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This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Mafalda Hopkirk appears in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7.


Mafalda Hopkirk was a witch who worked in the Improper Use of Magic Office at the Ministry of Magic. She issued notices to many of those who violated the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy or the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery. This included Harry Potter on two occasions. She was still working in the Ministry on 2 September, 1997, when she was incapacitated and impersonated by Hermione Granger by way of Polyjuice Potion during the Infiltration of the Ministry of Magic.


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