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An MSE-6 Droid, informally referred to as a Mouse Droid, is a small, black, box-shaped droids from the Star Wars theme. They appear in three official LEGO sets, but also appear in three video games.


The first variant of the Mouse Droid is made out of nine parts, seven black, and two medium stone grey. It has four wheels and each end has a downward slope. The second variant of this minifigure had dark stone grey pieces instead of medium stone.


MSE Droids were employed on Imperial and Republic ships and space stations to guide troops and ferry data around the massive mazes of corridors and spy on high-ranking officials including Grand Moff Tarkin. Their size and shape, quick movements and squeaky sounds - all intended to make them unobtrusive onboard busy vessels - quickly earned them the nickname "Mouse Droid." The droids were given one task at a time - as their intelligence levels were low - but once on their task, they would do nothing else.



Other Physical Appearances

Video Game Appearances


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