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Iron Man's Mark 42 Armor is a minifigure based on one of the many suits constructed and used by Tony Stark.


The helmet is the same as the other variants, but the mask is a lighter shade of gold. The head piece used is a plain white piece. This suit of armor has a dark red body, except for the hands which are gold. Its torso is printed with the arc reactor, dark gold plating on most of the torso, with some silver also on it. There is back printing depicting the back plating in gold, silver and red. The printing continues on to the legs with printing on the hips to depict the hip armor, the legs have the knee pads which are mostly gold with silver in them. The toe depict part of the boots. It comes with two studs and cylinders for repulsors and jets respectively, like every variant of Iron Man.


The Mark 42 was a suit built by Tony after he nearly died at the battle of New York City and designed so Tony could mentally summon it piece by piece anywhere and at anytime, as he never wanted in danger without a suit nearby.

One night, Tony had a nightmare, it "came to the rescue", hovering over them, it woke Pepper Potts, who screamed and awoke Tony, who dismantled it.

During the attack on the mansion, Pepper Potts donned the armor upon Stark's orders to get herself and Maya Hansen out. Once they were safely out, Tony called the armor back to himself and failed to stop the attack.

Tony later called it to help him escape The Mandarin's mansion. He then remotely controlled it to save the passengers on the Air Force One and stop Savin from abducting President Ellis.

J.A.R.V.I.S. sent the armor to Tony as part of the House Party protocol. He ordered it to suit up on Aldrich Killian and activated the self destruct sequence. It exploded, wounding Killian.


  • On the box art for 76007, Pepper Potts is seen in the armor, showing that you can place either Tony or Pepper's head in the armor.