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Marcos Bessa (born March 25, 1989) is a senior set designer at the LEGO Group, notable for designing multiple Super Heroes sets.


Marcos Bessa was born and grew up in Porto, Portugal and attended Escola Secundária de Vilela (Secondary School of Vilela). In 2010, Marcos graduated from the University of Porto College of Engineering with a Masters degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering. In October 2010, Marcos was hired by the LEGO Group as a junior set designer. He was promoted to set designer in September 2011, and later promoted to senior set designer in July 2013.

Marcos is also a member of a gospel/a cappella/pop-rock band "The Souled Out." In August 2011, he started a project "nam'it" which supports various causes through the use of creativity. Alongside his work at LEGO, Marcos also has a passion for writing, having published several books.

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