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Mac McCloud is a minifigure from the Pharaoh's Quest theme, introduced in 2011. He is the mechanic of the team.



Mac has unprinted dark brown legs. His torso is white, and printed with a tank top, suspenders and oil stains. He has yellow arms, and yellow hands. His face features a stubble, a confident expression and a scar. He wears either a pillbox hat, or a brown aviator's helmet.


Mac's Microfigure variation is made of a single orange piece, and printed with brown shorts, a white shirt, brown jacket, and a yellow face.

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Mac may be the most unlucky adventurer in the world. If there’s a trap, he’ll spring it. If there’s a pit full of scorpions, he’ll fall into it. He’s had plenty of bad experiences with quicksand, too. Fortunately, as the team’s expert mechanic, driver and demolitions specialist, he’s also got the inventive know-how to build, drive or blast his way out of almost any bad situation. With just a wrench and a roll of tape, Mac can keep a vehicle rolling when anybody else would have sent it to the junk heap. After all of his bad luck and misadventures, almost nothing can rattle Mac – but treasure-stealing mummies and giant stone monsters might just do the trick!


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