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The Makuta are from BIONICLE, a species that could use the 42 powers of Kraata They were first made by Mata Nui and were designed to create Rahkshi. After a while, they came to have a more elite role than other creatures. After imprisoning the Barraki, the thought of world domination came to the mind of Teridax, the lieutenant of their leader, Miserix. He betrayed him and took the leading role. They evolved to a state at which they can take over any spiritless body, or a robot. They had many powers, and came to believe that they were invincible. They even betrayed Mata Nui himself and planned to let Teridax take over his body. They killed all who wouldn't support that plan, leaving only a few alive. They started many wars and killed many innocent people.

Eventually, Mata Nui awoke, and Teridax took over his body. At the mission to do so, the Makuta in Karda Nui were all killed by an energy storm created by the heart energy of the great spirit's body in Karda Nui. The surviving Makuta were slaughtered when Teridax destroyed their base and sunk their island.

Teridax was in control of the entire Matoran universe until Mata Nui managed to destroy him and free the inhabitants. Only Miserix, the former leader of the Makuta, and a good version of Teridax from an alternate reality are left alive, although the status of the pool of Antidermis from which the Makuta originated is unknown, and some Rahkshi survived and have become wild.

In the new 2015 BIONICLE reboot, Makuta is a single being who wears the Mask of Control and is a Mask Maker like his brother. Makuta grew envies of his brother so he crafted the Mask of Ultimate Power which let the user control all 6 elemental powers breaking a pact between the two brothers which stated that neither of them would make it. When he put it on it took control of him so his brother had to knock it of creating a shock wave that put Makuta and his brother in a deep sleep.However,many years later,Makuta managed somehow to depart his uconscious body and became the evil Makuta Spirit,creating various armies to find for him the 3 Masks of Power;the Mask of Creation(gained it,but the Toa got it back),the Mask of Control and the Mask of Ultimate Power so he will be unstoppable and rule over Okoto.