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This is a list of minor non-physical characters from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV series.




Antonia is a papergirl who lives in Ninjago City.


Antonia has red hair with some black streaks piled on top of her head, often concealed by a helmet when she's riding her bike.

Antonia’s hair resembles that of the City figure Daisy Kaboom, but in red and orange rather than orange and black.


Antonia debuted in "The News Never Sleeps!", helping new paperboy Lil' Nelson learn the ropes. Used to the constant turmoil in Ninjago City, she rides almost carelessly through attacking fire snakes and expresses total confidence in Samurai X's ability to deal with them. Later, after she and Nelson find Clutch Powers and learn that the Ninja are in danger, she reluctantly agrees to accompany Nelson to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to alert Master Wu. Her skill is demonstrated as she jumps a bridge that has crumbled, and with her encouragement Nelson is able to follow her lead. The pair then deliver their news to Wu before heading back to the city.

Antonia later appears in the Prime Empire Digital Shorts episode "Let's Dance!" taking Vlad Tutu's dance class with Nelson, Nya, and Jay.

Ballistic Missiles

The Ballistic Missiles are a team of racers from Prime Empire, all of whom wear helmets that resemble the front ends of missiles, with stylized shark faces printed on them. Each member of the team drives a replica of the Katana 4x4, has gray skin, and wears a racing jumpsuit. The only named member of the team is Anthony "The Brute" Brutanelli, seen in the Prime Empire Original Shorts.

Bank Owner

The Bank Owner is a Ninjago Character who owns the bank in Ninjago City.


The Bank Owner has the same hair piece as Lou and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Clone Wars variation. He has thick bushy eyebrows.


When the ninja needed money to pay for their apartment, they all set out to find jobs. Cole got a job as a security guard for the Bank Owner's bank. When a robber was getting away with the money, Cole tackled him and got it back. The Bank Owner reached his hand out, and Cole thought he wanted to shake hands, but the Bank Owner really just wanted the money.

When Cole volunteered to do the double-shift for more pay, the banker came out and thanked him.

But when Cole fell asleep on the job, the serpentine generals Fangtom, Acidicus, and Skalidor robbed the bank clean. Then the Bank Owner figured out he was furious and fired Cole.

In the episode "The Day Ninjago Stood Still", the bank owner was seen locking himself in the vault to protect himself from the Stone Army. Later, when the citizens are fleeing to the NGTV tower to evacuate, he somehow gets out of the vault and goes to join them.


Brad Tudabone

"It's true, and I love planting flowers."
―Brad to Gene and Lloyd

Brad Tudabone appears in Seasons 2 and 3 of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He was one of Lloyd's friends at Darkley's Boarding School For Bad Boys and later attended Sensei Wu's Academy. So far, he appears in Double Trouble, Ninjaball Run, Rise of the Spinjitzu Master, The Surge, and The Curse of the Golden Master. He is a protagonist at times, and an antagonist at others.


Like Lloyd and the other students at Darkley's, Brad has short legs. He has Harry Potter's hairpiece and wears a light-blue tie underneath a light-blue vest that has an image of a flower on it. He also wears dark-blue pants. When the school's students wear ninja outfits to confuse the evil ninjas, Brad's ninja outfit is red. His Sensei Wu's Academy uniform, like all other students, is green.


Brad Tudabone is a young student who first met Lloyd at Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys. When they first met, he was nice to Lloyd, but later on he put fire ants in Lloyd's bed, causing everyone making fun of him. When everyone was gone, he told him he was just trying to teach him how things go. After that, Brad took Lloyd under his wing and taught him the art of revenge.

A long while after Lloyd Garmadon escaped from Darkley's, Brad, Gene, and the other boys sent a fake invitation to Lloyd to lure him in. When Lloyd appears at the school's entrance, passing underneath a rewritten sign saying "Darkley's School for Great Children", Brad is planting flowers nearby. When Brad sees Lloyd, he runs up to him and hugs him. He asks him to forgive him and says he learned his lesson. He then shows Lloyd and the ninja around, guiding them straight to the principal's office, where Gene, Brad, and the other boys capture him and knock him and the ninja out.

Moments later, when Lloyd wakes up, Brad is standing in front of him with the other kids, welcoming him to an evil intervention that they thought would help him turn evil again. However, Brad hears something, and he goes out of the room with the other kids to investigate. When they see Lord Garmadon's evil Bizzaro Ninja appear out of nowhere, he mistakenly thinks that the real ninja escaped and, with the other students, tries to attack them through the use of spitballs, smoke grenades, and dodge balls. However, they fail, and Brad is captured by the evil ninja and asked where the real ninja are.

When Brad leads the evil ninja to a room where he and the other kids hold the ninjas and the teachers captive, Bizzaro Cole asks if it is some kind of joke, but Brad says that is where he kept them and that he was being honest. When Bizzaro Cole says it's time for Brad to receive another nuggie, the real ninja show up and get confused. Cole orders Bizzaro Cole to drop Brad. Bizzaro Cole complies, saying that Brad is of no use to them anymore. He drops him on the floor, and lets him go while the real ninja fight the Bazzaro ninja.

When Brad comes back in the room with the other students, they tie up Lloyd again. After Brad listens to Gene's theory, he says it's good enough for him. Then, when Lloyd admits that he is good, he says that Brad is good too. Brad denies it, but Lloyd tells the story about the day they first met. Brad says that he only did it because he wants to get in good with Lloyd's father, but Lloyd says that deep down, Brad's not all that evil, and he's not the only one. Brad admits that its true and that he loves planting flowers. Brad says that the ninja saved his life, and then proves his kindness by untying Lloyd.

When Lloyd manages to also convince the other students, Brad, Gene, Lloyd, and the other students start sewing ninja costumes that Lloyd plans to use to confuse the evil ninja so that the real ninja can stop them. After the Bizzaro Ninja are defeated, Brad tells Lloyd that "You did it!", but Lloyd insists that "we" did it. Then everyone cheers.

However, Brad still had some hard feelings. He competed with the other Darkley's students in the Ninja Ball Run, where he and Gene sabotaged the Ultra Sonic Raider before the race started. During the Glacier Barrens part of the race, Brad's bus crashed and was overturned.

Brad is later seen in Season 3 attending Sensei Wu's Academy, which is located where Darkley's used to be



  • He likes to plant flowers.
  • His name is a pun on the phrase "bad to the bone".
  • His voice actress, Kathleen Barr also does the voice of Lloyd's mother, Misako.
  • His hair is the same as Harry Potter's.
  • His suit is blue, but when Bizzaro Cole throws him on the ground, it is black, and then blue again.

Chrome Domes

The Chrome Domes' are a team of racers in Prime Empire, named for their signature heads or helmets, which resemble disco balls. Each member of the group drives a replica of the Thunder Raider, and wears attire resembling a business suit with illuminated accents. The only named member of the group is Hypersonic, who was introduced in the Prime Empire Original Shorts.

Cliff Gordon

"Fear? Fear isn't a word from where I come from!"
―as Fritz Donnegan

Cliff Gordon is a minor character in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He was the actor for the famous fictional character, Fritz Donnegan. In "Skybound", it is revealed that he was Jay's real father, with "Hands of Time" revealing that his wife was the Elemental Master of Lightning. For reasons unknown Cliff chose not to care for his son, leaving him with Ed and Edna Walker with a key to his mansion. Cliff died not long before Jay wished to Nadakhan that he was rich, though Jay's wish was not what caused Cliff to die.[1] Cliff's wealth was inherited to Jay, though this was later undone by Jay's final wish.

Coffee Bot

The Coffee Bot is a minor Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu character who has thus far appeared solely in the Wu's Teas series of shorts. A female robot resembling P.I.X.A.L. and Zane (following the latter being rebuilt), she is also the manager and sole evident employee of a coffee shop in Ninjago City that serves as the primary competition to Steeper Wisdom, Sensei Wu's tea shop.


The Robot Manager was challenged by Kai to a Spinny Sign Off after she was stealing Steeper Wisdom's customers. However, Kai had accidentally burned their tea shop. She stopped the fire by fanning her sign, but had to pour tea on Master Wu when he caught on fire.

After serving a customer, Zane, disguised as a maintenance bot, visited the coffee shop to freeze her espresso machine. She ignored her lie detector and believed it when Zane said he grew a mustache due to an upgrade, allowing Zane to complete his mission. Robot Manager served another customer cold coffee; when she said she liked it, she told everyone about it, earning her shop recognition.

Wu invited the Robot Manager inside Steeper Wisdom. After giving her coffee beans and asking for friendship, to which she accepts, they found a stand selling free juice. They went out together with the Manager asking him if he thinks they have fresh pressed oil.

Construction Workers

"Let me see that. Oh, our mistake... see you tomorrow!"
―Construction Workers to Darreth

The Construction Workers appear in Season 2 and 3 of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


In Ninjaball Run, the workers tried to destroy "Grand Sensei Darreth's Mojo Dojo" because Darreth didn't pay his bills. Darreth then told them it wasn't to be destroyed until the next day, so the construction workers left. Directly afterwards, the ninjas went into the road race and won enough money to save the dojo.

In Blackout, workers found Cyrus Borg in the factory level of Borg Industries. They took of the cybernetic eye implanted by the Digital Overlord and gave him a wheel chair.

In Codename: Arcturus, a worker was seen running away from the Prototype X-1.



  • They were unaware that they were working for Lord Garmadon under the name Darnagom Enterprises.
  • One of them has the same body as the Construction Worker.
  • The foreman's headgear has a same hard hat piece as Emmet, but in orange and has black hair.

Darkley's Boarding School Teachers

The Ninjago Teachers are teachers at Darkley's School for "Great Children". They were locked in an unknown room with the ninjas in the episode "Double Trouble".

Dr. Julien

"You were built to protect those that cannot protect themselves."
―Dr. Julien to Zane

Dr. Julien is a character of the Ninjago theme. He appeared as Zane's creator in the first season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Although first assumed dead, he reappeared in the second season as he was revealed to be revived by Samukai just after his death. However, Cyrus Borg mentions that he died for good in the third season.


Father and Son

Dr. Julien is the inventor that built Zane and the Falcon.

Dr. Julien with Zane

His origins are unknown, but he originally lived in a fortress built in Birchwood forest, guarded by a Juggernaut, built to defend to place against Treehorns. He was visited by the Master of Ice, who passed his powers on to Zane, and by Master Wu while still young enough that his hair was brown.

He spent most of his life with his "son" and he taught Zane to do many everyday things. Although Zane was created from scrap parts, he was made with a unique power source, with is currently unknown. When he was on his death bed, he told Zane he was made to protect those who cannot protect themselves and that he needed to move on to the next stage in life. Before he passed away, he switched off Zane's memory switch so he could not hurt Zane with loss.


After being revived by Samukai

In the next season, it is revealed that he is still alive and held captive in a deserted jail in the middle of a vast sea. It turns out that shortly after his death, Samukai visited him and revived him with a potion, forcing him to build powerful skeleton machines that would aid him in attacking Ninjago. To avoid him escaping, Samukai prisoned him on an island chained a large sea creature called Leviathan at the bottom of the sea as a guard. Due to Samukai's death, he was not freed and stayed in the prison for a long time.

Last Voyage

In "The Last Voyage" he was meet with the Ninja and reunited with Zane. He then told them about his revival and imprisonment. He and the Ninja them fixed the broken Destiny's Bounty and escaped from the island. He has since aided and lived alongside them in the events leading to the final battle between Lloyd and the Overlord.


In the third season, it is revealed that he died from unknown reasons (it is likely his age caught up with him or the potion which revived him had wore out), and Zane secretly mourns losing him again. Cyrus Borg comforts him in hinting that he and his father knew and worked together.

In the end of the season, when Zane sacrificed himself to the Golden Master and was near his death, he remembered everything he did with his father, so Dr Julien appeared in flashbacks informing him to "protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Echo Zane

It was later revealed that when Dr. Julien was trapped in the lighthouse, he had created a second Nindroid based on Zane's blueprints. However, he did not turn out to be as advanced as the original Zane. "Echo Zane" was discovered by Jay and Nya when they hid in the lighthouse from Nadakhan and his Misfortune's Crew.

Wu's Vision

At the end of The Dark Island Trilogy, Sensei Wu had a vision of Dr. Julien, followed by visions of Sensei Yang, Ray and Maya, and Acronix and Krux.

Day of the Departed

In Day of the Departed, Zane visits a statue of Dr. Julien located near his old lab in celebration of the holiday; it is later shattered by General Cryptor, who refers to Julien as "our [his and Zane's] dad."



  • "You were always the son I never had..." - Dr. Julien to Zane
  • "The only reason I'm about to do this is because I love you. -Dr. Julien to Zane before turning his memory off
  • "And believe me when I say, I thought I was kaput!" - Dr. Julien to Zane
  • "I may not be able to fight, but I can fly!" - Dr. Julien after blocking a missile with the Destiny's Bounty


  • In his old age he looks very similar to Jay's father Ed. Another similarity is his love of inventing.
  • He has the same hair as Ed Walker and Count Dooku's Clone Wars variant.
  • In "The Last Voyage", he told Zane that he never taught him to cook, but in the flashbacks in "Tick Tock", he and Zane are shown making soup together.
  • His name has been officially proven as Dr. Julien in LEGO Ninjago: Character Encyclopedia. His name was never mentioned on the TV show.
  • In subtitles, he was called "the tinkerer"
  • The fourth season stated that the Elemental Powers comes from an original Elemental Masters. It also said that they are passed down each generation. This could mean:
    • The element is connected to Zane's power source, which makes more sense as cutting it in half reduced his Spinjitzu power.
  • Although he was captured by the Skulkin in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, in LEGO Ninjago: Secret World of the Ninja it was mentioned that he was captured by the Stone Army.





Dwayne (voiced by Sam Vincent) is a young assistant of Clutch Powers in "Booby-Traps, and How to Survive Them", who alerts the professor to a call from Cecil Putnam.


Emperor of Ninjago

The Emperor of Ninjago (voiced by Richard Newman) was the ruler of Ninjago and the adopted father of Harumi. First appearing in "The Mask of Deception", he and his family come out of their usual reclusiveness to address the citizens of Ninjago in the midst of fears about the Sons of Garmadon. They later invite the Ninja into the Royal Palace to help protect the Mask of Deception. In "The Jade Princess" the Emperor and his wife become upset upon learning that Harumi left the palace and was in the company of Lloyd, feeling that interacting with such a commoner was beneath her. During the subsequent attack by the Sons of Garmadon on the palace, the Emperor is thought to have perished along with his wife and Hutchins.

After Garmadon was purged of his evil, he bowed before the Emperor and was pardoned in a public ceremony while the Emperor's wife and adoptive daughter accompanied him.



  • The character is Richard Newman's second role in the series; he has previously voiced General Cryptor.

Empress of Ninjago

The Empress of Ninjago (voiced by Ellen Kennedy) was the wife of the Emperor of Ninjago and the adopted mother of Harumi.


After the attack of the Great Devourer, the Empress and the Emperor found out about Harumi and her situation through television shows and decided to adopt her as they felt sorry for her and have been wanting a heir to the throne for a long time but for unknown reasons they were unable to have a child of their own. The Empress and Emperor raised Harumi as their own and made sure to turn her into a princess the citizens of Ninjago could be proud of while providing her with any material good she desired, completely unaware that Harumi hated them and hated being a princess.

She came out into the light in response to a rise in crime in Ninjago. She and the Emperor held a press conference to share this news. The Ninja were then assigned to protect the Oni Mask in the palace. However, the Sons of Garmadon attacked the palace in an attempt to get the Mask of Deception. Harumi escaped and after the attack, asked what had happened to the rulers of Ninjago and her guardian, Hutchins.

Explorer's Club

The Explorer's Club is a group of explorers who operate out of a building in Ninjago City, which serves as both a gathering place and a repository for various artifacts. It's members include:

  • Cecil Putnam (voiced by Paul Dobson)-the current head of the club. In "Booby-Traps, and How to Survive Them" Cecil calls Clutch Powers to inform him that his membership in the club is being revoked. When asked why, he notes that Clutch hasn't done any exploring in over a decade, which is against the organization's charter.
  • Clutch Powers-formerly; membership suspended due to not "exploring" in ten years.
  • Shippeton (voiced by Brian Drumond)
  • Smythe (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite)
  • Underhill (voiced by Kirby Morrow)

The club also maintains a private force of uniformed security guards.


Farmers can be seen in various episodes.



Gayle Gossip

Gayle Gossip is a news reporter that appeared in The Day Ninjago Stood Still.


Gayle reported the Stone Army Outbreak in Ninjago City. After her Cameraman quit, she asked Dareth to be her Cameraman. While he was filming, she was attacked by a Stone Soldier until Zane rescued her. She then told everyone to evacuate to the top of a TV Station Building where Nya in Destiny's Bounty would rescue the survivors. Later in season four, she is seen in the battle of the Corridor of Elders. It is unknown what she contributed to this fight.

In "Day of the Departed" Dareth claims that Gayle "keeps rejecting [his] marriage proposals."



Gene was a former student from "Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys" and a current student of "Darkley's Boarding School for Great Students".


Gene helped sabotage the ninjas at the boarding school after they were sent a letter about the school turning over a "new leaf". He then tried to convince Lloyd to be evil once more. After mistaking the evil ninja as the original, Gene and the other students attacked them but failed. After realizing the difference between the ninjas, Gene compared them to a mirror after seeing them fight each other. He then came up with the theory that the ninja would cease to exist if their adversaries hurt them. Lloyd then convinced Gene and the others that they all had good inside them. They then sewed ninja outfits and used Gene's plan against the evil ninja, succeeding.

Gene is seen in the next episode inside the Darkleys' bus for the Ninja Ball Run. He sabotages the Ultra Sonic Raider before the beginning.




Hageman was an adventurer and rival of Clutch Powers, and actually discovered and entered Aspheera's pyramid before him. However, Hageman was killed by a trap triggered by a cobweb, apparently because he hadn't read the part of Powers' book Booby-Traps, and How to Survive Them that covered such traps. His skeleton was later discovered by Powers and the Ninja, with Powers recognizing his remains. The Ninja were later able to escape from the pyramid using Hageman's gear.



  • Hageman is named for the Hageman Brothers, who created the Ninjago series. His death is likely a nod to the departure of the Hageman brothers from the series following March of the Oni.

Hageman Brothers

The Hageman Brothers are television executives who work with Dareth in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

Season 6:Skybound


  • They are based on the real Dan and Kevin Hageman, writers for the Ninjago animated series.
  • Though they were not widely released as minifigures, LEGO gave the real brothers minifigure versions of themselves as a gift.[2]


Ice Fishers

The Ice Fishers are a tribe of humans living in the Never-Realm on Great Lake.

The Ice Fishers include three male elders (voiced by Brian Drummond, Kirby Morrow, and Michael Kopsa), and several children (voiced by Dominic Good, Kelly Metzger, Sam Vincent, and Vincent Tong).


Boma (voiced by Sam Vincent) is an Ice Fisher tribesman who is constantly in the company of Uthaug, despite their tendency to bicker.


Ninjago Sorla.png

Sorla (voiced by Patty Drake) is an elder of the Ice Fisher tribe of Great Lake. She possesses a surprising amount of knowledge regarding elemental powers and travel between realms.



Uthaug (voiced by Vincent Tong) is an Ice Fisher tribesman who is constantly in the company of Boma, despite their tendency to bicker.



Jake is a young boy and a fan of Kai.


When Fred Finley was asking questions about the Ninja, he interviewed Jake and the boy showed optimism that the Ninja will return and save Ninjago City. Unfortunately, Finely moved on from Jake because the reporter wanted to interview an Elemental Cobra.

He returns in Powerless, When the Ninja leave Kai, Jake came running into him and asks for his autograph; however, Kai tells Jake that the Ninja who did all the work. When the young boy asked why Kai isn't helping the Ninja, he tells Jake that he is without powers. This makes Jake upset and he calls Kai a quitter. In addition, he chased after the Ninja and decided he will help the Ninja.

Just before the Ninja were defeated by the Elemental Cobras, Jake came running in to shield the Ninja from harm, despite having no weapons to defend himself. A moment later, Kai saved Jake while defeating the Elemental Cobras.

After Kai saved the Ninja, they celebrate and Jake is glad that Kai helped the Ninja although he lost his Elemental Powers. Moreover, Kai calls Jake a hero for being so brave.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu


Jeffy is one of Grand Sensei Dareth's assistants at the Mojo Dojo. He carried in some wood boards along with Phil for Dareth to "chop".


Jeffy's hair is black, and has black glasses and an excited look on his face. He wears a white robe with a black belt and has short white legs.


Lunch Lady

Lunch Lady is a Minifigure from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu animated series; she is employed at Kryptarium Prison.

Lunch Server

Lunch Server is a Minifigure from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu animated series employed at Kryptarium Prison.

King Mambo


King Mambo the Fifth (voiced by Michael Dobson) was the Hypnobrai king of the Serpentine during Wu and Garmadon's childhood. He had the pair imprisoned for entering the Valley of the Serpentine in violation of a truce. Later, after Aspheera learned Spinjitzu from Wu, she used it to overthrow him and take his throne for herself. However, Mambo was later reinstated after Aspheera was defeated, and had her sealed within a pyramid in the Desert of Doom.

Milton Dyer

Milton Dyer speaks to Unagami.jpg

Milton Dyer is a video game designer and the creator of Prime Empire.


After creating several successful video games, Dyer embarked on his most ambitious work yet: Untitled Adventure Game 1, otherwise known as Prime Empire. The project was incredibly advanced, and looked to be the most ground-breaking game ever made. However, Dyer made a number of changes to the game without informing his investors, which resulted in the disapperance of a game tester named Scott. This led to the investors pulling funding on the project, and Dyer was, for a time, left bitter and resentful. He thus withdrew from public life, taking up residence in an old video arcade and thinking Prime Empire dead and gone.

Dyer underestimated the complexity of what he had created, however, and the game programming completes itself, becoming master of Prime Empire under Dyer's petname for the project: Unagami. After Prime Empire took over numerous game cabinerts throughout Ninjago City, the Ninja set out to find Dyer. Upon learning that he had disappeared after the game's cancellation, the Ninja come to suspect that Dyer himself is Unagami.


  • Milton Dyer's surname and youthful appearance appear to be based on real-life game designer Rick Dyer.

Night Watchman

Night Watchman is a Minifigure from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu animated series. He appears in Winds of Change as a guard at the Ninjago Museum of History, and is briefly possessed by Morro.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season 5: Possession


Ninjaball Run Announcers

The Ninjaball Run Announcers are the announcers of the Ninjaball Run Road Race.



LEGO Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes Episode 17: Ninjaball Run

Ninjaball Watchers

Ninjaball Run Watchers can be seen at the fourth episode of Season 3, Ninjaball Run.

Ninjago City Policeman

Ninjago City Policeman is a minifigure who appeared in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season 2.


In episode two, Pirates Vs. Ninjas, he is seen at the very end throwing the Pirates in jail.

In episode seven, Ninjaball Run, he and another policeman (in two police cars) chase Skales, who is driving the Serpentine Bus. They bounce off the Skull Truck's wheels. After a while, they gives up and just try to win the race. This doesn't work well, and they run into one of the natives' igloos. The two policemen return at the end in an attempt to arrest Garmadon, but Skales and his Bus blocked the way, allowing Garmadon to escape.

In the episode Child's Play, he puts the ninja (then kids) under arrest for stealing, making the policeman not good nor bad. If you look closely, you can see the badge he has is the LEGO City Police Badge.

Later in The Curse of The Golden Master he was guard at the Ninjago City Aquarium. When he saw Pythor entering inside he tried to stop him but failed after he turned invisible and disappeared.



This article is about the Cloud Kingdom scribe. For the woman from Spinjitzu Smash!, see Nobu.

Nobu is a scribe from the Cloud Kingdom in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu in appears in the episodes Kingdom Come and Curseworld, Part II. In the former, Nobu appears as a scribe and overhears Fenwick talking to the Ninja, and is struck when Fenwick announces his intention to take them to the Master Writer-which happens to be Fenwick himself. He eventually discovers Fenwick's alliance with Morro and the Ghost Warriors, and quickly goes to the aid of the Ninja. Nobu later takes out Fenwick's destiny scroll and rewrites it so that Nimbus, the creature Fenwick intended to deal with the Ninja, goes after Fenwick instead. In the latter episode Nobu sees Lloyd Garmadon and Morro as they are battling across the realms, but an older scribe reminds him that they are not allowed to interfere.



Phil is one of Grand Sensei Dareth's assistants at the Mojo Dojo. He carried in some wood boards along with Jeffy for Dareth to "chop".


Phil's hair is light brown, and he has an excited look on his face. He wears a white robe with a black belt and has short white legs.



Police Commissioner

The Police Commissioner

The Police Commissioner is a Minifigure exclusive to the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series, introduced in "Infamous."


Principal Noble

Principal Noble is the former principal of "Darkley's Boarding School for Great Students".


Principal Noble became principal of the boarding school when it was changed for good purposes, but soon he and the other teachers were locked in a room by the students, who were currently still evil. The ninjas were also locked in the same room and they decided to find a way to escape. They finally found a secret passageway after accidentally setting off traps, but the teachers decided to stay in the passage, not wanting to encounter the ninjas' "doubles", a concept that they found too weird. They later got out of the passage and decided to congratulate the students, now aiding justice, for defeating the Bizzaro Ninjas.

He is later seen as the Warden of Cryptarium Prison.


  • Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (TV series)
    • Season 2
      • Double Trouble
      • Child's Play
    • Season 4
      • The Greatest Fear of All
      • The Corridor of Elders
    • Season 6
      • Enkrypted
    • Season 8
      • True Potential
    • Season 10
      • The Darkness Comes
    • Season 11
      • Questing for Quests
      • The Absolute Worst




Racer Seven

Racer Seven is a racer character from Prime Empire who resembles Antoinia, but with blonde hair. She drives a green vehicle as a competitor in The Speedway Five-Billion.

The Royal Blacksmiths

You may be looking for the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu episode of the same name.

The Royal Blacksmiths are a singing quartet led by Lou, Cole's father.



"Stop! If my ears weren't attached to my head, they'd be running away!"
―Lou to the Ninjas

Lou is Cole's father, and is an accomplished dancer, winning the Blade Cup multiple times, according to Cole. He belongs to the dance quartet, the Royal Blacksmiths


Lou is a dancer. He broke his leg, and carries a Cane around with him. He teaches the ninjas how to to do a special dance, but later finds out that Cole and the others were planning to steal the Blade Cup. Cole reveals to him that he is a ninja, and he gets very angry, and leaves the stage, however, he stayed and watched the ninjas do "The Spin Harmony". Afterwards, he goes back to Cole, only to be crushed by Studio equipment. Cole saved him and unlocked his true potential.

Lou and the Blacksmiths return in Ninjaball Run, where they have a car with a platform. The singers stand on the platform and present. However, the banner on the car caught on a twig in the Birch Wood Forest leg of the race, and they rammed into a snowbank.

Lou and the Royal Blacksmiths also appeared in Day of the Departed, in which their new manager Dareth books them to perform a concert on the titular holiday. Lou becomes concerned when Cole doesn't show up to spend the holiday with him as they had previously arranged, but ends up performing with his quartet anyway even after General Kozu attacks. He is later reunited with Cole and spends the holiday with him, the other ninja, and their families and friends.

Lou and his band also appeared in Pause and Effect, in which-having been mistaken for actual blacksmiths, they are shown to have been abducted by the Vermillion army. He is also mentioned in "The Jade Princess" during a flashback, in which it is revealed that dancing and singing are among his ways of mourning a loss that he and Cole both suffered prior to his son becoming a Ninja.




Roise is the mother of Lil' Nelson.


After waking up, Roise tells her son to wake up, only to find that he's already awake. Once Nelson gets on his bike, Roise tells him to be careful and watches him leave.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Royal Guard

For other uses of this name, see Royal Guard (Disambiguation).

The Royal Guard of Ninjago is an organization dedicated to protecting the Emperor and Empress of Ninjago, their adopted daughter Harumi, and the Royal Palace. Led by the Hutchins, the Royal Guard worked to secure their various charges, but were decimated in an attack by the Sons of Garmadon in "The Jade Princess."


  • According to the book LEGO Ninjago: Garmadon Rulez!, a guard caught Harumi when she returned to the palace before the events of Sons of Garmadon but she bribed him with take out food she had brought back to keep him from telling the Emperor and Empress.



Selma is the wife of Skales and the mother of Skales Jr., and is a recolor of Mezmo.





Simon (left) and Tommy.

Simon, also known as Good Detective, is a Minifigure from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu animated series.


Skales Jr.

Skales Jr. is the son of Skales and Selma. They had him while they were trapped in the Stone Army's Tomb. He is similar to Rattla. He is the only Hypnobrai to wear clothes and to have short legs.



Talent Show Judges

The Talent Show Judges are judges in the Ninjago Talent Show and they only appear in episode 9, "The Royal Blacksmiths". There were three judges, but one of them was eaten by Pythor, because he wanted to have the snakes win so he could obtain the Constrictai Fang Blade hidden in the Blade Cup.


  • The first judge has the same hair as the Super Heroes Robin.
  • The second has the same hair as Agent Chase.
  • When Jay was turning into a snake during the episode "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," the first two judges are seen beating him up along with an angry mob.
  • When in the bus of "Rise of the Great Devourer," a talent show judge is seen eating a sandwich.
  • The third judge could have a beard, as Pythor was wearing a beard when impersonating him.
  • The first and second judge appear in "Day of the Great Devourer". The first was monitoring Ninjago City's subway system, while the second was a news reporter.
  • The first judge has the Zombie's shirt.



Simon and Tommy (right).

Tommy, also known as Bad Detective, is a Minifigure from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu animated series.


Twitchy Tim

Twitchy Tim.jpeg

Timothy Batterson (voiced by Ian James Corlett), more commonly known as Twitchy Tim or simply Twitchy, is an explorer.


Twitchy Tim went on an expedition to the Uncharted Island but was scared away by the "storms, monsters," and "doom." He was struck by lightning 12 times during his escape.




Upply (The Ninja are leaving).png

The Upply, formerly known as the Lowly, are a group of misfits and adventurers and new friends of Cole, Wu and Vania. The members of the group are Korgran, Plundar, Fungus and Plundar's pet spider, Adam.


When Vangelis invited the Upply to the Kingdom of Shintaro, he commissioned them to search for the Skull of Hazza D'ur in the Dungeons of Shintaro. In search of the skull, they had to survive all the traps in the dungeon. When they found the skull and delivered it to Vangelis, Vangelis betrayed them and threw them down into the dungeon. Since then, they have been trapped deep in the Dungeons of Shintaro. But when they met Cole, Wu, and Vania, they joined them in their search for other Ninja and a way out. During the search, they had to flee the Lava Monster, and at the same time they found the legendary temple of the Earth Elemental Masters, the Heart of the Mountain. There they found the Fire Stone Mech, which they used to get out of the dungeons. Upon reaching the surface, they liberated Vania's dragon, Chompy, and then Hailmar and other guards stormed their attack, but they and Cole managed to escape, and they went to rescue Cole's friends when Wu and Vania were left to fight. While rescuing the other Ninja, they released Geckles and Munce. After that, they all started the final battle against the Skull Sorcerer, the battle was fierce, but Cole managed to destroy the Skull of Hazza D'ur, and so Vangelis, who was the Skull Sorcerer, was captured. And when Vania was crowned as the new queen of Shintaro, they left with a goodbye to Cole when Ninja were leaving.



Vlad Tutu

Background character lets dance.jpeg

Vlad Tutu (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) is a dance teacher who appears in the Prime Empire Digital Shorts episode "Let's Dance". A somewhat stereotypical dance instructor with an Eastern European accent, he praises Jay's skills while noting that Nya is a poor dance partner for him.


Vinny (voiced by Gavin Langelo) is a Ninjago News Network crew member who debuts in season 10/March of the Oni.




This article is about the Anacondrai general. For the alien from Life on Mars, see Arcturus.

Arcturus is a former Anacondrai general who appeared in a flashback in the Episode 40 "Spellbound" of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. His spirit form appears in Episode 44 "The Corridor of Elders". Arcturus is an Anacondrai and has purple and black patterns. He has a snake like head and tail. He has green eyes and big, white fangs. Arcturus wears an snake-patterned belt, and the usual Anacondrai armor in golden, marking him the head of the Anacondrai generals.


According to a flashback in "Spellbound", Arcturus was once the head general of the Anacondrai tribe of Serpentine, the strongest warriors of Ninjago. Originally, he and the other generals were going to make a truce with the people. However, Chen tricked both the humans and snakes, starting a battle between the two. Arcturus and the Anacondrai were victorious until the Sacred Flute was founded and used to combat the Serpentine, driving them into separated tombs. The Anacondrai generals were then brought to court. Arcturus then begged for mercy, but Garmadon banished the generals into the Cursed Realm.

In "The Corridor of Elders", Arcturus and the generals' ghosts return from the Cursed Realm after Garmadon was sent there to take their place and they defeated the fake Anacondrai. Arcturus then dubs Lloyd and the Ninja, the greatest warriors in all of Ninjago. He also compliments Pythor for assisting the Ninja and turns him back to his original size. He and the generals then descend to the Heavens.



  • There is a constellation named after him, as was Project Arcturus.


TV Series

Bizarro Cole

Bizzaro Cole was a Ninja created by Lord Garmadon to destroy the real Ninja.


After hearing Nya mentioning Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys, the Bizarro Ninja headed there in search of their good counterparts. Upon arrival, they stormed the school, attracting the attention of the students who have taken over. Brad led the children in attacking the Bizarro Ninja with smoke bombs and other prank gadgets, but the evil Ninja countered the assault. Luckily for the schoolboys, the Ninja soon arrived to occupy the Bizarro Ninja's attention. The dueling Ninja were evenly matched until Lloyd managed to convince the schoolboys to join him in battling the forces of evil. Wearing home-made gis, the children rushed into the fray, confusing the Bizarro Ninja long enough for the Ninja to gain the upper hand. As Gene predicted earlier, a single hard blow was enough to destroy the Bizarro Ninja, causing them to vanish in a puff of dust.


Bizarro Jay

"By the way, did I mention that I kissed Nya?"
―Bizzaro Jay

Bizzaro Jay is a character in the Ninjago theme.


He was a ninja created by Lord Garmadon to destroy the real ninja. Garmadon used his Mega Weapon on the ninja's old clothes to create the Bizzaro ninja. When the Bizzaro ninja attacked Sensei Wu, he was seen being hit by him. He posed as Jay and kissed Nya while he stole the Ultra Sonic Raider's keys. He was defeated by Jay when he said he kissed Nya.


Bizzaro Kai

Bizzaro Kai was an evil ninja created by Lord Garmadon to destroy the real Ninja.


They were given the task to find and destroy the Ninja only to be destroyed by them, Bizarro Kai being the last.


Bizzaro Zane

"My early assessment tells me you will be destroyed."
―The alternate Zane to Zane

Bizarro Zane was a ninja created by Lord Garmadon to destroy the real Ninja, but he was destroyed in the process. He looks like Zane in his ZX outfit.



Chuck is a Ghost from the Ninjago series; Chuck is not actually his name, but rather was given to him by Cole. He was one of the students of Sensei Yang, along with Chris and Martin.



  • In Tommy Andreason's unofficial Ninjago story Way of the Departed, the now mortal "Chuck" is reintroduced as a man named Jerahn, who becomes an associate of Seliel.

Cruel Lord

The Cruel Lord (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) is a villain who, with a force of guards, oppressed a farming community in Ninjago as seen in The Mask of Deception and School for Crooks. The lord wears a gold breastplate and darker gold pants, an Asian-style helmet, a white shirt, black gloves, and boots. His reign was overthrown when Nya appeared to confront him, having infiltrated his domain disguised as a water carrier.

Cruel Lord's guards

The Cruel Lord is served by a number of guards, two of whom appear in The Mask of Deception. These guards wear identical breastplates, shirts, swords, and gloves, but one wears a gray outfit while the other wears brown. The brown guard also carries a whip and wears a helmet like the Overlord's from 70728 Battle for Ninjago City, while the gray guard's helmet resembles that of Gimli. Two additional guards appear in School for Crooks; one resembles the gray guard but carries a spear, while the other is a hulking brute with a unique design.


Delara was a member of the Sky Pirates, the love of Nadakhan, and an exact double for Nya in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Dilara served as the quartermaster aboard Misfortune's Keep, and had aspirations of marrying Nadakhan so that he could gain the power of infinite wishes for himself. However, that hope ended when they were defeated in battle by the Destiny's Bounty and Captain Soto's Crew, with Soto himself encountering Dilara and later recognizing her likeness in Nya. Nadakhan was imprisoned in the Teapot of Tyrahn and the rest of their crew scattered across the sixteen realms, with Dilara herself dying sometime after their defeat. Nya's resemblance to her later led Nadakhan to seek her hand.



Fenwick is a Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu antagonist who appeared in the episode "Kingdom Come." As the Master Writer of Cloud Kingdom, where destinies are written, he welcomed the Ninja to his home realm and showed them the workings of Cloud Kingdom. He also told them of the threat posed by The Preeminent, and claimed that Morro had defied destiny by escaping the Cursed Realm. However, he then tricked the Ninja by locking them in a room with the creature Nimbus to prevent them from interfering with Morro's obtaining the Sword of Sanctuary. Confident that his own "destiny [was] secure", he failed to account for the scribe Nobu, who rewrote Fenwick's destiny so that Nimbus would pursue him instead.


Fugi-Dove is a Kryptarium inmate. He helped Ultra Violet and The Mechanic escape prison and pretended to be a supervillain and told a story involving the Ninja.


He found Ultra Violet and the Mechanic in the sewer in the progress of escaping Kryptarium Prison, talking about which Ninja is the worst before he made his presence known, even becoming confused at his name. They decide to pass the time by sharing stories about their hated Ninja. For Ultra Violet, it was Zane, whom she tried to fight one on one with, even though Fugi-Dove knew the truth. For the Mechanic, it was Nya, whom stole his truck after defeating him, even though Fugi-Dove knew she was too kind to do such a thing.

When it came to his turn, Fugi-Dove stated it was Jay, and makes up a story about how he had just robbed the bank, easily took down Lloyd, Kai, and Cole before Jay showed up, riding on Lightning in Fugi-Dove's opinion, and took him down before tying him up, in conjured lightning rope in Fugi-Dove's opinion again. The two easily disbelieve him, but they manage to find a grate and escape the prison, only for them all to be captured by Samurai X, who was confused at his presence and doesn't find a criminal record on him before taking him, the Mechanic, and Ultra Violet back to Kryptarium.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu


  • His name is a play on "fugitive".


Khanjikhan (left) and Nadakhan.

Khanjikhan is the father of Nadakhan and a minor character in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Khanjikhan was the king of Djinjago, but became estranged from his son due to Nadakhan's piratic pursuits in the realm of Ninjago. The two were later reunited when Nadakhan returned to his home in "Enkrypted" only to find it falling apart, with Khanjikhan as the only visible surviving inhabitant. Khanjikhan explained to his son that with the destruction of the Cursed Realm, Djinjago's sister realm, Djinjago had become unstable and would share the same fate. He then gave his son the Sword of Souls, encouraging him to avenge their crumbling home. He declined the offer to depart, citing Nadakhan's own mannerisms by saying "A good captain always goes down with the ship."


  • Given the reversal of most of the events of Skybound, it can be presumed that Khanjikhan perished in the destruction of Djinjago, with the Sword of Souls being destroyed in the process.

Otto Pilot

Otto Pilot is a Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Minifigure and a Dragon Hunter pilot who flies by Hunter Copter.


Sushimi's staff

Sushimi has several lesser chefs working under him in Prime Empire, distuinguished by blue, orange, and green head wraps. The group also includes a hostess (voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent) who attacks Jay and Nya with cleavers, after initially feigning friendliness.




Giant Spider Adam.png

Adam is a giant spider, which is Plundar’s pet, and part of the Upply. Adam has always lived with Korgran, Plundar and Fungus.


When Adam met Korgran, Plundar and Fungus while they were looking for the Skull of Hazza D'ur, he has been with them since he met them. But when the skull was found and they brought it to King Vagelis, Vangelis threw them down into the Dungeons of Shintaro. Then when they met Cole, Wu and Vania, they told them their story, and then they helped them back to the ground. Searching for a way back to the surface of the earth, they had to flee from an evil lava monster, and while fleeing the lava monster, they found a legendary temple of the Earth's Elemental Masters, called the "Heart of the Mountain." There they found a Fire Stone Mech they used to get to the ground. Once back on the ground, they released Vania's pet dragon, Chompy, after which Hailmar and the other guards began to attack their bouquet. But Cole was able to escape Korgran, Plundar, Fungus, and with Adam, and they went to rescue Cole's friends, when Vania and Wu were left to fight. Once inside the dungeon of the Skull Sorcerer, they also released in addition to Cole's friends also Geckles and Munce. Then they started the final battle against the Skull Sorcerer, the situation was a bit bad, but Vania and Wu brought help to the fight, and Cole managed to destroy the Skull of Hazza D'ur. And on top of all that, Vangelis, who was the Skull Sorcerer, was captured. And when Vania was crowned Shintaro's new queen, the Upply then returned to their homes.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu


Alien Bugs

Alien Bugs are insects that live on a comet in Ninjago space. They are insects that can eat through metal.

Alien bugs are nameless parasite bugs that live on a comet. They are lime green with red eyes. They use wings to fly. They were first discovered by the scientists who found a meteorite that fell off the same comet where The Mega Weapon exploded onto after being destroyed by time paradox in Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

When ninja went to the space to stop General Cryptor's army to get the Golden Weapons back, they crashed on the same comet and got attacked by the bugs who chased them, trying to eat their spacesuits. In the end, the bugs ate the Arcturus ship leaving ninja stranded on the comet with no way back. In The Titanium Ninja, ninja used their elemental powers to kill remaining bugs and rebuild the spaceship.



  • They are the only known outer space life in Ninjago.

Anacondrai Serpent

The Anacondrai Serpent is a massive snake from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series associated with Chen and his Anacondrai Cultists; it possesses many of the same features as the Anacondrai tribe of Serpentine but appears to be a standard snake apart from its size.


After Garmadon and Nya are captured, they're chained to posts to be fed to the Anacondrai Serpent. Arriving for its meal, she circles the two of them menacingly, relishing her vengeance against Garmadon over the death of the Great Devourer. Before she could devour the two, however, the Elemental Masters broke into her lair using the Roto Jet and fired several missiles, causing piles of debris to collapse on the Serpent, killing her.

Shadow of Ronin

The Serpent appears during Kai's account of their adventures on Chen's island, though he erroneously described it as attacking them after they claimed Chen's staff.

Appearance in LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

In this game the Serpent falls under the control of Saruman, forcing the player to battle against the pair.


  • Like the Ice Serpent, this snake has never been released in a physical set.


Beohernie (or Bernie) is a massive scarab beetle that lives in the Desert of Doom, first seen in "A Rocky Start". It was apparently once revered by inhabitants of the desert, but eventually turned on those worshipped it. It and two smaller specimens later attacked the Ninja as they were traveling through the desert. After it ate a vital component of the Land Bounty, Zane was forced to allow the creature to eat him in order to retrieve it. With some tricky maneuvering, the Ninja succeeded in escaping.



"Craglings can't resist a Midnight Snack."
Garmadon to Wu

A Cragling is Ninjago Creature, very similar to Large Rock Monsters, such as Tremorox, Geolix, and Eruptorr from Power Miners. They also look similar to the Crystal King from Power Miners. They are made up of large rocks and boulders, have orange eyes, and usually gather in large groups. Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon fought a large group of Craglings together. Although the Craglings are made of rock, they don't appear to be very strong considering that Sensei Wu destroyed one with a meteor hammer.



Electro Cobrai

"Electro Cobrai. Although, they're extremely rare, they're extremely useful. "

Electro Cobrai are eel-like creatures that appear in the Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu episodes Blackout & The Curse of the Golden Master.


Electro Cobrai are a blue eel-like aquatic creature that can power electronic devices. They were used by Pythor to reactivate the Overlord's Nindroids.



  • Pythor is fond of using them to power things.
  • The Ninjago City Aquarium used to have some of these on display, until Pythor broke in and stole them.


The Fangfish is a type of fish that appears in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu; a mutant variety debuts in the episode Winds of Change. The Ninja are called upon to capture it, and eventually succeed, though during a subsequent photo it manages to soak them with water from its tank. The creature later reappears during one of Kai's nightmares, where he sees it devouring Lloyd after he had promised to watch over the Green Ninja.


Videogame Appearances

Geotomic Rock Monster

The Geotomic Rock Monster is a type of monster from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series, inhabiting the sunken library of Hono Mizu.


Several of them served as the various hazards guarding the Reversal Time Blade, and were faced by Kai and Nya when they sought to retrieve it. The two ninja were able to defeat them by combining their powers of Fire and Water, which caused the bodies of the monsters to shatter; they subsequently reformed but much smaller in stature.



Dromaeosaurid Theopod Grundalychus otherwise known as the Grundle, were Dromaeosaurid Theropod's that roamed Ninjago before extinction. One Grundle briefly menaced Morro before he was saved by Sensei Wu, which the Master of Wind took as a sign that he was meant to be the Green Ninja. A Grundle was known to have been resurrected by Lord Garmadon. He did so by bringing its skeleton, which was stored in a museum, back to life using the Mega Weapon. When the potion was used, the Grundle was sent back to his own time, meaning he was destroyed at the present.


Grundles were said to have hides tough enough to withstand ordinary weapons. They were also nocturnal, hunting at night, rumored to only be destroyed with light.


Ice Behemoth

The Ice Behemoth is a massive golem made out of animated chunks of dark ice and sent by the Ice Emperor to attack Lloyd and Akita on their way to the Ice Castle. The massive cyclops-like construct proved more than a match for Lloyd's Titan Mech, reforming no matter what damage was done to it. Ultimately, Lloyd managed to defeat it by luring it out onto a frozen lake, where its weight and that of an ice chunk Lloyd threw at it caused it to break through the ice and sink.

Ice Bird

The Ice Bird is a massive, Dragon-sized predator native to the Never-Realm. It resembles a gigantic owl or other bird of prey, and pursues all possible prey with abandon. One of the creatures-if there are indeed more than one-attacked Zane upon his arrival in the realm, and was only thwarted by his use of a Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Decades later, the same specimen-or else an identical one-attacked Lloyd when he came to the area. Lloyd managed to escape it, and then drove it off using his Titan Mech.

Frost Wolves

Never-Realm Wolves.png

The Frost Wolves are a species of wolf native to the Never-Realm with glowing blue eyes and gray fur. It is unknown if they possess any qualities different from ordinary wolves, though they are highly aggressive towards humans.


Krag is a creature that lives in the Never-Realm. He was initially thought to be a beast that guards the Traveler's Tree, but is revealed to be the last Yeti, whose tribe was killed by the Blizzard Samurai.


Upon learning about the Traveler's Tree from a young boy, Cole decided to head there in a desperate attempt to redeem himself for losing the Traveler's Tea the first time he came to the Never-Realm. As he came across a dead tree which he mistakes for the Traveler's Tree, unaware that the bridge he stood on was about to give way before Krag soon appeared, and saved him by charging at him.

In Krag's Lament Cole assumed Krag's charging was a threat, and fought him until he was struck by a branch. Krag later took Cole to his cave where he later slipped out to get some food for him, but when he came back, Cole fights him before using his Earth Punch to trap him under a stalactite, and prepared to make his escape. But when he came across Krag's room, he learns that Krag was the last of his kind, and chose to befriend him as the best way to defeat him. After getting the stalactite off of him and offering his friendship, Krag excitedly hugged him before taking him to the Traveler's Tree by carrying him on his back. But when they came back the cave, Jay and Nya assumed he was a threat, and prepared to attack before Cole stopped them, and extended his friendship with Krag to them. After giving them all a tight hug and being offered to come with them, Krag places a branch down into the snow before letting out a roar for his fallen family, and accepts Cole's hand as they prepare to head back to the Great Lake.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu


Mud Monster

"Mud Monsters, converge!"
Garmadon to the Mud Monsters to attack Sensei Wu

A Mud Monster is a Ninjago creature, very similar to Rock Monsters from Power Miners, except that they are made out of Mud, not rock and crystals. Lord Garmadon ordered the Mud Monsters to attack Wu, but saved him by pulling him out of the Mud Monsters, only for the reason that Lloyd was in trouble. They appeared in the Episode: Once Bitten, Twice Shy.




Starteeth are Ninjago creatures. They are known for chewing holes through ships and sinking them.


Starteeth resemble starfish, but with toothy mouths on the bottom for clamping onto and chewing through things. They are orange in colour. They can also chew through metal, as they did with the Leviathan's chain.




A Treehorn was a tall spider-like creature in the world of Ninjago. They were seen only once and lived in cold, snowy mountains, among the trees.


Treehorns were tall and white with grey splotches, with four long spindly legs and hooves for feet. Their bodies were thin and had short tails protruding from the back. They had long necks and narrow wedge-shaped heads with two oval-shaped red eyes. At first glance, among the snow-coated trees, the creatures looked very much like their namesake. They can kick opponents with their long legs like giraffes.


Lead on by a mysterious falcon, the four ninja traveled through deserts, over mountains and finally into a snow-coated forest where a sign read "Beware of Treehorns". Kai reassured Zane by saying they were probably "wild squirrels". When the ninja heard them, Jay hoped they were "cute, tiny birds". Zane was still in his father's house, a secret place underneath the ground, when the ninja were surrounded.

The ninja surrounded by Treehorns

Kai spotted a comatose robot that had attacked Zane and been subdued earlier and realized that it was most likely built for the purpose of defending against Treehorns. The ninja were quickly overwhelmed. At that moment Zane exited his father's hideout and saw what was happening. Angry at the creatures for attacking his friends, he quickly dispatched of many Treehorns. The other ninja recovered and began to gain ground, driving the creatures back. The Treehorns retreated and regrouped as their queen arrived, the largest and most dangerous of all. It was then that Zane unlocked his true potential, freezing the Treehorn queen solid and sending the others scattering.

A view of a Treehorn's head


  • It can be noted that progressing through the scene featuring Treehorns, their color schemes change from white to light blue, like Zane and NRG Zane.


Treehorn Queen

"Their Queen..."
"There is nothing that will hold me back!"
―Zane before he attacks the Treehorn Queen and reaches his true potential.


The Treehorn Queen is a large Treehorn, having more eyes, and is bigger. She was defeated by Zane, after discovering he was a robot, or a Nindroid, according to Jay. While unlocking his full potential, he suddenly lit up blue, and froze the Treehorn Queen. It is unknown what happened to the Queen after she was frozen. The other Treehorns fled.



  • When attacking the Queen, Zane's eyes lit up light blue in the beam of light around him while unleashing his full potenial.
  • The Treehorn Queen is only shown in the Episode Tick Tock.
  • She has a different appearance than other Treehorns.
  • Her legs are more spider like.
  • She also has a wider face with several eyes.


The Leviathan is a huge sea-monster captured by Samukai in order to keep Dr. Julien in his prison. In The Last Voyage, he caught the Destiny's Bounty in his tentacles and was going to crush it until Zane jumped overboard and used Starteeth to free the creature.



  • The name Leviathan refers to a sea monster spoken of in the bible, in this case, similar to the Kraken, a squid like beast.[3]



Nimbus is a creature introduced in the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu episode Kingdom Come, where he is shown to be confined to a room in the Cloud Kingdom with various toys and other distractions. Fenwick later locked the Ninja in his dwelling in order to get them out of Morro's way so that the Ghost Warriors could claim the Sword of Sanctuary. The Ninja eventually escaped, but Nimbus was able to track them down later and attempted to recapture them. Fortunately, the young scribe Nobu was able to rewrite Fenwick's destiny, causing Nimbus to pursue the villain instead.


The Preeminent

The Preeminent is a major villain in the fifth season of Ninjago.


She was first mentioned in episode 49 "Peek-A-Boo", during a conversation with Morro and Bansha. She was later seen in "Kingdom Come", when the different realms of the Ninjago universe were being mentioned. It was revealed Morro and his allies Ghoultar, Bansha and Soul Archer are trying to release her because she has been trapped in the Cursed Realm, and she seeks to destroy all realms.

After Morro released her in episode 53 Curseworld Part I It was revealed she is the Cursed Realm itself, and its prisoners are merely trapped in its mouth. She destroys everything in her way except for ghosts. However, Nya unlocked her true potential, using the element of water to drown and killed the Preeminent. This also included all those banished in the Cursed Realm, including the ghosts, the Anacondrai cultists, and Garmadon.

In the season eleven episode The Kaiju Protocol, the Preeminent is accidentally unleashed upon Ninjago again when Wu and P.I.X.A.L. open a portal to the Departed Realm while searching for the Ninja. She quickly launches an attack on Ninjago City, only to be challenged by P.I.X.A.L. in a new Samurai X mech. After a grueling struggle, P.I.X.A.L. achieved victory by plugging her damaged mech directly into the city's power grid. The vanquished Preeminent was then sent back to the Departed Realm.


  • When the Ghosts make her an armor of buildings to protect her, her limbs' shape reminds those of the set 21109 Exo Suit..


The Walliper is a type of animal featured in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, identified specifically as a Yak. Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane ride several of these animals in Ghost Story as they make their way towards Stiix; one of the animals eats Kai's breakfast, and it (or another) follows the rest of the Wallipers despite Kai attempting to direct it elsewhere. One of the animals is later turned into a ghost by Wrayth. In Peak-a-Boo, during their ascent of the Wailing Alps, Jay spots another Walliper and mistakes it for a Goat; when Kai corrects him, he suggests that it might actually be a Cow.



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