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The Manta Warriors are minifigures from the LEGO Atlantis theme. They carry tridents and appear along with the Shark Warrior and Squid Warrior.


Their ancestors were gentle bottom-feeders, but they evolved into quick and capable fighters with the ability to hide and then explode into action. They are very curious about new things, however they are also suspicious, so they usually don't approach something until they are sure that it's safe. They are a great threat to the Divers looking for the keys to Atlantis because of their agility and speed in the water. Their tridents can also fire blasts of electricity, and they are sometimes found riding Manta Rays.


  • In the January 2010 LEGO Shop catalogue, they are referred to as a "Manta Man".
  • The Manta Warrior's headpiece is made of rubber.
  • Their heads are not a single piece, instead they are put over a standard-sized head.
  • The eyes on the standard head are much further apart compared to normal human minifigs to fit in with the rubber headpiece.
  • In Star Wars may the 4th be with you, this minifigure could be seen, except it had Bib Fortuna's body.



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