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This article is about the Monster Fighters minifigure. For the Batman character, see Man-Bat.

The Manbat is a Monster Fighters minifigure and a major character in Monster Fighters released in 2012. He has a new, big-eared part on his head and winged arms. He has a new printed head part with red eyes and teeth. His torso is printed with furry brown skin.


The Manbat has unprinted Dark Brown legs. His torso is dark brown with Reddish Brown printing of a bare hairy chest on it. His arms are dark brown with reddish brown hands. The arms are not connected in the traditional method for minifigure arms, which allows them to move vertically up and down, instead the arms jut out from his body horizontally, and can therefore be turned in a circle. They have small wings jutting out from their lower side. The Bat Monster's face is reddish brown, and printed with red eyes and a mouth full of pointed white teeth. His dark brown hairpiece covers the back of his head completely, and has very large ears protruding out of it on either side.


Manbats are hideous, winged servants of Lord Vampyre, who perch on the Vampyre Castle, guarding it from trespassers.


  • He was the first minifigure to use the combined wing/arm piece. However, it would later be used on Vampire Bat, Man-Bat, and Kirby Bat.
  • This minifigure is very similar to Man-Bat Minifigure in the DC Comics theme, as they share similar colorations and printings. They are also comprised of the exact same pieces.
  • He is also very similar to the Vampire Bat from 8833 Minifigures Series 8, which is in black and grey colors. Vampire Bat's bio provides a reason for this, as it states that he is Lord Vampyre's chief Manbat.



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