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"Nothing quite like the thrill of chasing monsters, ey wot?"
―Major Quinton Steele

Major Quinton Steele is a minifigure introduced in the Monster Fighters theme in 2012. He appears in two sets: 9463 The Werewolf, and 9466 The Crazy Scientist and His Monster.


Major Quinton Steele has tan legs printed with a holster, some teeth on a ring, and a belt on the hip. His tan torso is printed with many pockets, as well as an ammo belt and a scrap of parchment. His face is yellow, and is printed with a white mustache and a green telescoping eye. He wears a white pith helmet, like that worn by Dr. Kilroy. He has a gun called the blunderbuss. On the back of his head, there is a small print, some neck baggage, which is colored in a flame, yellowish orange shade.


Major Quinton Steele is an old-fashioned hunter who has an eye for exotic prey, such as the Werewolf. He first met Dr. Rathbone when he was searching for a new hunting challenge. He is armed with valuable rare weapons which appear in both of his set appearances.


  • His face is similar to Captain Ace Speedman's, but he has a robotic left eye instead of an eyepatch.
  • He is the similar to the Explorer from Minifigures (Theme).
  • His gun is the same as the Dino guns, but is colored dark brown with a fez representing the muzzle, and a pearl gold scope instead of a green tranquilizer.
  • His leg piece is similar to Indiana Jones'.
  • He has silver bullets visible on his torso piece which are a reference to the set 9463 The Werewolf.
  • His name is a pun on 'flint and steel'.


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Major Quinton Steele is an old-fashioned hunter with a thirst for exotic prey and his claw on the trigger. The Major and I were introduced when he began searching for a new hunting challenge in places where few other minifigures dare to go. Armed with valuable weapons, telescopic vision, and nerves as steely as his name, the Werewolf won't be wagging his tail for very long.

Name: Major Quinton Steele
Hometown: Safaraway, Africa
Strengths: Telescopic eye, rare weapons collection
Hobbies: Target practice, weapon polishing and going to the zoo
Battle Scar: Telescopic eye

Monster Arch Enemy: The Werewolf


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