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Lotta Brix,[1] commonly referred to as the Reporter,[2] is a female minifigure from the Alien Conquest theme, exclusive to the set 7065 Alien Mothership.


Lotta Brix comes with a clipboard tile and the same microphone used by the Pop Star from 8684 Minifigures Series 2, and the Rapper from 8803 Minifigures Series 3. She has a double-sided headpiece. Her torso is printed with a red jacket and an identity badge. She uses the same hair piece as Agent Swift, Claw-Dette and Dyna-Mite from Agents.


Lotta Brix has written newspaper articles for Chicago Mercury-Pluto-Moon-Gazette and The Washington Click. One chronicled her experience with the Alien Mothership in Chicago, and the other featured her interviewing the Alien Commander at the Washington D.C. Capital Building.[1]


  • Lotta Brix and the ADU Soldier are the only females in the theme. Despite this, the Reporter is erroneously identified as male on[source?]
  • In an Alien Conquest advertisement, the reporter is shown, but has brown hair instead of black.[source?]
  • The name "Lotta Brix" is a pun on "a lot of bricks".
  • In "Alien Mothership", she is controlled by an Alien Clinger.
  • Executive Ellen reuses her frightened face, but without the mole and with a different alternate expression.




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