get. Why is it bronzed? Because that’s what proud parents do.

Golden Double-Bladed Bone Axe
Made to chop through anything, the Golden Double-Bladed Bone Axe is the ultimate cutting machine. Remember, nothing can stand in its way, so… if at first you don’t succeed, slice, slice again.

Golden Hatchet Twins
A true cut above the rest, the whirling blades of the Golden Hatchet Twins are extremely dangerous, incredibly hard to control, and way too powerful. Sometimes it feels like they're alive, but that's impossible, right?

Trusty Axe

Trust Axe.png

If you're just starting out, and you have limited Ninja experience or budget, the Trusty Axe is the way to go. High quality, low maintenance and cost - you can't go wrong. You'll keep this baby forever.

Dark Axe

Trust Axe.png

Standard issue in every Kendo training environment. No magic powers, just reliable, sheer steel superpower.


The Spear
Just point The Spear where you want to go, and charge. Nothing fancy about it, it just works. Also known as Mr. Point, the Sharp One, and Owwww!

Golden Spear
The rarest of all spears, the Golden Spear makes an incredible point. It’s also quite valuable... so, if you have to be struck by a spear, make sure its golden. Then run, ‘cause it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Major Spear
A very clever weapon, this smart spear is hard to defend against. Able to grab, and then snap lesser weapons with it’s five sharp points, this military weapon does not fool around.

Silver Spear
Incredibly slick, the Silver Spear soars through the air – with a cool whistle – and flies through whatever’s on the other-side. This quality weapon doesn’t just stab, it stabs with style, and accuracy.

The Icicle
Cold to the touch, this extra long, extra sharp icy spear is a real treat. While not made for the desert, it does make a cool dessert. Just dip The Icicle into a Skulkin, and you’ll have the ultimate Popsicle.

The Thorn
While this spear might not seem like the most dangerous weapon in Ninjago, you would be foolish to underestimate it. Carved from the tired wood of the yawning Sleepy Willow, this weapon will knock you out… so sweet dreams.

Spear of Forked Tounges

Fill the tongues with your venom of choice. The forked tongues pierce your enemy and inject venom for instant effect. Yikes! So of course, this is another one of Lloyd's favorites.


Golden Pickaxe
No matter who or what you're digging, the Golden Pickaxe makes a deep impression. Made of solid gold, it’s really made for fighting... it has to be, everyone wants it.

Grim Pickaxe
Whether you want to strike it rich, or just strike your enemy, pick up a Grim Pickaxe. Made popular by the snowy dwarfs – who liked to dig the whole day through – there’s nothing a grim mining weapon can’t do.


Silver Battle Mace
If you’re rich and evil, you probably already own this 100% scary, silver ball and chain weapon. It’s big, heavy, and does some serious damage. When you want everyone to fly away fast, just swing the spiked ball around your head.

Golden Battle Mace
Nothing screams Evil Superstar better then a Golden Battle Mace. Made for the truly evil, this ball and chain weapon of destruction makes an awesome impact. It hits ‘em so hard, they’ll see stars... golden, spiked, burning stars.


Double-Bladed Dagger
Twice the fun of a regular dagger, this handy weapon can attack danger from either side. It’s a great weapon for the new hero.

Double-Bladed Bone Dagger
Twice the danger of your typical Bone Dagger, this dark weapon is always up to no good. It stabs life from both sides, and bad guys love this.

Golden Nick Dagger
Can’t get no stabbing satisfaction... no matter how hard you try and try and try? Then grab yourself the Golden Nick Dagger, a truly classic weapon that only–hey, hey, hey – grows sharper with age.

Bowie Knife
Time may change, but Bowie Knives are timeless. From cavemen to clowns, to sailors fighting spiders in dance halls, everyone uses these classic hip-holstered weapons.

Dagger of the Dragon's Breath
It is rumored that the Dagger of Dragon’s Breath is alive… that it holds a tiny fire dragon in its handle…one that will do its master’s bidding. Even if it’s not true, it doesn’t change the fact that this dagger is on FIRE!


Blacksmith's Hammer
Used to make weapons, the Blacksmith’s Hammer also packs quite a punch. Though not typically considered a weapon, anything that can beat metal into shape is great for smashing skeletons.

Ninja Bow+Arrow
Arrows shot from Ninja Bows fly far and true. Able to hit targets a mile away, it’s nearly impossible to outrun these metal tipped projectiles. They’re also good for hunting wild apples in high trees.

Chained Fang
Dinosaurs may be gone, but their skeletal teeth still have bite… especially when attached to the end of a roaring, steel chain. The Chained Fang is a dentist’s worst nightmare. It was made to make cavities.

Dark Talons
High above the clouds of Ninjago live the Dark Condors. These hungry vultures are scavengers, and their sharp talons were made to clean bones. Maybe that’s why their claws have become Ninjago’s most gloved weapons.

Golden Heli-Chains
If you hear the grinding sound of metallic wings, or the wild buzz of a flying chainsaw, then run! Because this means that - Thwack - the Golden Heli-Chain is about to attack.

Groovy Whip
The wild Groovy Vine is one of the most dangerous plants in Ninjago, because once it grabs you, it'll never let go. This whip is from that plant, so be careful or be caught.

Golden Chained Fang
From Ninjago's Golden Age comes one of it's most valuable weapons, the Golden Chained Fang. Made from the mighty tooth of a Golden T-Rex, this dino-tastic weapon was made to fight tooth decay and Skullkins.

Double-Boned Skele-Scythe
Made from the broken bones of fallen Skullkins, no Skullkin likes this deadly weapon. But none dare tell Lord Garmadon this, because no one wants to be his next Double-Boned Skele-Scythe.

Double-Bladed Scythe
While the Double-Bladed Scythe may look like a child's toy, it's not! It's really a fantastic and intimidating weapon. It's quite affordable too - much cheaper than the Gold and Silver versions - so buy yourself a new Skullkin mower today!

Dark Chained Whip
Warning, this weapon is dangerous to all life. Made from the heavy chains of the Underworld, the Dark Chained Whip is cold and deadly. If it touches you, it will pull you down and steal your soul forever.