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The Maid is a Kingdoms minifigure released in 2010. She appears exclusively in the 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar set.


The Maid has a black torso decorated with a dark green bodice, which then extends into a dress represented with a black slope brick. Her arms and hands are a bare bright yellow. She has a dark brown ponytail and a smiling face.


While the Maid has no known role in the Kingdoms storyline, she is assumed to be a villager from the Lion Kingdom. She may be a barmaid, since the following day of the calendar provides a keg and mug.


  • The Maid and Princess Verda are the only two female minifigures in the Kingdoms theme to have a single-sided head.
  • The Maid is almost identical to one of the Female Peasants from the Castle theme, with the same hair, torso, and dress roof tile; the only difference is their respective head printing.