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Little Robots is a children's television series produced by Cosgrove Hall Films and Create Film and TV (Formally the TV and film division of LEGO Media, which split in 2002 to become it's own subsidiary of The LEGO Group).

As the series was produced by The Lego Group, it was allowed to have LEGO Explore sets based on it. The theme ran from 2003 to 2004. A total of 23 sets were produced. The Little Robots Sets are very rare and hard to find.

Lego also released plush toys based on the show.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
74357435Tiny's Day and Night Lever131 2003
74367436Sporty's Jumping Gym101 2003
74377437Gardening with Stripy231 2003
74397439Stretchy's Junk Yard362 2003
74417441Tiny & Friends534 2003
7442-17442Tiny's Lift Cart41 2004
74437443Stretchy's Junk Cart41 2004
74447444Sporty's Gym Cart41 2004
74457445Stripy's Flower Cart41 2004
74467446Tiny31 2003
74497449Sporty31 2003
74507450Stretchy21 2003
Plushie7455Tiny Plush1 2003
74567456Messy Plush1 2003
74577457Scary Plush1 2003
74587458Stripy Plush1 2003
74597459Tiny Plush Mini1 2003
74607460Messy Plush Mini1 2003
74617461Scary Plush Mini1 2003
74627462Stripy Plush Mini1 2003
74957495Sporty's Skate Park121 2004
74967496Stretchy at Work111 2004


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