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Locust,[1] originally known in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany as Professor Webb[2][3][4] or Captain Webb,[3][5] is a minifigure from the Insectoids theme introduced in 1998.


Locust's spacesuit features a dark grey torso and hip with black limbs. His torso and legs feature detailed printing with green circuitry and silver hoses. He wears a Transparent Green Insect Helm along with either the standard black Zotaxian shoulderpads or black airtanks. His head is dark grey with printed black hair, a smirking facial expression, and cybernetic augmentations including a headset with a copper visor over one eye.

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, when Locust's mouth is open, he has four prominent fangs on his upper jaw, resembling the mandibles of an insect.


In the European storyline, Professor Webb is a Zotaxian scientist who is the Arachno Base's commander, overseeing the Zotaxians' fueling station[6] as they search Planet Armeron for Voltstones. In The Space Spider!, Webb detects signs of Voltstones coming from an asteroid field rich in the mineral, but the Insectoid vehicles are ensnared in the Space Spider's energy web. Once Captain Wizer uses magnets to remove the Space Spider, Webb reports that the energy web is disappearing, allowing them to collect the Voltstones.

In North America, Locust himself would not be given a name or any direct characterization until his appearance in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, which seems to be primarily based on the Insectoids' depiction as villainous invaders in the American storyline. He is a power-hungry villain currently works middle management in the Blacktron organization, where he instituted Blacktron's HR policy forbidding holidays, lunch breaks, and mercy.

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Locust is an Explorer tank with the abilities "Toxic Behavior", "Maximize Efficiency", "Corporate Drones", "Zotaxian Resilience", and "Maximum OVERDRIVE!"

In the Piptown United campaign, Locust is a recurring minor antagonist who tries repeatedly to lead an invasion by the Zotaxian Empire only to be repelled by the Builders. He is treated as an poorly-timed inconvenience rather than a serious threat, with Hedley the Headsman responding with cheerful indifference much to Locust's aggravation. Commander Cold reveals that the Zotaxian Empire has been trying unsuccessfully to invade Krysto for months, with Locust's latest attempt threatening to breach the quarantine that the Builders are setting up during Gorwell's infestation.


  • In the German September/October 1998 issue and Australian Number 2 1998 issue of World Club Magazine, the names and appearances of Zotaxians are mixed up. In this case, Captain Wizer's minifigure is mistakenly used to represent Professor Webb, whose minifigure in turn is misidentified as Navigator Sharp.[3]
  • An article in World Club Magazine Number 2 1998 refers to Professor Webb as Captain Webb, while Wizer is described as a scientist.[3] Given the aforementioned mix-up in names/appearances and other discrepancies in the article, this may have been an error mixing up the roles and titles of Webb and Wizer.


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LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 9. Do not modify it.

Professor Webb
Scientist and commander of the Insectoid Arachno Base! This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Do not modify it.

An extraterrestrial tank who heals himself and deals damage over time. Locust is famous for instituting Blacktron's revolutionary new HR policy: No holidays. No lunch breaks. No mercy.

Born among a race of space-faring invaders known as the Zotaxians, Locust has always wanted to bend others to his will. It wasn't until he took on a middle management position with the evil conglomerate Blacktron, however, that he would come to understand what real power felt like. Now wielding a combination of deadly space tech and even deadlier time sheets, Locust is ready to conquer the galaxy one Monday at a time.

Released in 1998.

Lost in Space
Only appeared in the "Arachnoid Star Base" set.

Zotaxians were initially introduced as villains.

Locust is part of the "Insectoids" Space subtheme.



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