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Majisto, alternately named Cerlin,[1][2] Merlin,[3][4] or Pokus[5] depending on the region, is a wizard minifigure that appeared in various sets of the Dragon Masters theme in 1993. Besides most of the Dragon Masters sets, Majisto also appeared in other merchandise, including a Royal Knights poster, several video games, and multiple audio dramas.

An updated version of Majisto appears as the Wizard in the Icons set 10305 Lion Knights' Castle, and he also acts as the narrator of the building instructions. While Majisto is not explicitly referred to by name in this set, his identity is heavily implied by page 33 of the second instruction booklet, which states that it has been 28 years since the last time he had a body. His identity is explicitly confirmed by 40601 Majisto's Magical Workshop.


Majisto was the first physical minifigure depicting a wizard (though a character simply called "the wizard" previously appeared in Captain Indigo comics in 1984), and as such introduced several new LEGO elements, such as the Beard For Mini Figure, the pointed Magic Hat, and a glow-in-the-dark magic wand with a star-shaped tip.

Majisto's torso piece was a bright blue coloured variant of the Forestmen leader's green shirt with the black belt and the small (money) bag. On his back, he would typically wear a short black cape, although he appears without it in 1736 Wizard's Cart. His standard smiley face head was accompanied by the new white beard piece and the new pointed hat, colored in bright blue.

In The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame, Majisto appears with a redesign that changes everything except bright blue wizard's hat. His face features grey eyebrows and wrinkles, and his torso is replaced with more detailed robe textures. He is missing his pants, exposing his white underwear with a crescent moon and stars pattern. His white beard has been replaced with a medium stone grey Beard For Mini Figure 2. He does not wear a cape.

Majisto's updated Icons minifigure retains the bright blue wizard's hat, while everything else has been changed. His torso no longer bears printing, while his face features additional printing including white facial hair, eyebrows, and wrinkles. His legs have been replaced with a skirt piece to represent his wizard robes. Instead of a black cape, he wears a sand yellow Mini Figure Sack on his back in 10305 Lion Knights' Castle. His white beard has been replaced with an updated Beard For Mage.


Majisto is a wizard who is often portrayed working with the Dragon Masters, where he commands fierce dragons such as Ogwen and Dragomil. He can typically be found practicing his magic at Majisto's Tower, the Magic Shop, and Majisto's Magical Workshop.

In most early Dragon Masters media (such as LEGO Mania Magazine, Klick, and Disney Adventures comics), Majisto is portrayed as a villain who uses his magic and his dragons to attack the Royal Knights and Black Knights. However, Cerlin appears with a more heroic role in several German audio dramas, including Hokusopokus Zauberstab and Der Sohn des Königs, which portrays him as an advisor to King Richard who protects his treasure from the Wolfpack. More recent media continues to portray Majisto as a hero, particularly in video games.

Majisto's relationship with Willa the Witch varies depending on the medium. In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, much of their conversations indicate that Majisto and Willa used to date before breaking up. However, the instruction booklet of 10305 Lion Knights' Castle has Majisto refer to Willa as his cousin.

Time Cruisers[]

In the early Timebuster comics, Merlin appears as a villain when Max Timebuster arrives at Fire Breathing Fortress. Merlin shoots magic spells at Max Timebuster, who uses his time machine's fireworks to pose as a powerful wizard. Merlin and Burnabus are fooled, but they hatch a plot to trap Max in Ogwen's chamber. Later, when the Dragon Knights attack the Royal Knight's Castle, Merlin flies into battle while riding Ogwen, and he strikes down King Lionheart. Max picks up the Lionsword and jumps onto Ogwen's back to duel Merlin. They crash into the time machine, and Merlin's wand triggers a magical explosion, transforming the time machine into the Time Cruiser.

Cerlin also appears in the Time Cruisers audio drama 5520134 Testflug TC13.

LEGO Island 2[]

Majisto appears in the Game Boy Color version of LEGO Island 2. He is found in the Dark Forest area, where he helped Pepper Roni subdue two Bull guards by turning them into frogs, as well as teleporting Pepper back to LEGO Island afterwards.

He is also featured on one of the game's collector cards. His card (#19) is among the game's rare cards, and it can only be acquired at one of three locations in the whole game.

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame[]

In The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame, Majisto is found in his tower in Middle Zealand. He is the only one who can dispose of the black magic within the Thing of Power, so the King of Middle Zealand sends the player to find him and bring him back to the castle. When the player speaks to Majisto, he is surprised by their entrance, exclaims "where are my pants?", and then accompanies the player back to the castle. He destroys the Thing of Power after the player defeats the resurrected Night Lord and his Orcs.

LEGO Legacy[]

Majisto appears in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed as a Builder support hero. His tiles are only obtainable by completing achievements in game, although he is also playable as a guest party member in certain missions of Glyph Hunt. and is a support hero with the abilities Magic Missile!, Light of Might, Healing Feeling, and the Ultimate Morphjisto. He is notable for his synchronization with Castle teammates.

In the Glyph Hunt campaign, Majisto unites the Explorer heroes to rebuild Piptown and find the four legendary Glyphs of the Elements to stop Willa the Witch's evil plan. He instructs the player through the game's tutorial. His spellbook is stolen by Willa, and he is later kidnapped and magically mind-controlled by Willa, who forces him to attack the Explorers. After being rescued, Majisto continues to work alongside the Explorers in Glyph Hunt's storyline; however, due to being a Builder, he is primarily playable in the Piptown United campaign.

LEGO Description[] This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Please do not modify it.

A versatile support caster with a deep bag of tricks. Majisto is the holder of many great and powerful magical mysteries, and that'd be fine if he could just remember where he put them.

As the world's preeminent wizard, the fate of the universe has been resting on Majisto's shoulders for hundreds of years... and judging by where everything's at, he definitely has some room for improvement. As kooky as he is wise, Majisto's casual dealings with unthinkable cosmic power has definitely left him a few chickens short of a coop.

Majisto the Gray
Debuted in 1993

Appeared in 8 sets.

Majisto is the first minifigure to have a beard piece, pointed hat, and glow-in-the-dark magic wand.

Pinball Wizard
Majisto has appeared in two previous LEGO video games.

Tender of Beasts
Majisto has been shown alongside a dragon companion named Dragomil and an unnamed gray bird.

Gallery of Variants[]

Castle (cape)Castle (no cape)Icons (backpack)Icons (no backpack)


Audio Drama Appearances[]

Comic Appearances[]

  • The Adventures of the LEGO Maniac/Adventure in the Haunted Castle
  • Castle of Doom
  • Timebuster

Video Game Appearances[]


  • Majisto can be built as a playable character in LEGO Racers, though due to the lack of neck pieces in the game, his beard is not available.
  • In the German audio dramas, Cerlin is voiced by Wolf Rathjen.
  • Although Majisto was originally known as Merlin in the United Kingdom during the 1990s,[6] a comic in the June 1997 issue of Bricks 'n' Pieces calls him Majisto[7] as a holdover from the LEGO Mania Magazine version of the same comic.[8]



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