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This article is about the minifigure named "Sam Sinister" in later Adventurers subthemes. For the minifigure named "Sam Sinister" in the original Egypt subtheme, see Slyboots.

Lord Sam Sinister, also known by many other names including Baron von Barron (or Baron von Baron), Sam Sinister (or Sam Sanister), Evil Eye, Mr. Hates, and Samuel von Barron, is the main villain from the Adventurers and Orient Expedition themes. Sinister competes with Johnny Thunder in all of the Adventurers sub-themes (except for the 1999 Jungle theme) as they search for ancient artifacts and treasures from around the world.


Sinister has a hook in place of his left hand. He has a monocle over his right eye, a large handlebar mustache (depicted as mutton chops in World Club Magazine Time Cruisers comics), and a scar on his left cheek. He generally wears a tan shirt, which slightly resembles Johnny Thunder's torso printing, a pair of white epaulets, and either a pith helmet or an aviator helmet.

In LEGO Racers, his in-game model does not have epaulets, much like Captain Redbeard. In LEGO Racers 2, his epaulets and hook are missing from his model, leading him to be depicted with two normal hands.

In The Lost Treasure of Ancient Greece, Sam Sinister is given a unique design, resembling his classic appearance but with a black top hat and a red hook.

In Orient Expedition, Lord Sinister received an updated design. He wears a black version of his original shirt, with a white scarf sporting around his neck, and his pith helmet is replaced with a top hat. His facial printing now sports a small, pointed goatee. His epaulets are entirely removed.


As with all other Adventurers Egypt characters, Lord Sam Sinister has used a variety of names in different regions, and has even changed names multiple times over the years. This character is considered one of the most notable cases, with LEGO even joking about it occasionally; the Infomaniac wonders if Mr. Hates will change his name, and the Detective's bio mentions the "Sam Sinister Switcheroo" referring to this character switching names with Slyboots.

In North America, the character was originally named Baron von Barron in LEGO Mania Magazine January/February 1998.[1] This name is also used in 1998-1999 Shop At Home catalogs,[2] LEGO Racers, Standing Small: A Celebration of 30 Years of the LEGO Minifigure,[3] and 2856195 LEGO Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection. This name has been alternatively spelled Baron von Baron, such as in LEGO Mania Magazine November/December 1998 (which uses both spellings on the same page)[4] and the online LEGO Shop descriptions for 5955 All Terrain Trapper and 5975 T-Rex Transport.[5][6] Both spellings are used in the Dutch language version of LEGO Racers, with "Baron von Baron" in the menu and cutscene and "Baron von Barron" in the results screen.[7] In the Norwegian version of LEGO Racers, the latter spelling of his name is translated as Baronen Baron.

In the United Kingdom, the character was originally named Evil Eye in Bricks 'n' Pieces March/April 1998.[8] Bricks 'n' Pieces also advertises an Adventurers cartoon using this name.[9] This name is corroborated by 5928 Bi-Wing Baron, which is sometimes called "5928 Evil Eye's Bi-plane" in the UK;[10][11] oddly, this set is also called 5928 Harry Cane's Bi-plane in Bricks 'n' Pieces magazine[8] and some UK catalogs,[12] which would seemingly imply that this character's name is Harry Cane since he is the only minifigure in the set. However, those same sources identify Harry Cane as a heroic ally of Sam Grant, just like in North American media. This is likely just an inconsistency in marketing, which would be corrected when later catalogs change the set's name to Evil Eye's Bi-plane.[10][11] Similarly, 5925 Pontoon Plane is misidentified as Evil Eye's Bi-plane in Bricks 'n' Pieces Christmas 1999.[13]

In Germany, the character was originally named Mr. Hates in LEGO World Club Magazine March/April 1998[14] as well as in the audio drama Die Jagd nach dem Pharaonenschatz.[15] This name is also used in other countries, as seen in the Danish language version of LEGO Racers (although he introduces himself as Baron von Baron in his opening cutscene)[16][17] and on a Japanese sticker sheet for Dino Island.[18] Notably, this name appears in various English sources, including The Curse of the Mummy - An Interactive Puzzle Book,[19] LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 6,[20] and 5774 LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge.

A Swedish print ad[source?] names this character General Galning.

The Spanish language version of LEGO Racers names this character Barón von Tyssen.[16][21]

Starting in the Dino Island subtheme, the character was first called Sam Sinister in North America's LEGO Mania Magazine July-August 2000.[22] Confusingly, the following LEGO Mania Magazine September-October 2000 issue refers to him as "Sam Sinister (aka Baron von Barron)" despite each name belonging to a separate character in the Egypt line.[23] The name was also used in most 2000-2001 LEGO Shop At Home catalogs[24] and some online LEGO Shop product descriptions for the Dino Island theme.[25] He would continue to be called Sam Sinister in online media such as The Lost Treasure of Ancient Greece and the Johnny Thunder Minifig Handbook. In non-English versions of LEGO Island 2, the Danish,[26] Spanish,[27] Italian,[28] and Dutch[29] language versions call him Sam Sinister, and the German version calls him Sam Finster ("finster" is the German word for "sinister").[30] Adding to the confusion, this name is sometimes alternatively spelled Sam Sanister, especially in the European market; examples include the international box art of 5914 Sam Sanister & Baby T., German and Polish 2000 LEGO catalogs,[31][32] and LEGO Racers 2. World Club Magazine uses both spellings in different issues: Number 2 2000 calls him Sam Sanister,[33] while Number 3 2000 calls him Sam Sinister.[34]

In the Russian Homemade magazine, Sam Sinister's name is Злодей Сэм (Zlodey Sem),[35][36][37] which can be translated as "Villain Sam". It notably differs from the translation of Alexia Sinister's name, Алексия Санистер (Aleksiya Sanister),[35] which retains Sanister as her surname; furthermore, Sam Sinister is the only Dino Island character whose name is changed in this Russian translation.

According to a user on Lugnet,[38] the character was known as Alex Gluipstra in the Netherlands during the Dino Island theme.[source?]

The Orient Expedition subtheme would firmly establish Lord Sam Sinister (or simply Lord Sinister) as the character's name, using this name for all printed and online media in multiple languages. This name would continue to be used throughout the 2000s, including LEGOLAND Parks Land of Adventure attractions such as The Lost Kingdom Adventure[39] and Journey to the Lost Temple.[40]

According to a fan website,[41] the character was sometimes known as Ulrich Unhold during the Orient Expedition theme.[source?]

On the Sally Dark Rides webpage for The Lost Kingdom Adventure, Lord Sam Sinister's title is changed to Sir Sam Sinister.[39] Since he is only called Sam Sinister in the ride itself, it is unknown if this title was used during development by Sally Dark Rides.

As previously mentioned, the books Standing Small and LEGO Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection revert the character's name back to Baron Von Barron for the first time since 2000. However, these books contain multiple errors, such as referring to Slyboots as "Lord Sam Sinister" and "Mr. Hates",[3][42] while The LEGO Book also refers to Lord Sam Sinister as the recurring villain of Dino Island and Orient Expedition.[43] The later 2012 edition of The LEGO Book addressed this by clarifying the difference between the original Sam Sinister and the later Lord Sinister, as well as listing some of their alternate names.[44]

In 2020, the 10273 Haunted House instruction booklet, press release,[45] and online description[46] refer to this character as Samuel von Barron, combining his two most well-known names "Baron von Barron" and "Lord Sam Sinister". The designer video only refers to him as Baron von Barron.[47] The building instructions mention Sam Sinister when describing the top hat-wearing Forbidden Skeleton, but this is more likely intended as a reference to Slyboots rather than Lord Sam Sinister, considering that the designer video refers to Baron von Barron and Sam Sinister as separate characters.



In the Egypt subtheme, Baron von Barron and Slyboots are the two main villains plotting to steal the Re-Gou Ruby.

In Johnny Thunder and the Lost Ruby, Baron von Barron successfully takes the Re-Gou. However, he becomes trapped in the Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins with Pharaoh Hotep, who tortures him by telling endless bad "mummy" puns and jokes.

LEGO Racers


LEGO Racers - Baron Von Barrons Opening

Baron von Barron's cutscene in LEGO Racers

"Aaah, zo it iz you. I, Baron von Barron, shall race you… und I shall vin. Hmmm."
―Baron von Barron in LEGO Racers

In LEGO Racers, Baron von Barron is the boss of the 5th circuit. His preferred tactic is using powered-up blue bricks to shield himself. This is one of the few places he is shown to have a German accent. Baron von Barron also appears in the opening cinematic cutscene, racing against the other circuit hosts and finishing in second place.

In LEGO Racers 2, Sam Sanister was the boss of the Dino Island world, driving his super-fast Island Racer. He had to be defeated in a race in order to acquire a very powerful power-up for the player's car engine. After beating Rocket Racer, Sam Sanister and the other boss racers show up in Xalax to congratulate the player on their victory.

Dino Island

After being absent from the Amazon subtheme, Sam Sinister returns as the villain of the Dino Island subtheme. This time, he is teamed up with his sister Alexia Sinister and his henchman Mr. Cunningham. Their goal is to capture dinosaurs and profit off of them by opening a dino theme park.

LEGO Island

In LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, Mr. Hates has captured dinosaurs and is holding them prisoner in his Main Camp. He is allied with the Brickster, who warned him that Pepper Roni would be coming for the Constructopedia page in his possession. During the "Mr. Hates' Camp" minigame, Mr. Hates is riding atop his captured Brontosaurus named Bronto,[48] which he feeds Papa Brickolini's Sizzling Tongue-Numbing Hot Pizzas to make it belch fireballs. Pepper Roni must free the captured dinosaurs by flying a hot air balloon and winching them out of cages, and then Pepper must drop sandbags on Mr. Hates until he falls out of Bronto's saddle, allowing the sauropod to liberate itself. Once defeated, Mr. Hates surrenders and hands over the Constructopedia page.

In the Game Boy Color version, Mr. Hates only appears as a minor character in the Sphinx Area, where he tells Pepper to go away and not to bother him. The player can also collect Mr. Hates' character card.

In the PC and Playstation versions, Mr. Hates speaks with an English accent.

Soccer Mania

He makes cameo in a cutscene in 5784 Soccer Mania. However, he is not a playable character or even a member of the Adventurers Villains team.

Minifig Handbook

Sam Sinister appears in the Johnny Thunder Minifig Handbook, which is based on Johnny Thunder's Journal. The journal describes Johnny Thunder's adventures to Brazil, Mt. McKinley, and Colorado River, with Sinister constantly sabotaging their journey and stealing their treasures. In the end, the Adventurers take back the stolen treasures while Sinister is asleep.

The Lost Treasure of Ancient Greece

Sam Sinister appears as the main villain of this Flash online game on the LEGO Adventurers website. Sam Sinister follows the Adventurers to Greece, where he plans to steal the Golden Bull of King Minos. He steals the map to the Minotaur's labyrinth and acts as an enemy during the maze minigame. He uses a jetpack to scale a large cliff, only to crash once the jetpack malfunctions, allowing Johnny to tie him up.

Orient Expedition

The newly-redesigned Lord Sam Sinister is the main villain of the Orient Expedition subtheme. He pursues the Adventurers across Asia, allying with other villains such as Maharaja Lallu, Ngan Pa, and Emperor Chang Wu in his plot to steal the golden treasures of Marco Polo.


In Laser Raiders and The Lost Kingdom Adventure, Lord Sam Sinister is the main villain, responsible for kidnapping Pippin Reed and trying to steal the treasure. In the end, he is captured by the Adventurers and bound with rope.

Lord Sam Sinister also appeared in a prominent role of the live musical show, Journey to the Lost Temple, where he attempts to steal the time machine from Cleopatra's temple.[49]


10273 Haunted House is named the Manor Von Barron and is portrayed as the residence of this character. Samuel von Barron is prominently featured in the set's marketing and lore. While he does not make a physical appearance as a minifigure, he is depicted in the cursed portrait of Samuel von Barron. According to the set's lore, Samuel von Barron was driven mad by Pharaoh Hotep's bad puns (referencing the ending of Johnny Thunder and the Lost Ruby), leading him to install the Madman's Elevator in his manor. The building instructions describe Samuel's history of stealing the artifacts kept in the Haunted House.

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine January/February 1998. Please do not modify it.

The Baron collects rare treasures from around the world and keeps them for himself. Even though it looks like the Baron is a real bad, bad guy, he really takes orders from the sinister Sam Sinister. This is a description taken from Bricks 'n' Pieces March/April 1998. Please do not modify it.

Evil Eye
A real 'baddie', Evil Eye searches the world for buried treasure to add to his collection. He's very, very bad and very, very rich. This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine November/December 1998. Please do not modify it.

Bad Guys Sam Sinister and Baron von Baron
Even the treasure-stealing Sam Sinister and Baron von Barron exchange holiday gifts. They just don't wrap them. It's too hard to wrap a snake or scorpion. This is a description taken from LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 6. Please do not modify it.

Mr[sic] Hates and Slyboots
Sneaky bad guys out to steal the Adventurers' discoveries! This is a description taken from LEGO Mania Magazine September/October 2000. Please do not modify it.

Sam Sinister (aka Baron von Barron)
Sam's hobby is stealing rare treasures for his own collection. The only person that has ever stopped him is Johnny Thunder. Sam says that if Johnny gets in his way he will use him as bait in a T-Rex trap. This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Lord Sam Sinister
Lord Sinister is Johnny's arch enemy. He is selfish and evil, with no limits to his ambition or greed. He has a huge private collection of ancient and valuable treasures from around the world and is always on the hunt for more. This is a description taken from LEGO Magazine March-April 2003. Please do not modify it.

Clever and greedy, he will do anything to get his hands on ancient treasures! This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (see the source of this quote)

Samuel von Barron
Manor von Barron was once the home of Samuel von Barron, one of the world's greatest villains. He travelled the globe in search of ancient artefacts to steal for his private collection. But, after snatching the Re-Gou Ruby from the tomb of Pharaoh Hotep, Von Barron met his fate - and the Pharaoh cursed Manor von Barron for a thousand generations!

Though Samuel may be gone, the von Barron curse still haunts the house to this very day.

Gallery of Variants

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Sam SinisterNo EpauletsBi-Wing Baron PilotIsland Racer DriverLord Sam SinisterMount Everest Pilot


Dino Island
Orient Expedition

LEGOLAND Appearances

Video Game Appearances


  • In Die Jagd nach dem Pharaonenschatz, Mr. Hates is voiced by Klaus-Peter Kähler.[15] In LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, Mr. Hates is voiced by Carl Kingston (who also voices Cedric The Bull, Dr. Kilroy, Red Greenbase, and Technician Bob in the same game).[50] In Journey to the Lost Temple, Lord Sam Sinister was portrayed by multiple actors, including Bud Godown, Marty Martin (who previously played Danju among other LEGOLAND roles), Jaysen Waller,[40] and Drew Larson.[51]
  • In the preliminary design document for an unproduced LEGO Adventurers video game,[52] this character was named Colonel or Baron von Brickoff of Buildovia. The document mentions that he often changes his name and story.[53]
  • In LEGO Island 2, Mr. Hates was originally planned to make a comeback along with Cedric The Bull; he would have appeared during the Asteroids Belt game in an enemy ship shooting lasers, and in Brickster's Palace as an obstacle or possibly a boss while the player is ascending up the tower. Due to the game being severely rushed, this was scrapped; however, unused voice clips for him meant for these areas can still be found in the game's files
  • In the instruction booklet and Designer Video[47] for 10273 Haunted House, senior LEGO designer Carl Merriam is dressed as Samuel von Barron.



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