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Lord Sam Sinister, (formerly known as Baron Von Baron/Barron, Sam Sanister/Sinister, Evil Eye and Mr. Hates) was the main villain from the Adventurers and Orient Expedition themes. He has a hook in place of his left hand, a pith hat (replaced by a top hat in 2003), a monocle or eyeglass, and a mustache (with small, pointed goatee in 2003), along with a scar on his left cheek. He generally wears a tan shirt, which slightly resembles Johnny Thunder's torso printing. Occasionally, Sinister wears a black version of the said shirt, with a white scarf sporting around his neck. Sinister competes with Johnny Thunder in all of the Adventurers sub-themes (except for the 1999 theme), for ancient artifacts and treasures from around the world.


Sam Sinister's Bio from the Orient Expedition website:

Lord Sinister is Johnny's arch enemy. He is selfish and evil, with no limits to his ambition or greed. He has a huge private collection of ancient and valuable treasures from around the world and is always on the hunt for more.


  • This minfigure His famous for his constantly changing name. When he first appeared in the original Adventurers Egypt sets in 1998, he was known as Baron von Barron, and was working with a man named Sam Sanister. He also appeared as Baron von Barron in LEGO Racers in 1999. However, next time he appeared on Dino Island, he was called Sam Sinister, the name of his old partner, who was now known as Slyboots. In LEGO Island 2, while he refers to himself as Sam Sinister, Pepper Roni and The Infomaniac refer to him Mr. Hates once each, and the level is called Mr. Hates' Camp. Even worse, LEGO Racers 2 referred to him as Sam Sanister. When Orient Expedition was released, he had even taken Slyboot's outfit, and by that time was dubbed Lord Sam Sinister. His true name shall perhapse always be a mystery. LEGO has even joked about this
  • In LEGO Racers, he is the boss of the 5th circuit. This is one of the few places he is shown to have a German accent.

thumb|300px|Sinister's cutscene in LEGO Racers

  • In LEGO Island 2, Sam Sinister (now named Mr. Hates) has captured Dinosaurs. The player must save them by winching them out of cages, and then drop sandbags on him so that he falls off his brontosaurus, which shoots fire to stop you. He speaks in an English accent, and is assumed to be working for The Brickster.
  • In LEGO Racers 2, Sinister is the boss of the Dino Island world, he must be defeated in a race to acquire a very powerful power-up for the player's car engine.
  • The Detective from Collectible Minifigures solved the case of "The Sam Sinister Switcheroo", which possibly refers to him taking the name Sam Sinister while the original Sam Sinister was renamed Slyboots.
  • In the Lost kingdom adventure ride. He is the main villain.


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