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Opening in 1996, the Magic Theatre was a walk-through attraction in LEGO City but was closed at the end of the 2007 season and was replaced with the Xbox 360 Gaming Zone. It was filled with a variety of optical illusions, stylistic design and LEGO models. Despite the name, there was never a show performed in the attraction; it was designed to make you feel as if you were taking a backstage tour of a theatre where a magician performs.

An example of the optical illusions would be the traditional 'hypnotic spiral' which distorted vision and (what appeared to be) a never-ending hole in the floor. As well as this, there were prop boxes labelled with things such as ‘brain’ where guests could reach inside and feel the squishy contents. On the other side it would show what was really in the box. (A hedgehog may just have been a prickly doormat)! There were also several two way mirrors which would light up from behind to show either a beautiful fairy or a slimy alien!

All that remains of The Magic Theatre are a number of models that are in storage, the Victorian lamps and a single red bulb with a sign reading ‘Red light on – No Entry’ from the original exit of the mirror room.


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