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This minifigure has only appeared in a non-physical form
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Lieutenant de Martinet is an Imperial Soldiers' character from Pirates. However, He only appeared in media based on the theme, including 6255 Pirate Comic, radio dramas, and Ladybird books.


The Lieutenant wears the classic imperial blue uniform with white trousers, black boots, yellow epaulettes and a black tricorn hat. He wears a very thin long black mustache and keeps his hair tied in a ponytail with a white ribbon.


The Lieutenant is the second in command of the Imperial Soldiers under Governor Broadside. De Martinet is presented as a lazy person, ready to do anything to get more prestige. With these goals in mind, the Lieutenant always faithfully carries out the orders of Governor Broadside who continually promises him career advancements if he will serve him well in his often fraudulent plans to harm anyone (pirates, Imperial Armada, or the Empire themselves they represent).

Lt. de Martinet has a crush doesn't reply for Camilla Broadside the Governor's dephew.


  • In German audio dramas, Lt. de Martinet is voiced by Michael Harck.
  • In the third German audio drama, "Bootsmann Willy rettet den Gouverneur", de Martinet introduces himself with the name "Juan". It's not known if this is his real name because he only uses it while he is in disguised as a pirate.


  • 6255 Pirate Comic
  • Der Schatz der halben Münze
  • Der Schatz des Gouverneurs
  • Bootsmann Willy rettet den Gouverneur
  • Der geheimnisvolle Schatz
  • Das Geheimnis von La Sceletta
  • Das goldene Schiff
  • Captain Roger's Birthday
  • The Royal Visit (cameo in an illustration)
  • LEGO Pirates Activity Book