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"Heh, good luck with that, Oh did I say that out loud?"

Longtooth is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013.


Longtooth has a lion-like head with a scar over the left eye and a brown mane. His torso features printing of the minifigure’s exposed chest, which has claw marks on it, and the top of a gold belt. The legs feature printing of the continuation of the belt, blue kilt, and his exposed lower legs and clawed feet. He is like a Lion version of Winzar. He gets the name Longtooth because of his long teeth. Descriptions This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


Longtooth is an older foot soldier who refused to join the other elders as a tribal leader. He claims he loves the “action” of the frontlines too much to leave it. The truth is: he loves TALKING about the action a lot more than actually pursuing it. He has way too many aches and pains to be a great hero, but he can be counted on for some fierce fighting... as long as his back doesn’t give out in the process.

In the Show

He appears several times in the show as Lagravis's second in command. In The Hundred Year Moon he asks Skinnet why he isn't inside and doesn't believe what Skinnet says about what the Hundred Year Moon does to him. In Attack of the Ice Clan he has to thaw out a frozen Crug. He gets bored with Crug's stories and vows not to thaw out anyone else. When Lagravis comes in with frozen warriors to thaw out, Longtooth runs out of the temple screaming.

Longtooth's most prominent appearence was in The King Thing, where a sad Laval was misguided and confused about how to be a king. Longtooth, being Lagravis's most trusted advisor, taught Laval the ways of being a king, and steered him in the right direction. However, when Plovar and Cragger tell Laval and Longtooth about the trophy room, Laval and Cragger are in a rush to free their parents, which Longtooth must stop. He informs Laval that he must help each tribe's problems, which quickly overwhelms him. When VoomVoom and Vornon arrive in ice jets, a shocked Longtooth struggles to get the word out to Laval, but eventually informs him of their problem. VoomVoom gives him a letter, then the vultures fly away, leaving their jets, full of ice grenades, to detonate. This begins a full scale assault where Longtooth and many other soldiers are held back by Fangar's new "Sabre Tooth gate". When the Pheonix turns the tide, Longtooth quickly coners Fangar, but he escapes on Mottrot's jet.

Gallery of Variants

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  • Longtooth is the only member of the lion tribe in series one who is not in the colour brick yellow.
  • On his bio animation, he is holding the Maurak, Wakz's weapon in 70113 CHI Battles.
  • Longtooth is seen wearing a grey cape in the animated series, but not in the next scene.
  • He is the only lion to have dark tan body fur.
  • In the Animated series, his left eye is white.


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