Class 2 article

Maharaja Lallu is an Orient Expedition minifigure introduced in 2003. While he was usually simply referred to as The Maharaja, his card included in sets gives him the name Lallu.


Lallu wears white turban and has grey hair poking out from under it. His hair stretches into a full, grey beard and moustache. He has two black eyes and a stern mouth. Lallu wears dark orange robes with ovular decorations. He has a red belt above his waist where a knife is tucked in.


Maharaja Lallu is a greedy and ruthless Indian tyrant. He joins forces with Sam Sinister in search of the treasure in the Scorpion Palace. For protection, he has guards. Lallu is known to have threatened Babloo and his village in order to acquire the location of the sunstone. When Dr. Kilroy discovers the sunstone and turns it over to Babloo, Babloo suggests that it means his people are free from Lallu's domination.