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The Men-Of-War are NPC characters featured in LEGO DC Super-Villains. They are goon enemies used in the Aquaman DLC Level Pack.


The Men-Of-War look almost exactly the same as Murk. They have red suits, and standard red legs with no printing. They have red arms with no printing, and flesh white hands. The helmet is red and is the same helmet as Atom (Ryan Choi)'s, with a translucent blue visor.


The Men-of-War were a military force of the Atlanteans. They served as elite marines for the Kingdom of Atlantis most of the time, and were lead by Murk during the time that Aquaman assumed the throne of Atlantis. Despite being Atlantean marines, the King of Atlantis was allowed to allocate them to different areas as he saw fit, as Ocean Master sent them to serve as a black ops force for Black Manta.


  • The Man-Of-War served as an NPC fighter in LEGO DC Super-Villains.
  • The Man-Of-War is exclusive to the Aquaman DLC level pack.

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