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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Masters Never Quit
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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Masters Never Quit is the one hundred and fifty-sixth episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the twelfth episode of season thirteen.


The Upply find themselves fleeing from the magma beast they fought previously and jump into a pair of ancient mine carts in an attempt to escape it. However, their getaway vehicles-or more accurately the track they're set on-prove nearly as dangerous as the creature from which they are fleeing. After making a bumpy but safe landing, the group unexpectedly arrives at a set of large doors. Upon examining it, Wu determines that the doors lead into the Heart of the Mountain, a mythical temple to the Elemental Masters of Earth. Wu notes that it is through to hold the secrets of the mighty Spinjitzu Burst, a technique that Lilly apparently sought to learn but, so far as Wu is aware, never did.

Using his powers, Cole is able to open the doors, and they discover among the statues within one built in the image of Lilly, Cole's mother, by the Geckles and Munce. They also come across a mech made out of stone, and a mural depicting Lilly's confrontation with Grief-Bringer and her apparent success in performing the Spinjitzu Burst. Vania urges Cole to try and perform the technique himself, but he is doubtful, wondering if it was the Blades of Deliverance that enabled Lilly's success. To make matters worse, Wu himself has no idea how to unlock the power of the burst.

After the group is disturbed by a powerful tremor, Fungus uses his magic to investigate the cause. To their horror, they see the other Ninja being attacked by the reanimated skeleton of Grief-Bringer. Wu insists that only the Spinjitzu Burst can stop such a threat, but Cole has no confidence in his ability to perform it. Seeing this, Vania approaches Wu and urges him to help Cole, despite Wu's own protests that Cole no longer needs him as a master. Moved by her words and Cole's own despair, Wu reminds Cole that "Ninja never quit" before asserting that "Neither do Masters!"