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Little Forest Friends is a sub-theme of DUPLO that revolves around people living in the forest and what goes on there. The theme ran from 1999 to 2000. In total, 13 Little Forest Friends sets were made, with 17 DUPLO Figures and 5 DUPLO animals, specific to the theme.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
No imageGA08DUPLO Little Forest Friends Counting Game16Toot Bluebell, Snoozy Meadowsweet, Baby Jelly Strawberry, Trixie Toadstool 2000
1261 Tea with Bumble Bee1261Tea with Bumble Bee12Toot Bluebell, Jingle Bluebell$4.992000
2751green-12751Little Forest Friends Egg7Sugar Strawberry$42000
Meadowyunm2825The Meadowsweets15Dozey Meadowsweet, Dreamer Meadowsweet$10.002000
28272827Read, Listen & Play Box38Jolly Strawberry, Lolly Strawberry, Melba Strawberry, Trouble Toadstool, Grizzly Toadstool$25.002000
2828b2828Supper Time6Jangle Bluebell, Trouble Toadstool 1999
Meadowdoz2829Nap Time6Dozey Meadowsweet, Melba Strawberry$5.991999
The Strawberries2830The Strawberries12Baby Jelly Strawberry, Lolly Strawberry$10.001999
2831b2831The Toadstools11Grumpy Toadstool, Trixie Toadstool$10.001999
2832b2832The Bluebells12Toot Bluebell, Jingle Bluebell$9.991999
Bluebell girl2833Bluebell Girl and Friends35Boomer Bluebell, Jingle Bluebell$19.991999
2834b2834The Meadowsweet's Home44Sleepyhead Meadowsweet, Dreamer Meadowsweet, Snoozy Meadowsweet, Sugar Strawberry$40.001999
Littlecutefriends9129Little Forest Friends135Jingle Bluebell, Toot Bluebell, Dreamer Meadowsweet, Sleepyhead Meadowsweet, Snoozy Meadowsweet, Baby Jelly Strawberry, Lolly Strawberry, Sugar Strawberry, Grumpy Toadstool, Trixie Toadstool$90.501999


The sets included four families, the Bluebells, the Meadowsweets, the Strawberries and the Toadstools, and also large animals: a bumble bee, a butterfly, a ladybug a snail and a spider.

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