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Margaret Patricia Post, also known as Maggie Post, is owner of LEGO Island's Superstore that is also referred to as either the Grocery Shop or Margaret Patricia Post's Grocery Store and Post Office in later titles. She appears in all three LEGO Island games.


LEGO Island

In LEGO Island she was written to be a gossip[1] and she can be found asking the player to click on the Superstore to change its appearance as it is closed for remodeling. She also owns Mr. Pollywanna and one of the residential district houses.

LEGO Island 2

At the start of LEGO Island Pepper delivers her a pizza for bricks that she says she'll have Ed Mail send over to him. Afterwards she be seen wandering LEGO Island and when the grocery shop is deconstructed and rebuilt. In the Game Boy Advance version, she asks you to help pickup the food that has been scattered around LEGO Island. She does not appear in the Game Boy Color version.

Island Xtreme Stunts

During Island Xtreme Stunts she can be found at her Grocery Store and Post Office talking about the gossip around LEGO Island. She also asks Pepper at help move crates around in the store.

Behind the Scenes

According to the LEGO Island 3 Character Bible, Ed Mail is her husband, which would also make Dr. Clickitt her brother-in-law. The LEGO Island 3 Character Bible also states she has a cat named Tom.[2]


Video Game Appearances