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Arnold Ernst Toht is a character in Indiana Jones franchise and an antagonist who appears in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. He is a high-ranking officer in the German Gestapo and works for the Nazis. In both LEGO games, he is named simply Major Toht.


Major Toht has a black, wide-rimmed hat, a black suit and legs and a copper coloured belt. Underneath his suit he is wearing a black and red striped tie and a white shirt. He also has round glasses and is given a slightly altered Enemy Soldier's face, with thicker eyebrows.


In the Movie[]

Arnold Toht is a Gestapo major tasked with aiding Rene Belloq and Herman Dietrich's search for the Ark of the Covenant. He first appears in the Raven bar, attempting to acquire Marion Ravenwood's medallion which is key in finding the Ark's location. However, Indiana Jones shows up just in time to thwart him, causing Toht to burn his hand upon touching the heated up medallion, and prompting him to flee. Later on he arrives in Egypt where, upon meeting with Dietrich and Belloq, he helps them in interrogating Ravenwood, although unsuccessfully. The nazis then steal the just-recovered Ark of the Covenant from Jones, with Toht throwing Marion down the Well of Souls. During their departure, he rides alongside Belloq and Dietrich in the staff car, where they witness Indy taking control of the truck containing the Ark and stealing it back.

The nazis eventually seize the Ark yet again, kidnapping Marion and prompting Jones to surrender himself. Upon arriving to the Tabernacle that night, they tie Indy and Marion to a pole and open the Ark. At first there is only sand inside, until suddenly spirits emerge, amazing Belloq and confusing Dietrich and Toht. However, they quickly return back, as flames come out of the Ark, consuming Belloq and striking down all soldiers with lightning bolts. The Ark's powers then cause Dietrich's head to shrivel, Toht's head melts, while Belloq's head explodes.

In Games[]

In Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Toht's role is almost the same as in the movie, with the only difference being him omitted from few minor scenes and his defeat in the Raven bar. After finishing the level Into the Mountains, he is purchasable in Barnett College. He wields a pistol and has access to Nazi booths.

In Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, his role has been altered just like every other villain's. He appears in every level from The Raiders of the Lost Ark arc. In this game, he kills his sherpa henchmen with power rays from Marion's medallion, before kidnapping her in the Cairo market. After stealing the Ark from Jones and Sallah in Well of Souls, he rides with Belloq in the staff car. Later, he threatens captain Katanga's ship with the nazi U26's cannon under Belloq's direct command. On the Ark opening ceremony, he is placed under its' spell alongside Belloq and the rest of the nazis and dances to the music coming out of the Ark. As Belloq becomes empowered with the artifact's energy and starts killing off the nearby soldiers, Toht continues dancing, oblivious to the threat and is killed by one of the former's energy bolts.

After completing the last level of this arc, Toht is unlockable in the Nepal part of the map. To unlock him the player has to melt a snowman of him, which he's hiding in. In contrast to the first game, here he wields a machine gun and has access to all military booths.


  • In Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Toht accidentally sits down on the medallion, burning his bottom, while in the game's sequel, he burns his hand like in the movie.
  • His fate in the sequel however, differs heavily from movie and The Original Adventures. In it, he is placed under the Ark's spell along with the rest of the nazis and after Belloq's change into a lightning monster, gets killed by one of his lightning bolts.
  • The method of unlocking him in The Adventure Continues is surely a reference to his movie fate, where his face got melted by the Ark's power in the film's climax.